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Crystal Lorelei chapter 25 . 10/30/2013
I have to say, I am impressed with your work. The cliche scenes and mainstream stories (Ada's reawakening and the trio from RE2's escape) didn't seem like that at all. The way they were told, showed, and presented was unique. I've never seen a writing style like this before.

Although the switching scenes confused me abit, somehow the dialogues amazingly ties and blends well with the next scene.

You deserve far more reviews, and I hope that you'll continue writing, especially with RE6, a third of it revolving around Ada.
BlackxValentine chapter 13 . 6/22/2008
AWESOME STORY SO FAR...“You got a combination lock on it. What, you don’t trust me or something, man?”

“Should I? The combination is thirty six-twenty four-thirty six.”

He could hear Carlos’ grin on the other line. “You get that specially made?”

“No, just lucky I guess.”

LOL MY FAV LINES IN THE WHOLE 13th CHAPTER! *licks the fa botton*
MaverickBuff chapter 1 . 7/13/2006
Alright, I'm done reading your entire story. I must say there is a lot of descriptive detail in which you put in your story to keep it interesting and complex enough.

The storyline in which you connected the storylines of the RE games is quite brilliantly made. I liked the way in whcih you tied in all the unknown ends of the story. All the fights, politics and romance. It rocks! I just feel sorry for some of the characters in which you killed off, but heck, nothing raises the polls than main characters dying...I'm a bit confused about the characters you place in your story, since I'm new to RE, but I'm impressed in the way you place them in their specific jobs and roles...

I have a problem with the way you place your scenes. Some scenarios seem to jump from here to there, and it is a slight problem to keep track. There are a few few typo errors that I don't really bother about.

You story isn't really focused on Ada, but more on other characters as well. In fact, in my opinion, I think Leon and Claire were hogging the limelight more than her...(pity)...maybe you should change your title

So, overall, I enjoyed every bit of your very savoury story. Brilliant. I'll be reading your other works now...

*Two-Thumbs UP*
MaverickBuff chapter 4 . 6/15/2006
Wow, this is an excellent story you have written here. I love the way you explain what the characters are going through and the story line that continues after the Raccoon city incident. One of the best stories I've read so far. You sure have talent for writing- very unique and special. A brilliant piece of work. Kudos for making such a brilliant story. I'm a big fan of RE (although I've only played RE3) and this is an excellent 'desert' for me...

I'm not done reading this story yet (I'm just starting Chapter 3). I'll try to give a full review when I'm done.
Viigor chapter 7 . 6/4/2006
You details, the dialogues, the way of acting of every Character and their thoughts. Man... you are Elite!

I'm recalling, you really inspirate me. Excellent Work.

And the way you describe the Banderstnach was precious in evry detail and word, even the sickness feeling from Ada.

The ORE - OREO joke really made me chukle.
green aura chapter 23 . 5/12/2006

M m way much better... Way much better than the last chapter... Chappie 22 was... Well kinda ... not boring at all... but slow... way to slow for my likings...

But I know I knoww... It's necesary for the story to continue so you were 'pushed' to do it... Na dun worry... At least you reached a reference point you wanted to have for the outset of your next chapter... This chappie I'm reviewing on...

So the end of the last chapter meant the end of Ada... But who could believe the end of Ada being like that? At least I think it's not a worthwhile way to end with Ada's role in RE... Not in the hands of Wesker... I know I know Wes is quite strong... But Ada's stronger than him

It's funny to imagine a pawn saving Ada's body from Wesker, but hey it's quite possible and well... We'll see how this Ada stuff turns out in the meantime

So we have this next chappie... Better... Regular passed... Filled with your now regular political draft of words, along with your fast-paced battle scenes plus a special appearance of Krauser...

Quite good quite good I think so... Specially, althought you didn't like the last part of your conversations, I think they are fluid, filled with the necessary emotional charge they should have, and intelligent... If I were you and I'd to choose btw th Antartic base or the Spencer Mansion to be Sherry's 'tomb' place I wold choose Spencer Mansion w/o doubts... MAgnificent place to begin with the end of this story

Oh dear Krauser... Poor of him... No sample to retrieve... XD... It's a touchy topic I know... Should him and Wesker have that sample... Who knows, right?

