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CFarmerlady chapter 48 . 1/8/2014
Loved it, as always.

I looked back at this whole series, and I'm wondering if you're planning anything special in May for your 10 year anniversary? And what do you think of Disney doing the next SW trilogy?

Anyway, great work!
Flying J chapter 48 . 1/4/2014
This was a fantastic Christmas present and I cant even properly express the level of enjoyment Im getting from all the crossovers that are present here or the universe that you have breathed life into. Thank You!

Happy New Year!
Astivalis chapter 48 . 1/1/2014
Interesting times indeed, so many plot twists. please keep going as ive never been so drawn to a story like this. As for spike hes the best bit as we knew he was going to try but here hes got to work for it. Class
Spidey-phd chapter 48 . 12/31/2013
Thanks for the Christmas present!
RazeByFire chapter 48 . 12/28/2013
Hooray, another part! Glad to see it up.
Piterio chapter 48 . 12/27/2013
Okay, what to say. First is that this is second time I read this. Last was probably over half of year or more. It's still as amazing as before. In fact I can say that this story what have returned my burning fervor of Star Wars. Re-reading this just made me want to re-watch the films and so much more. So thanks greatly.
Two new chapter that I read so far were amazing and as usual proving to be very genius. You have you own style that much more closer to what original shows had, this one thing I really love about it. At times the amount of shows you put in this crossover confuses me, but it gets easier to distinguish them over time.
Though one thing that I have problem with is Xander well, flame/pairing. The problem is not much that she is OC but the fact that there is to little of character to her for me to like. Well it's your story so it's something I have to except but I still would have preferred if you chosen some character from the either show(preferably Faith, Dawn, or Stargate character), or given her more personality traits since she looks more like some robot to me. She has story behind her but her character itself is very blank.
Oh well. Regardless I thanks you very much for the story and look forward to the next chapter of it. Thanks., Good Luck and Happy, Merry Christmas.
stcobb chapter 48 . 12/24/2013
As I will say over and over... FINALLY! Just sit down and type until you're finished with this series already! You're working me over here!
esscsc chapter 48 . 12/22/2013
I'm terribly sorry, but: you don't add *milk* and *sugar* to darjeeling! I think spike already failed the moral test :p
Esaki Nalex chapter 48 . 12/21/2013
Woo! Mentions of forensic anthropologist Temperance "Bones" Brennan at the Jeffersonian Institute in DC! Would love to see the SG1 team meet her.
The Sithspawn chapter 48 . 12/21/2013
Great Chapter!

Always glad to see a new chapter of this story :D Wonder what the Circle will think when they find out about the Jedi ;D

So neoBSG as well? Well I love your ability to just add more crossovers at the drop of a hat, keep up the inspired work.

Also can't wait to see what happens with Darla at the SGC as well, yet another surprise for us:D

Anyway, update again soon please! :D:D:D
Ravus chapter 48 . 12/21/2013
This is a favourite of mine, the quality seems to still be high, but due to not having read it in over a year i have no idea how far the plot points have gone and can't guess when they will be wrapped up. Hope that this is still as fun for you to write as it is to read.
Tangerine-Alert chapter 48 . 12/21/2013
Amazing chapter, full of detail and spot on characters.
I am very curious what will happen with the BSG stuff and how you tie it all together. I am really hoping that at some point in the future you'll get the story to Caprica and the Twelve Colonies. Even New Caprica would be interesting.
It's great how you've been pulling in little references to other shows, liked the little reference to the Jeffersonian and Bones.

I had I admit forgotten somewhat about Spike as the timeline shifts and moves around away from the normal state of things.
madbrad chapter 48 . 12/20/2013
As always I enjoyed most the little snippets dealing with Xander's slowly - SO DARN SLOWLY! - growing relationship with Rebecca. I'm just a romantic at heart. :-)

But I also love the idea of redemption. Or good people being seen to be 'good', noble. It's a very comfortable feeling to barrack for the good guys when reading a story. In this case, to witness Rebecca's transformation.

Anyway, best line for me was this one:

- That drawn-out look of worry was gone and in its place was an inner peace and tranquillity that suited her a great deal.

That's lovely. Took me right back to the haunted Rebecca with the death wish, who so desperately needed to be saved.

But you also have me wondering about how exactly someone like Rebecca - a murderer, an assassin - could possibly find peace and atonement. How someone now a 'good guy' could avoid the guilt of having killed so many people from haunting her forever. That's all part of the Jedi process, of course.

You know, I was reading a Harry Potter fan fiction story a few months ago, one which had Death grant Harry a 'redo' life. And never once did Harry say 'thank you'. I made a comment along those lines to the author, how I always admire a character who can show gratitude for a noble gesture or a favour, and he wrote in a line with Harry doing just that.

