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Dimac99 chapter 16 . 3/24/2010
Ah, what a wonderful end to the story - so far! With the French intelligence services involved, it's set up the next installment beautifully, and as I'm an optimist, I'm still hoping you'll get around to it one day. Being an aunt I only have an inkling of how much time and effort a wee one takes up, but it's enough to know I'll not be having any of my own and to forgive your tardiness with the next story in the series ;-)

Well, so much has happened! I really loved the way Holmes and Helen's courtship was drawn out and how the path of true love did not run especially smoothly - it made everything all the more realistic. Holmes' transition from confirmed bachelor to suitor to husband was handled with a deft touch but I especially liked the way you handled his *inability* to handle his passion, having never experienced such strong emotions. Holmes feeling out of his depth and worse, out of control, is so very rarely written well that it's a real and genuine pleasure to read when it is. His desire to protect Helen, even from himself and his own vices was very sweet and I really enjoyed luncheon with Mycroft and all that entailed. I also thought you had Watson deal with the cocaine wonderfully, both in hiding it from Holmes and then in discretely explaining it to Helen. I still love the Duchess and I eventually realised that I was hearing Lady Catherine from the '95 BBC Pride and Prejudice in my head every time she spoke - although a more likable version! And of course, the mystery in the middle, Blind Justice, was fantastic as ever. The phrenology scene was just fantastic - I remain awed and amazed at your ability to turn such a simple thing into such an intimate moment, and indeed, had to tear myself away from a phrenology head I found today when I was out, having finished that chapter a mere hour or so before. No, I don't need a phrenology head, no matter what Mr Holmes says about it! (Why the art store had one on the shelf, I'll probably never know.)

Finally, I must confess... I'm picturing/hearing Rupert Everett and Ian Hart as Holmes and Watson in your stories. A deliberate choice on my part, I wanted younger faces in my head for a Holmes romance. Just a personal preference as I fancy Rupert way more than Jeremy, though Jeremy will always be my ideal Holmes in every other respect - and indeed is the Holmes I picture when reading other fanfic. In truth, both were technically too old for the part when they played it, but I've always had a thing for Rupert. It also relieved me of the burden of trying to choose between David Burke and Edward Hardwick, who were both fantastic. I don't believe your Watson particularly favours either actor over the other, to me he is simply Watson.

I do hope you'll get around to "Somewhere I Have Never Traveled" eventually because I love your writing, I love your Holmes and I love Helen and they way you've integrated her seamlessly into canon, while believably explaining her absence from it, and made her such an engaging character. No-one could honestly accuse her of being a Mary-Sue.

Plus, I'm sure you were dropping anvil sized hints that Helen was already pregnant when they got married. Come on, you know you want to write the next story!
TimeGhost823 chapter 16 . 3/16/2010
I have forced myself to wait to review your stories untill I finshed all four and i must say this is the best Sherlock Holmes romance series ever. You truely captured the spirit of the canaon series and that is somthing very few have ever acomplished in their work. Holmes as a clueless novice in the affares of love is somthing I have not seen incorperated in any story I have come across, or at least this thourghly. This series had the perfect balance or drama, tragedy, and love to keep everyone who reads it wanting more. I cannot wait for the next enstallment, it is truely a treat to look forward to.
Isis the Sphinx chapter 16 . 2/19/2010
I have recently done a very long marathon reading of all four stories in this series. And I am impressed. You kept Holmes in character! This is very hard to do when Holmes is in a romantic relationship.

After approxamately 475,800 words, four stories, and three days of almost straight reading(I ignored most of my email for this!), I have finally finished it and find it a well written piece of work.

Though I would've liked to have seen an argument between the two after Edwards' departure. And I think the sudden intimate 'bed scene' was a bit out of it for the era, but it worked.