Iu... necrophilia... disgusting... XD... But love do that... If you like/love/care/ or are obssesed with someone... Something like that can happen... *shivers* Hahahaha it's like in your other story (By the way I mention it, I've been reading it... expect sooner a review on it) that zobies can have a zombie baby fucking themselves... just iu (cooked balls... XD)

So you think how start RE 4... It's an interesting theory... Ashley gets kidnapped after her father wins the presidency... but again I think you have problems with the timeframe, don't you? Well I feel that... dunno you how you feel that...

So, can we expect you ending this story with 4 or 5 more chapters? If so, well... I'm sure you're gonna take down this story to the perfect end you want for you and us to be satisfied with it...

Well gotta go dude, time's over... It's enough reading, typing and hering for today... Keep on goin', you're doin' a great work with this story

Farewells from,

green aura
KhasKlwn chapter 22 . 5/4/2006
All right! THanx for the update ;D. Enjoyed every word.
green aura chapter 21 . 4/16/2006
WA! Haven't I reviewed this story?

Darn I can't believe it... But it's true... Well well here we can see that I was kinda out of my mind this last days...

Okay sorry for the first lines... But I surprised myself for not reviewing this amazing story before! M m I'm not exagerating at all!

C'mon dude! Let's be a little egocentric... Hehehehe your writing style is amazing w/o doubts... Quite descriptive (I love description D)... M m dark also... Fighting scenes are lovable like the ones of the RE games (Recently I've played RE4, the scene in which Krauser and Leon fight with only knives... Suddenly in my head popped the scene of the patient evolved Lickers and Sherry's mutation... etc etc)

At least this story is quite good, it's great and almost excelent (Is difficult to reach a 100% in anything)... I dun understand why you dun have that many reviews as you should have... In combination, you only have 20 reviews (plus mine) for the 41 chapters you've written for all your stories (that are three) And well... If we analyse that is a bad stat balance... Quite uncomprehensible I should say...

So turning my attention to the story... Well I gotta say lots of things... A regular reviewer would say: "Oh your story is amazing... there's no flaws... I love all the characterizations etc etc", but I ain't a regular reviewer...

Anywhere I leave a review I leave long, critique and a thoughtful review... And well... you're not going to be the exception... so let's start...

THE PLOT... Oh... I dun know if the plot is the best of this story or are the characters...

Certainly your plot is quite intelligent, wide and surprising at the same time... Okay you have some problems with the time gap... (serious problems thought) that doesn't affect that much the story but someone kinky like my with time are kinda set out of the regular mood...

But well... It's just a silly mistake so I don't take attention anymore to that... It can be corrected easily, reading all and rearranging some events... or re writing some parts... not so difficult for a talented writer like you...

So enough with the plot timeframe and let's say something about the plot... Well well... Like I've said before, the plot is quite intelligent... It covers all the situations that we RE fans love... Mutations, fight scenes, strange situations, Raccoon City destruction... And even some love scenes! So... In that part your story is rock solid and wonderful! Lovable!

And quite possible! A 'destroyed' Ada is regenarated by Wesker... Works for him and then wants to be free... Leon , Claire and Sherry escape barely from RC Disaster and almost inmmediatly encounter 'problems' in their way... Separate and and each one have their own 'lifestyle' and suddenly reencounter while all of them have a difficult life and try to solve it the easier way...

Well I can keep on babbling lots of things, to sum up your story and point out the actions that form the fic, but time is a golden treasure so I'm not going to waste more time pointing them out but only to say that they are perfect for your story

Specially I like the Sherry's Chronicles (like to name them like that) I didn't know sherry before I read your story, but you made me to peek my interest on her and reaserch about her (And all the RE series actually althought I have played RE3 and RE4 and a bit of RE2) and well well... I know now who is she and I think it's quite interesting the way you managed everything while you wrote that part of the story.

