Reviews for The Terran Jedi
suzukashinobi chapter 23 . 8/30
I looked up that Olorin quote and well...did you seriously name him after Gandalf?
Because it would be so cool if you did.
Melikalilly chapter 49 . 8/10
I love this story
Lady Aramis chapter 49 . 7/26
I was just rereading this story again. I love this series! I do hope it's one day continued but even if it isn't you've written a brilliant Xander fic.
Guest chapter 37 . 7/7
Lilah got Nothing on Xander. At all! Can't wait to see him kick her skinny, narcissistic behind!
HeroicZeppo chapter 49 . 6/30
So I have been patiently waiting for more of this fix for a couple years now. Any chance this will be updated/finished?
TheNewJeniferChurch chapter 49 . 5/20
Hmm. It's been one year and eleven months. Dare we hope for an anniversary update? (I can't complain too hard. I'm horrible about updating. It's just that I've been reading this story since college if you include Jedi Harris, and I miss you!)
Inv1ctus6243 chapter 49 . 3/29
Love your stories, I just took the last week to re-read this one. Keep up the good work.
mother oracle chapter 49 . 3/4
Arggh! Please post some more! I really am enjoying this story. I always loved the concept of Xander as Jedi. It is a great weaving of Buffy, Angel, SG1, NCIS, Torchwood, BSG... Whew!
Wonderfully done. Please add more when you have time. I know you are extremely busy.
Hope you and Kathleen are well..
-Naj (aka mother oracle)
voice of the riders chapter 49 . 2/22
Please update. Your story is too good to be abandoned
DracoTitan chapter 49 . 1/29
*Five thousand years later*...Still waiting to know if this is cancelled or not.
Jacebralor chapter 49 . 12/9/2016
Please tell me you're still writing this?! you can't just leave us hanging off the cliff like that, man. It's bad form, you know. I know you constantly battle life and the slings and arrows of outrageous writer's block, but seriously? loved this so far, and the previous entry. I've so far recognized references to NCIS, Bones, and Torchwood, in addition to the recurring roles of SG-1. the Harry Potter coffee cup this chapter was also a nice touch, maintaining the fictional nature of J.K. Rowling's universe in a world where magic exists. bated breath for the next chapter, mate, bated breath.
fan01 chapter 49 . 12/5/2016

why did you stop this fic I luv this Jedi Harris please resume soon with an update...

the universe you are creating awaits...
Guest chapter 1 . 11/11/2016
,.WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental
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Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on
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and watching you bleed to death. Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, and
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will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your
guesty chapter 44 . 11/7/2016
I'm starting to think you challenged yourself to see just how many crossovers you could put in one or two fics. If so, you're doing brilliantly. I'm really enjoying this story.
guesty chapter 31 . 11/6/2016
Torchwood, too? I've been working on reading Jedi Harris and this for the past two days, I really need to stop being surprised at how many x-overs you're actually putting in this. Especially as that Toy Story reference in a previous chapter convinced me I'm probably not catching all of them. This is an awesome work by the way.
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