Reviews for Weapon
AlessaBelle chapter 92 . 8h
Are you continuing the story?! Please, do! Don't just leave it like this! What happened? I went to AO3, but it's not updated there either. Message me please! :)
Kendra Duvoa chapter 92 . 6/1
Hola, espero que estés viva y bien, adoro tu historia, ojalá algún día la termines, suerte
WinterWind14 chapter 92 . 5/23
I just found this story but I love it already. All of the different storylines and perspectives though I wish you'd do more with Snape. I love the intricacy you've put into the story as well as how you approach Dark and Light. Harry's characterization as well is truly original. I understand that this takes a lot to write but I hope that you won't give up on it. I'm interested in seeing how this ends and how the world responds to having a monarch. Would you consider ending Weapon with Harry revealing his loyalties, and writing a third about the aftermath? I truly appreciate your writing and I can't wait to see where this story will go.
sanders1800 chapter 92 . 5/12
This is one of my favorite stories, so I hope you continue it.
G.Potter93 chapter 92 . 5/12
Why isn't this being updated :((
inesiah chapter 92 . 4/13
excelente fic porfa continualo
Guest chapter 92 . 4/8
Moree... :( LOL pleading aside, this is great!
lechatabbicat chapter 92 . 2/27
Ooohhh please please write another chapter!
Lady Beaumort chapter 1 . 2/8
it's been a year! update please!
ImaginationAngel chapter 92 . 2/2
Great chapter! I read your first story, Possession, and it was great also. I can't wait until Harry finally reveals his side and freaks everyone that doesn't know out. The only point I'm confused about is Ginny's purpose to Harry's and Voldemort's continued existence. I know she is important somehow I just can't see it. I hope you update again soon.
Rose British chapter 92 . 11/22/2015
I love your story so much. I hope you will continue it because you left us with a pretty good cliffhanger. Can tell me when you'll get back at it ? I seen it's been almost 1 year since the last update. Bye
jeliared3 chapter 92 . 10/14/2015
This is an amazing series but I noticed that it's been a while since you updated. Please tell me that you plan to continue this story and that it's not abandoned! Because that would be heartbreaking and I am really looking forward to more. If you have a second, could you please let me know? Thanks
deathlover25 chapter 92 . 10/14/2015
MattKennedy chapter 92 . 9/28/2015
The dragons were very much an unexpected surprise. :) I was wondering how they would get out of the dueling circle. Poor Harry, having to suffer the backlash though. Looking forward to what happens in the aftermath of the battle.
Guest chapter 92 . 8/30/2015
Please don't take another ten years to finish this...I know your most likely a very busy person but 10 years is a really long time to write a FanFiction...
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