Reviews for WeissKreuz After The Rain Arc 1, 2, 3
LoveyouHateyou chapter 6 . 11/2/2005
Dear Rosy,

thanks for your review - I know you have read and revd a number of my stories, and your feedback is always much appreciated.

Dear VampireLouis,

Wow. Thank you ever so much. I think a lot of people/fangirls prefer 'happy' stories, lots of sap, lots of... well, THAT - explicit and/or violent.

I take hard to read as a very flattering comment - if it means the stories touch a nerve, then that's what I was trying to do.

I prefer to give my characters a little more 'real' feel. They are men, they are killers. As I am writing for fun and not for a living, that's just fine I think, and reviews like yours make worth every single moment spent on writing the stories as they are, without pandering to the 'softer' taste. I promise, there will be some hope - I like hopeful endings - but by logic, there cannot be really all-out 'happy' endings in WeissKreuz.

As for explicit content, I think where it serves to show a facet of a character that advances the story, it's okay, and I will write accordingly, but I don't like 'instruction PWPs'. Same goes for violence.

Hard to read - I tried to give the boys 'real' emotions, 'real' losses, and take away the veneer of glamour from the bloody life they lead. There are also some 'real' happy moments - like in 'Special Gifts'. But the lads murder for a living, after all, and what is nice or noble about being a paid hitman? A lot of folk seem to like the idea of power that goes with it, and dream themselves into such roles. Fine, but not my cup of tea.

Anyhow, here's to hope and some light at the end of the tunnel, and to lovely, intelligent reviewers such as yourself!


A very waffy fanboy


I mean... err... yeah, waffy... umh... blimey...
Vampire Louis chapter 6 . 11/1/2005
You know, your stories are so addictive yet... hard to read. Not for lack of ability to write or lack of skill in portraying characters and emotion but, rather, for exactly the opposite reason. It's -because- you write so well and can portray what the characters are going through so well that the stories get harder and harder to read.

You see, it’s tragic to think that after everything the Weiss boys have gone through... they still end up like this. Reveling in the train wreck of their lives -unable to prevent the events that are spiraling out of their control. However, I'm hooked to your style and have to finish each epic in search of even the smallest glimmer of hope that, perhaps, things will not always be this bad for them. That perhaps someday they'll be able to overcome the calamity that have befallen them so haphazardly.

Anyway… As I stated before, you're an astounding writing and I love reading all the things you have put up thus far. I'm surprised you don't have more fans and reviewers than you do but... I fear the problem with society these days is they simply can't value the finer things in life. Or are too "busy" to leave a review or two, telling the authors that their work is appreciated in every aspect.

Which is why I suppose I'm here writing you a lengthy review and telling you how awesome you are. It's really not flattery, just honestly. The simple truth that I share with you in hopes you'll keep writing these beautifully crafted stories for some time to come so that I can read them, enjoy them, and appreciate them for what they are. Extraordinary. Thanks again for keeping up the efforts, I sincerely hope you continue.

- VL
Rosemarykiss chapter 6 . 11/1/2005
Nice, this looks pretty dark and interesting, can't wait to see the next in the saga;)