Reviews for Life's Scrapbook
master-moehri86 chapter 40 . 8/5/2011
Hey, will you be writing some more? love the story very much :)
Dejsha's World chapter 6 . 12/26/2009
Really really interesting;)
Dejsha's World chapter 5 . 12/26/2009
Aww poor Albus:)
Dejsha's World chapter 4 . 12/26/2009
This is interesting;)
Dejsha's World chapter 3 . 12/26/2009
This is a great chapter! There were a few spelling mistakes (nothing major), and I like how you use Greek names for your carachters.:)
Dejsha's World chapter 2 . 12/26/2009
This is really good:) I love this!
Stargatecrazy chapter 40 . 11/12/2008
ARG! No! You can *not* finish there! *begs* Albus and Minerva aren't together! You haven't updated this fic in over a year! And I love it! It's one of my fave ADMM fics I've ever read! No, it's not...It's one of my all time fave *fics* I've ever read!

Please update! I beg of you! *gets down on hands and knees to beg* lol

Dejsha's World chapter 1 . 4/21/2008
This was really good, great work.
Gynji chapter 40 . 7/18/2007
Albus had better get his arse into that boys room and apologise quick smart.

Albus is starting to remind me of Moody - Paranoid must be their middle names. As much as Albus thinks he is doing good he should remember how Tom Riddle grew up and what became of him.
mandiepandie chapter 40 . 7/17/2007
I wish Minerva and Albus could fix they're relationship. They seem to always be arguing.

Thanks for the update!
trulyamused chapter 40 . 7/17/2007
Ouch, the joys and trials of parenthood. Albus better get used to it. Especially in his situation. Children don't always understand the sublties. Great chapter, thanks so much for the update.

alix33 chapter 40 . 7/17/2007
" “Perhaps, he hasn’t ‘picked them up’ from anywhere. Aberforth and I were always fond of a good practical joke as children.” Now as well, Minerva thought sourly," - I chortled on the inside, at this bit!
LostUtterings chapter 40 . 7/17/2007
You updated! *Dances around the room like a maniac* Well, perhaps not literally but my muse is dancing ;) You have no idea how much I needed this today, so thank you so much. But ouch, I really wanted to hug Alan, bless him, I despair of Albus sometimes. He's human and not at the same time. If that makes sense, he's human and makes mistakes but can't always seem to grasp everything about other people in a human way all of the time. I'm very fond of your portrayal of Albus, it has a certain realism that is very refreshing. The same with your Minerva, you have always portrayed her strength and her love for Albus and Alan and it all works really well.

I'm glad you're back, and it's nice to read an update, I never gave up hope. I hope you're back around now :)
dhawthorne chapter 40 . 7/17/2007
oh...intense chapter. Poor Alan! I do hope that Albus comes to his senses soon! I hope that you update soon! Great job!
mandiepandie chapter 39 . 7/5/2007
This story is one of the best I've read regarding MMAD. I really hope you find the time in your busy schedule to continue writing it. [[

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