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Guest chapter 92 . 4/11
Please update, I beg u!
WhiteLotusWarrior chapter 92 . 3/30
Wha... wait, wait, you can't leave that cliffhanger! What just happened? I've been reading this series for like a week straight, following all the plotting, manipulations, and alliances, getting all emotionally invested in this story, and now this is where I'm hanging?
Gah! Dang it!
I love this story, and now I have to wait for more...
Still, I have to commend you on the fantastically compelling story so far! Please, please continue!
b.mars312010 chapter 92 . 3/24
Please post another chapter. .. please. I am going to see your original fic now.
LeiseFlustern chapter 92 . 3/17
I'm so glad that you decided you give us more!
It took me a really long while to convince myself to finally read your updates. The notice had been sitting in my email since day one, but I just couldn't bring myself to read them yet knowing I'd have to wait a a long while for the /next/ update afterwards (if indeed there would be any). Kind of like holding out on eating that last piece of cake because you know that once you eat that delicious piece of cake screaming at you to just devour it... there will then be no more cake. Unless the baker decides to gift you with more cake?
This story is so well done, and it sincerely makes me sad that you're not as interested in finishing it as you were when you started it 10 years ago. I fully understand not wanting to write when you have other things you'd rather be working on. Truly. I get it. (Truly, truly. I do.)
I just ask that if you do fully wish to stop working on this amazing piece of work, to /please/ go with the idea of giving us a detailed summary of where you planned to go with the plot? I couldn't bear to not reach the end of this fantastic story.
Hah, you're right, I really could just kill you for how you left this off. How could you? I could just drop to my knees and beg for the rest by this point!
But, here we go. Time to wait again for what may or may not come for a long time yet.
The next update.
As always, please take care,
Chii-pet chapter 92 . 2/16
OMG OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! UPDATES! TWO EVEN! I hope we don't have to wait another two years for the next chapter. But whatever! An update! I've waited this long, so I can do it again. As long as this isn't abandoned! Oh, please, no. Legit hiatus I can handle, but such a good story being left to die...rotting in the infinite depths of internetland... BUT NO! YOU UPDATED! Keep it up! I'm so freakin' excited!
PrincePirateElf chapter 92 . 2/15
*friendly reminder* Can you update ao3? I mainly use that, and know some people who only use that soooo yeah... Please?
Faramir chapter 92 . 1/25
OMG i cannot wait to see the reactions... Not the vampires at this point i just cannot wait until Harry destroys their pasty white behinds. THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE!
kk chapter 92 . 1/16
wow. I would love to kill you now but with the threat of another chapter hunging in the air... OK. Did I mention you are great, awesome, wonderful, fabulous writer . hohoho
Rie1966 chapter 92 . 1/3
How Rude...fine...I guess I will if I really have a choice. Love this story.
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