Here's to hoping that the fifth installment comes out one day, and that you always Keep Writing!
haha21 chapter 16 . 1/17/2010
This and previous Sherlock Holmes stories were excellent. I look forward to the next installment of the Helen Thurlow Holmes series.
TheGallifreyanAtheist chapter 13 . 1/12/2010
your author's notes ore so entertaining and story is also a really good one,one that I have read at least 15 times
BlackCat91 chapter 16 . 1/10/2010
forgive me for not being logged in.

I have yet to review your stories, and I wish I could have, but my computer has hated me for the last week or so and never once wanted to let me do such. I do, however, have some things I would like to say.

1) I love the way you write, 3rd and in 1st person. It's amazing.

2) The research and background to this story was great. I can tell you both put a lot of work into this story, and that is what has made it such a great read.

3) It's 2010 now, and it'll soon be three years since this story was finished... and you promised a sequel to this one? haha I shall say I remain to wait for it.

4) You're characters, and ones you do not own, had great developement, one that is not often seen in most fanfiction writings.

5) congrats on your newest addition (although nearly 3 years later).

As I said, I will wait for the fifth installment of your wonderful story. :)

TheGallifreyanAtheist chapter 10 . 12/23/2009
thanks for the dedication to Jeremy Brett,he was the best Holmes EVER R.I.P JB
TheGallifreyanAtheist chapter 16 . 12/10/2009
I loved it:) sherlock holmes married
TheGallifreyanAtheist chapter 1 . 12/10/2009
I love this story so far
The Dauntless Indianna chapter 16 . 11/13/2009
Great set of stories, I loved every one.
Skellagirl chapter 16 . 11/3/2009
I loved it. :)

This whole story I've had this awful feeling that something awful would happen to them, and I'm so, so glad that nothing did.

And of course, the mystery was awesome, as well. I have to admit that the scene with Holmes demonstrating Phrenology on Helen was probably one of my favorite scenes in all of this series.

And I have to admit that I got just the slightest bit teary-eyed as the twins gave their little speech.

Thank you for a great week of reading! :) It is certainly going to be weird not opening these stories to eagerly read on, but I think I'll live, especially knowing that, for now, Holmes and Helen are very happy newlyweds. :D

Again, thank you, and keep writing!

LilyAyl chapter 16 . 11/8/2008
That was- Words cannot fully describe how much I have enjoyed your series of stories. I started reading The Forfeit Daughter late this afternoon and have just finished this final chapter. Your plotting is meticulous. Your characters are extremely well-drawn and true to canon. Your attention for detail is splendid. These bits of praise can scarcely make up the whole of my appreciation for the stories, however. As for Helen- she and King's Russell are currently the only two women I've read paired off with Holmes that actually seem to fit him. In many ways Helen exceeds Mary, in realism for instance. Thank you for writing these amazing stories and I do hope that your promise of a fifth has not been waylaid by real life or other plot bunnies. I am extremely eager to see how you handle the hiatus.
Fireflymaiden chapter 2 . 8/30/2008
This story is one of squishful awesomeness. It is one of the best I've read on fan fiction.
austenfan1990 chapter 16 . 6/2/2008
Must have been well over a year since I read this fantastic story...and having reread it again, it loses none of its exquisite lustre and charm. Bravo!

I must say that I have yet to read a more well-written, well-plotted and believable SH story than this one as well as the fantastic prequels that both of you have written. Although Holmes was never one to be attracted to the fair sex, much less entering a relationship/marriage with one of them, I utterly believed the relationship that blossomed between Helen and Holmes who are both equally well-matched for each other. I'm looking forward immensely to the next part of this 'trilogy' if one may call it and the title: 'Somewhere I Have Never Travelled' sounds extremely interesting and so I hope that you post it soon!

Keep up the good work!

DetectiveMarlowe chapter 12 . 12/27/2007
After reading this chapter a second time after reading all of the other stories to provide background, it seems so clear to me now why Helen entertianed Sherlock in breach of regulations. I think it was an interesting view on the relationship as a whole, the couple had taken chances before with forms of public affection and so forth. By the way, let me commend you for choosing Carmen as the opera the pair went to, it is by far my favorite opera and I think it refelcts Holmes perfectly.
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