So enough plotline and let's take a look to the characters... Certainly everyone of them are IC (in character) Wesker is so Wesker-ish as always (All hail Lord W) Ada is Mysterious as always (I wove Ada and Ice cweam :]) Leon... Well Leon is Leon... (yeah I know kinda repetitive but hey... Who can change the permanent in duty guy Leon is?)...

And let's not forget the 'Secondary Characters' Senator... or whatever Mr. Graham plays his cards for the future, Umbrella CEO's keep on going and perpetrating the Company, Osmund comes to play... Well in conclusion I like the characters

So now that I've written about the other two aspect we turn over to one of the most important stuff if you really want to be a writer... Tech Review...

Yeah the chapters are long... But they are neat and follows the protocol a good writer should... No Grammar mistakes at all detected by me... neither spelling... Realism... Not that realistic... But hey what the hell! It's RE and it's fanfiction! :D

And at last but not the least important the type of readable material it is... Readable yes... Interesting yes... But hooking... not that much... Well... Yes but something is missing to be a perfect hooker of readers... I dunno how many hits do you have, but taking a look to the reviews and making a little of wacko algebra of mine, I suppose you don't have more than 300 hits making this a slightly unreaded story against the quantity of chapters and words...

A solution to that if it's the case... Make another summary... It may help

Ah dun worry about the political stuff at th end of this chapter... Really it's untrascendental for me at least... But hey maybe someone... for ex a young reader (doubt if there's one out there reading this) that doesn't know the evil Thing that is the politics... Well... Tell me... What can we do for it? You in your country (USA) me in mine (Mex) At least me... Stay like I'm now... Only thinking in me... lol

So gotta fo 'cause it's a little late and I got nothing to do tomorrow but like I've said above in this review 'Time's a Golden Treasure' so staying extra time will make today a waste of time :P

See ya soon dude... You're maing an awesome work and Keep on goin', Don't let us readers down !

Greets from,

green aura

PS: Hey! Who would think that...! I'm also a Wonder Years fan... Oh what a TV Series... Way much better than current series m m
KhasKlwn chapter 21 . 4/11/2006
O... Next chapter XD
Viigor chapter 5 . 4/4/2006
"The entire squad of men died two days later in quarantine at a nearby Umbrella facility."

That's wath I call a nice detail . And you are right, Claire can't just "Slash the troath of his enemy"... another IC reaction.

Good work
JstYn chapter 20 . 3/26/2006
Story is great, one of the best I've ever read for all the reasons previously stated. Don't let the lack of reviews discourage you, keep writing :)
Viigor chapter 3 . 3/10/2006
Precious RE story especulation . You writing things that the games don't show us, and with the characters still IC, precious Dialogues and enoughly well described surroundings and ambient. Your reviewers are right: the lack of the review for this story is unbieleveable. Maybe is because you don't accept an. reviewing... oh well.

By the way... I ever thought Sherry's character in that way you describe: stronger than anyone can think at first view, 'Leon Hating' xD. Hehehe... I'm doing the same thing in the RE spanish section, and your fic really inspirates me.

Don't quit writing this! The good Storys don't have hundred of reviews always.
PrometheusUntied chapter 18 . 3/9/2006
I have always found your characterization of Ada to be spot on, but I loved that you managed to do justice to her ability to critique everything even as potential danger surrounds her, whether it be the rusted condition of a building or how much she was likely to sweat in her undersuit. But Poor Leon, verbally abused and having his character critiqued every which way (though not by Ada). Fitting, though, I suppose. For all his talents and good qualities, he just can't seem to ever catch a break.

This chapter was all about the interactions, and I loved the dialogue, particularly the scene with Carlos trying to give Leon a few pointers. Loved the line about his accent especially. Claire got a few nice ones in too, most notably with the sidecar rule. Somehow I knew something like that was coming. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.
pia Z chapter 18 . 3/8/2006
Sweet, this really is impressive. Very nice work. Glad to hear the conversations were easy to write. If it flows, it goes, baby!

Keep it up!

~ pia Z ~
pia Z chapter 16 . 2/21/2006
I really enjoy the narrative choices you've made in this story. It isn't just a re-telling; it provides insight and intrigue. You deserve way more credit for this! :)

~ pia Z ~
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