Along the same lines I'm just wondering if Rebecca *knows* how much she 'owes' Xander. For not killing her back at the start. For giving her a chance. And for providing her the training to have this new (guilt-free) life. It might be a bit too angsty but I don't think it would be inappropriate for her to, along the way, just let Xander know that his choosing the life of a Jedi, helping all those people, giving *her* a chance, *is* appreciated. It's not the Jedi way to look for gratitude, to go on an ego trip, I get that - and Rebecca, almost a Jedi, surely does too - but still, it wouldn't hurt to just say 'thanks'.

Anyway, just musing about such things while contemplating how these two are going to get together. I think you teased romantics like me with the glimpse of the couple in your McGee Jedi story. :-)

Rebecca's 'dazzling smile ... that did something odd to Xander's breating for a moment' - was the second-best line of the chapter. :-)

As has been often the case with your story I have no idea if I'm supposed to know who this 'Helen Keeler' is. Google tells me nothing, so perhaps she isn't from some fandom/series/show and I haven't missed yet another such pop culture reference? I wish you had a support forum, or a glossary somewhere so I could catch up on such references as I read along.

Thanks for the chapter.
CRose chapter 48 . 12/20/2013
This story always has some interesting twists to it, even filler setting up the next few chapters. I'm looking forward to them as always.
Joshua The Evil Guy chapter 48 . 12/20/2013
"The Padawan was wearing a dark blue blouse over jeans and he was suddenly struck how much she'd changed over the past months. That drawn-out look of worry was gone and in its place was an inner peace and tranquillity that suited her a great deal.
she replied. They stared at eas eyes. And then they both smiled and started slightly."

Can't say for certain what was meant to be said here, but I think FF Net screwed with the posting again. See if they'll let you correct it. :)
Now, on to the actual review. :D
Three words; Worth. The. Wait.
Love how you're changing things up for all the characters and their canon destinies. And the introduction of the 'new' Battlestar Galactica verse and mixing it up with SG-1 *and* BtVS?! And best of all, *Making* *It* *Work*! Pure Genius! Still hoping for a future Bones crossover somewhere down the line!
The ending scene with Spike was... interesting. But isn't Buffy still with Riley? In canon, by the point Spike started to show 'interest' in Buffy and for that matter even realized that he'd fallen in love with the Slayer, she and Riley had already broken up a few episodes prior. I'm just saying.
No, actually, I'm asking rather; how the bloody hell are you going to resolve things so that Spike doesn't get his heart broken upon returning? Are you actually going to make Spike and Riley *fight* over Buffy? Or is something going to happen that breaks Buffy and Riley up? Personally, I'm hoping for an amicable break up. Like between Makko and Korra at the end of Book 2: Spirits. Or something...
Quite frankly, if I wanted to be entertained by romantic 'love' stories dealing with teenage angst and girlfriend/boyfriend fighting, I'd watch the original TV show rather than read this. ;)
This Helen Keeler (or is it Keller?), I don't recognize her from any current media, so I'll assume that she's an OC you came up with to mess with Rodney a bit and tie in the BSG X-over a bit more. Still, I'm curious as to what role she'll play in coming events, or is this her only appearance, a one-shot in this chapter?
Lilah... seems to have suddenly and abruptly changed her tune. I distinctly recall that she did *NOT* want to be tied to Wolfram&Hart, and in order to 'move up' in the company, which she's talking about doing in this chapter, I'm fairly certain she'll have to sign the same contract agreement that she got caught up in canon and that Manners is so worried about here. I'm just saying.
Last thing, for now, because I'm afraid FF Net will cut this to pieces if I let it get too long (there aren't those counting-down numbers telling me how many characters I have left for the review limit!) I really enjoyed the Anubis foreshadowing that was done here. Hope you're thinking up lots of 'Emperor' references for Xander and Jack to joke about when they inevitably come face to face with the Half-Ascended Goa'uld.
Seeing that this is Chapter 48, I hope and anxiously await the monster of a chapter you'll release for Chapter 50. I mean, come on, it's Chapter *50*, you have to make it special! Any thoughts on the Padawans' Padawans? By that, I mean the possibility of Daniel training Cassandra to be a Jedi at some point? Or Lindsey training somebody in the rear wings? And what is going on with the Scooby Gang while the Jedi and all these Government Agencies are dealing with their various crisises? Glory's dead, Buffy never died, still in the middle of Season 5 timeline wise, so Dawn has yet to start High School, and Buffy also is still in school so is not yet looking for a full time job, it would be nice to have an update.
OK, I'm done, really done this time. Thanks for the early Christmas present! Looking forward to the next episode of McGee's adventures in Haven! Keep Up The Great Work!
- Joshua
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