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rogueycherie chapter 4 . 4/3/2016
Simplesmente doce e linda! Nosso casal do sul merece muitas histórias assim! Parabéns!
gambitfan85 chapter 4 . 3/25/2008
Very fun read. Great Job! )
allyg1990 chapter 3 . 11/25/2007
Cute! Fluff is GOOD!
TheUltimateGambit91 chapter 4 . 10/14/2006
again love love love love but this time i'm gonna say I LOVED IT.

really sweet:P

TheUltimateGambit91 chapter 2 . 10/14/2006
LOL SHE LOVES ME! HE LOVES ME! dude this is so fluffy. fluffiest fanfic i've ever read. and i don't think i've ever heard the word "love" so many times. its outrageously cute.

musagirl15 chapter 4 . 11/14/2005
It was very cute.
DScript chapter 4 . 11/14/2005
Ohmigosh, you just made me so happy. I thoght the last chapter was good...AND NOW THERE'S ANOTHER! I squealed when I got the alert for this, really, I did. LOL, your subtleness is prompting me to write. I'm playing pinball on my computer and then I'm like "wait...I have to finish SS or simba317 will kill me..."

Ohh, I wish I could've seen them dancing around the room in celebration. I would've joined in. Locks can't hold Remy, Rogue should realize that. Kitty rocks. I appreciate Kitty much more now. Like Beast. Haha, even Wolvie approves! YEAH! Oh, I just knew they'd all be betting on ROMY's love life! It's so cliched, but it's so necessary to Romy stories-heck, I'm broke and I'd be betting on their love life too ;)

THIS FIC ROCKS! *squirrels salute you* *goes to work on SS*

ishandahalf chapter 4 . 11/13/2005
oh! there's more? well, huzzah! i'll never complain about more stuff form you! and i'm glad you stuck this last chapter on - not only cuz more fluff is ALWAYS welcome, but it really does wrap things up nicely, so yay for that.

you know, it really is nice to see rogue happy for once. us authors put her through so much shit... remy too, for that matter, but he seems to handle it better, so i always feel worse for rogue. but that's not the point - the point IS, remy loves her and she's getting control of her powers, so she's pretty much got it made now! at least, in the little pocket universe within this fic. too bad it can't always be this easy, eh? ;-)

anyhoo, a bunch of parts of this chappy made me laugh out loud. i mean, kitty getting all squealy and then the two of them giddily dancing around? i can TOTALLY picture that. in fact, i can picture myself doing that. but heck, i don't think anybody could blame me, especially if i nabbed myself a sexy cajun! i'd probably be shouting it from the rooftops. and oh, i hope you're happy now, you've got that "it's in his kiss" song stuck in my head... although it is a fun one. and aww, how cute was it that everybody in the kitchen noticed them? AND they bet on them! hilarious... but yeah, i totally would've joined in on that.

anyhoo, like i've probably said many times before, LOVELY STUFF! thanks for the fluff, and congrats on finishing a fic! and in two weeks? very impressive. you're much quicker at churning out the chapters than i am. i like to update about every two weeks, but sadly i'll have to put it off for a bit longer, since i've got a bunch of papers to write. ugh, and here i thought that i'd have more free time after midterms... HAH! although to be fair, i did pretty much procrastinate all day today, since i simply HAD to go see 'pride and prejudice'... it was good, but no BBC miniseries with colin firth! but enough of my gushing. the point is, gold stars for you, and i'll be waiting for more of your stuff! :)
Miss Information chapter 3 . 11/13/2005
M-m, that's good Romyness! Forget chocolate, all the sugary sweet goodness you need daily can be found at hey?

This was a very seamless story - it flowed beautifully. I have to admit, though, I kind of cringed at the idea of Gambit keeping a diary...I just have un-masculine connotations with the things. I loved their deliberating what to say, though - '...which is a dead rock punctured wit' craters' Nice touch!
musagirl15 chapter 3 . 11/11/2005
Ya, it was cute.
ishandahalf chapter 3 . 11/11/2005
happy remembrance day to you too! poppies are the devil. do you know how many times i've been stabbed? but yeah, this day always depresses me - i can't watch memorial services on tv without bursting into tears... did you ever see that bell canada commercial when the kid calls his grandfather from france, and he thinks he's in paris, but the boy's really on the beach in dieppe? lordy, that gets me EVERY TIME. me and my weepy emotions... bah!

