Reviews for Convolutions
Schatze8210 chapter 18 . 11/17/2015
Great story!
weezer42 chapter 18 . 4/7/2015
excellent story, premium quality angst, well written emotions and lovely romance.

Can't ask for better than that. Thanks for sharing.
HoundyMagnus chapter 18 . 4/8/2014
Great story. I really enjoyed it but there is still room for ending or sequel :)
Tallulah chapter 18 . 12/8/2013
Noooo! You cant end it there! OMG this is such a amazing story. So so very well written and full of twists ans turns and emotions. I finished reading this and then went back and re-read my fave bits of it. Amazing! You have real talent x
fanka77 chapter 18 . 10/1/2013
Wonderful story!
terri8502 chapter 18 . 7/10/2010
Just finished reading your story Convolutions and it was great! Very original storyline - I love the Jack/Sam AU, and this is the first story I have read that addressed the issues they would have faced being in love (and married to each other) in the military. I don't know if there's a sequel to this, will be going thru your other stories and may find one there, but even without one, this was a great work. Looking forward to reading more stories, thank you for sharing.
sapphiretwin369 chapter 18 . 4/17/2008
Wow! You have no idea how much I loved that story! At several points I swear my heart was breaking and I was gonna cry. That was a great story!
sjaddict chapter 1 . 6/17/2006
Fantastic story! Hope there will be a follow-up to tie all the loose ends together. You are a fantastic writer.
mary chapter 18 . 4/15/2006
Wow what a story i loved it.
Yol chapter 18 . 4/14/2006
Enjoyed this story so very much and now there's that void in waiting for the next chapter. I do feel as others do, that the issues Carter had at the begingning of the story were not resolved as to why she really wanted to be separated from Jack. It seems that there should have been an epiloge of the story perchance after her recovery. So thanks for all your hard work in giving us die hard RDA and stargate fans more story line of Jack and Sam.
Batari chapter 18 . 4/11/2006
Hi! Finished reading this fic last week, but didn't have time to leave a review until now.

Really enjoyed the plot. Great job with the character portrayal. Sam's character felt a little off kilter at times, but I just watched Chain Reaction last night and was able to picture Sam's characterization better.

I would have liked to have seen the fic address the backlash of Jack's op some more, but maybe you have that set aside for another fic.

Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

Thanks for sharing.
Sci Fi Fan Gillian chapter 18 . 4/8/2006
Excellent ending.
Trinitystargazer3 chapter 18 . 4/7/2006
That was a great ending. :)
gategirl13 chapter 18 . 4/7/2006
aw. absolutly great story loved every chapter and was surprized at well they were all written.(i know i should have figured that out after every chapter kept getting better...but i'm slow so..;) please keep up the fantastic work. i was smiling like an idiot when they found a cure lol.

all i can say to sum it all up is thankyou for the great action packed, long, quick updated chapters. :) :) hope to read more of your stories

Anunnaki chapter 18 . 4/7/2006
Love the intensity and the emotion. Beautiful ideas. Great characterization, as always. :)

Constructive crit? I 'ended' rather abruptly - did you run out of muse? :) I'm not quite sure whether Sam remembers him (as her husband) or not; or even whether she remembers their conversation from before she collapsed (when he 'told' her that they were married), and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the two of them discussing/working out the issues that seperated them in the first place. The realizations they each had (seperately) didn't ever come together, and they were the entire catalyst for the story in the beginning - those issues were really outstanding, believable issues, and I was quite intrigued by their impact (especially on Sam). I would LOVE to read more of that - if you ever decide to revise and/or write a sequel. I think there's still a lot left unexplored. The story is unfinished! :)
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