Reviews for The Terran Jedi
jeni.studios chapter 49 . 11/20
Amazeballs. I love the threaded line of all the mythos of my favorite stories, shows and movies. Great storytelling! I have completely wasted away my day (or 3) reading incessantly. I love it.
Guest chapter 44 . 10/7
Torchwood and Battlestar Galactica?
Qi Eclipse chapter 29 . 9/28
Yay! Daniel's going to be a Jedi
This is an awesome story
Reminds me of Ethan Ryan's Bad Day or Petals Scattered
Amanthya chapter 49 . 9/24
You and your wife have had quite a bit of trouble, health-wise and then there's your computer problems and work being sucky. So your dedication to finishing this fic is very impressive, and much appreciated.

I love this story, and it's prequel. There hasn't been a single chapter I haven't enjoyed. I love the creativity of the concept, the way you're mixing canon and au, and how you're managing the references and crossovers. So thank you very much for keeping at it.
twindaughterofArtemis chapter 49 . 8/30
I have never ever read a crossover this good. You pulled me into the universe you've created and left me eagerly anticipating more. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
Guest chapter 49 . 8/27
Fantastic to see an update to this! Please do continue writing!
Momma Lici chapter 49 . 8/10
I wasn't aware I needed something like this I my life...
Shin'en of the Chaotic Destiny chapter 49 . 8/3
Outstanding story, it is very well made and just epic. This story is awesome and great to read, I hope your next chapter will be just as awesome as this one and all the others.

Shin'en Shukumei
Flying J chapter 49 . 7/26
I have been reading this since day one when you published it and I wanted to tell you it is the one reason I keep my Account even open.

I love what you have created and I love this story. Thank you so much for writing it and putting it together! Please dont stop. You are a fantastic writer!
Bunny-Butler chapter 49 . 7/2
Your updates are rare, but always a fun romp. Glad to see you are still among the writers. Cheers!
BBRAE623 chapter 49 . 7/2
Youre back!
NGTM-R chapter 49 . 6/19
And so it came to be that on a reread, suddenly a new chapter appeared.

I follow a lot of stories that will probably never update, but oh it is worth it when one does.
s-david-m chapter 49 . 6/13
Great new chapter. I'm curious to see who the new players are in Sunny D. At least the Initiative looks to be much more effective under its new management. The Anubis story arc should also make for some interesting tension. Which apocalypse will Xander tend to, and which will he delegate?

Glad to see you're back and hope you have the time and motivation to finish this story off!
madbrad chapter 49 . 6/13
A lovely surprise to see this chapter pop up! Also good news about the breaking of your writer's block. :-)

And you opened with a Xander/Rebecca romantic scene. YAY! I do like those two. You've got me wondering about how her Ordeal is going to shape up, though. (And, yeah, slightly worried. But nah. She won't be tempted back to the dark side. Surely. I hope. Nah. Although it would be nicely sappy if her feelings for Xander comprise part of why/how she gets through it. :-))

I don't have a clue who the hooded people are. Hopefully Buffy can tell us in the next chapter.

This story is getting more complex, from a practice of one 'big bad' to now two running in parallel, it seems - Anubis - 40 days to the destruction of the Earth OMG!? - and the hooded duo.

It'll be nice to see Holland go after Lilah, though.

Thank you for the chapter!
tutrya chapter 49 . 6/13
Yeah, It lives. Sorry but I am really glad to see one best pieces I have found up here to get an update especially with all the plot thickening going on.
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