the but point IS, this was perhaps the fluffiest thing i have EVER read... aww. cavities ahoy, but i really don't care, cuz it's got me smiling, so thanks. i was cracking up at remy practising his lines, mainly cuz the stuff he said about them being cliched or unoriginal or too reminiscent of sex or too stalkerish were true. and hah, too funny that rogue was doing the same thing right outside his door... loved the awkwardness between them, how amusing. but hmm, sitting on remy's bed? yup, that got me thinking dirty thoughts... tee hee hee. and aww, a meteor shower? you can't ask for a more romantic setting than that! what nice timing for them.

and of course, their lovely confessions to each other... *swoon!* oh, how utterly sweet. even funnier that remy already knew how she felt cuz she talks in her sleep... and YAY, they can touch! isn't it nice when things get wrapped up in a nice little package like that? it sure is. now let's just hope that turns out to be the case with your other fics, eh? bring 'em on, quick like a bunny on crack!
IvyZoe chapter 3 . 11/11/2005
AW! That was so sweet!

I loved it! I don't know if you are going to continue or not...but I would be happy if you did!

I loved it! Remy was so romantic. I am not one who usually likes or reads much fluff, but I will make an exception forthis one. Good job. Very well done!
DScript chapter 3 . 11/11/2005
Ohh...happy Veteran's Day! Hmm...Rememberance Day sounds cooler...but then again, I'm not in Canada, I'm in NYC. LOL, I put w00t into my computer dictionary, cause I write it so much! Yes, yes, you're being, I wish I was as subtle as you are! LOL. I just think it's funny how Remy got so enthusiastic and crazy. It's like, okay, he's either had way too much to drink, or is in love.

Haha, if I were there, I'd be SO pointing and laughing at poor Remy. Pacing actually helps, it's scientifically proven, or at least that's what I told my parents when they DID find a hole in my floor. LOL, little does Remy know, his distraction is Rogue! See, Beast is so unappreciated. *nods*

AW! THE FLUFF! I absolutely LOVED EVERYTHING when Remy was telling her why he loves her, and then Rogue is so happy and shocked it makes her cry, and dang, I'm so happy and squealing I can't type straight! Hah, being stalked is a sign of, in this case. Gr. Bloody oxygen. Yay, I'm SO happy you let them kiss! Cause it wouldn't be perfect without it! Heh, us writers always try and be realistic and stick to the canon personalities (well, not really), but then end up making Rogue lose her powers just to make us happy!

Of course the fluff was better than the meteor shower! And hey, guess what...since it's a 3-day weekend, I may have some time to work on SS *winks*

ishandahalf chapter 2 . 11/7/2005
hey, glad you updated this, like you told me in your review! huzzah for the quickness... if only i could be so quick! it's funny how things work out - i thought i'd have much more time to write after my midterms were completed, but things seem even busier somehow! not to mention that i keep THINKING i've worked on my fic but i've only written stuff out by hand on the breaks i have during classes, which really creates more work for me since then i have to type that all out and insert it into the rest of the chapter, and tweaking is required... bah! but i'll do my best to update soon... we're definitely getting into the juicier and more dramatic bits!

bah, but enough with me rambling about my own fic, we're here because of yours! so. more lovely stuff, as usual! loving the absolute and utter cuteness of it - like that whole cotton candy metaphor i said a while back! bah, i can't even remember, that's sad... but *SQUEAL!* remy being all giddy and excited was TOO cute! i mean, usually he's all cool and collected, so it was nice to see him like that. not to mention the utterly swoon-worthy descriptions you had of their relationship and of his love for rogue... *wistfully sighs* ahh, that was nice. thanks for putting a smile on my face! i'm off to class now, so this definitely puts me in a good mood, which i desperately need on mondays (classes straight through from noon till 9, ugh! at least i have my coffee though...)

anyhoo, i can't wait for the next chapter! cuz if their individual reminiscences were this sweet, i think next chapter will give me cavities. which i'm looking forward to! so bring it on, quick like a bunny on crack.
CrazyDragon004 chapter 2 . 11/7/2005
Woah! Really cute story!

Really enjoyed it :)

Update fast!

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