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Someone chapter 41 . 3/21
I just want to say that this is the best fanfic i ever seen, and i'll be waiting for the next chapter, Even if it looks like I'm going to need to wait for a while xD
(Sorry for my poor english)
JudgmentOfTheDream chapter 41 . 2/6
I am simply IN LOVE with this fanfic. Your sadistic Yami Bakura, your timid Ryou, your perfect Atem, your POOR FRICKIN MALIK BECAUSE WTF HAPPENED AFTER THAT LANGUAGE SPELL?!

Your suspicious-of-Bakura (and very much dead) Dumbledore, your perceptive Voldemort, your now-trusting-the-entirely-wrong-guy Harry!

This entire story and plot is just \(3)/
I really hope you haven't given up on this fanfic because it is simply beautiful.

Fun fact: All through the second half of chapter 39, I repeated "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, ..." quietly to myself, because as much as I saw it coming, the way you just pulled off Bakura's manipulations was so incredibly amazing that I think I felt even more betrayed and hurt than the pharaoh at that turn of events. (Now that I think about it, did Atem actually react like he should have in his situation? HAVE TO READ THAT SCENE AGAIN TO MAKE SURE AND TO KILL MYSELF EMOTIONALLY YET AGAIN9
Guest chapter 41 . 2/2
This is really fantastic! I hope there is more soon!
I really dig Bakura. I just wish Ryou would understand why he's the way he is. Maybe then they could work together.
everyone feels very in character, which is impressive! I really look forward to reading more :3
Akirys chapter 41 . 9/15/2014

Cliffhanger! Agh, I'm so excited. Why do you say your writing isn't bad? It's not. IT'S NOT. Trust me, I know a lot about self-criticism and thinking your own work is terrible (because mine is _), but take my word for it; EoD is EXCELLENT.

This didn't feel like a transition at all; it felt really suspenseful/actiony instead. I'll definitely follow Emissary of Darkness, and look forward to the next update!-

Akirys chapter 40 . 9/15/2014
I love it when YGOHP fanfics try to rob Gringotts. It doesn't happen very often, but I'm including it in my own story. Yugi and the Pharaoh have to break into Gringotts, but they'll need help from a certain someone Gah, I need to publish it!
Akirys chapter 39 . 9/15/2014
OH GOD! BAKURA! SO EVIL! Ryou, we miss you, come back!
Akirys chapter 35 . 9/15/2014
I really like Jou's characterization. For one thing, you got in the obligatory dog reference! :D And for another...well, I guess I just like Jounouchi.

Marik's in a Shadow Game...poor poor fool. It's hard to NOT root for Bakura when you remember he's been the focus of the story for the last thirty-some chapters.
Akirys chapter 33 . 9/15/2014
At last! For years I've been wondering what if someone could overpower a wizard with BRUTE FORCE, not just magic wands. Mazel tov, Rishid, you've done it!
Seriously though, Hogwarts doesn't even teach physical education. I mean, I hate gym as much as the next nerdy fanfic writer, but honestly...
Akirys chapter 31 . 9/13/2014
No more card games now. The Pharaoh and the Thief King are fighting-WITH MAGIC!

See, that's why I love YGO fanfic. It fixes all problems, all tediousness with the dubbed anime, and gives us an entirely new story while upping the characters, the plot, and the dialogue. Kudos to you for doing just that.
I am now sadly out of time to read, but expect this string of reviews to continue later!
Akirys chapter 29 . 9/13/2014
Obligatory constructive review time!-Yugi's last name was spelled Moto at the beginning, despite the change to Mutou. Also, I noticed that Ron's last name has been spelled Weasely throughout the story, while in the actual books it's "Weasley."

...And that's all I have to say. Gosh dang it, it's really hard to criticize fics I love so much!
Akirys chapter 27 . 9/13/2014
Oh gosh. I completely forgot I was reading THBP and that Dumbledore dies in that one. Bakura's reaction is PERFECT-evil, sadistic glee.
Akirys chapter 26 . 9/13/2014
The calm before the storm...

Poor 'Johnny.' He's so dead now. A Fate Worse than Death, I mean.

Only time will tell what happens next! After reading this for four hours straight (and counting), I can safely say this is probably my favorite YGO/HP fic on the net. And to think I nearly passed over it, since I've never read anything Ryou-centric before.
Akirys chapter 22 . 9/13/2014
Why are you saying this chapter is only decent?! BAKURA! He's choking students! And Pharaoh is suspicious! And Snape is biased! I'm so excited!

Can't wait to see what happens next...!
Akirys chapter 19 . 9/13/2014

...Right anyways. Hooray! That really threw me for a loop. But Yugi and Yami are my favorite characters, and now that they're here...I don't even know! I love it!

I also really liked the scene with Bakura in spirit form. I don't remember that happening in the anime. But it's really really awesome. You're very good at characterizing Ryou and Bakura together.
Akirys chapter 17 . 9/13/2014
YES! Harry and Hermione are HERE! Ha-haaaaaa! It's just not the same without them, for some reason. I think every YGOHP fic ever made has at least one of The Golden Trio in it.

My absolute favorite part of these crossovers is The Reveal, that eye-widening moment when the wizards and witches realize "omgggggg theyres 2 minds in 1 body!1!11! :O" I have no idea why, it's just so EPIC. And the events leading up to it, like hearing the duelists talk to themselves, or speak in Japanese, or something. I guess that's why I'm playing it up a bit in my aforementioned own fic.

At any rate, I'm thoroughly enjoying this one. It vaguely follows the same, lovable "The Duelists Go to Hogwarts" formula as many others, but with some great, unique touches.
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