Reviews for Brotherhood of the Canines
Emron chapter 1 . 10/11/2006
Dang Good chap. If you want Another wolf in this story Possibly Curious Heart's brother you can use my Care Bear Cousin Profile. I am Four Different Care Bear Cousins in one You see I love Dragons & Wolfs So I Desided to be come the only Care Bear Dragon Wolf Where I have two Levels of Power In level one As powerfull as any other member of the family & at level two I at my ultimate power level Which would seem like I'm all of the Care Bear family rooled togeather in one but over a million time more powerful. In Form one I'm Known as Kind Heart Wolf or Kind Heart Dragon Depending on which form I'm in & when I'm in form two when I'm at my ultimate level of power I'm known as Pure Heart Wolf or Pure Heart Dragon again Depending on what form I'm in theirby making four Care Bear cousins in one. you can also use Luner Heart Wolf He is Riku from the Kingdome Hearts Games I Was thinking of making a kingdome hearts carebear crossover where if you played it you know that they go from disney world to the next ether seiling the keyhole or unlocking the keyholes so I thought of making a fanfic where Riku, Sora, Kairi, Donald, Goofy & My Self get thrown into the Care Bears Story right at the part right before Noble Heart & True Heart are about to be attacked by Dark Heart that six other cradle would apear below deck & a little cub version of each of us would apear in them Sora Would be a cut little carebear name Key Heart Bear, Kairi would be another cute little carebear name SweetHeart Bear, Goofy would also be A cut little CareBear Named Guard Heart Bear [why I made him a bear is because there allready is a dog care bear cousin.] Riku would be a cute little carebear cousin named Luner Heart wolf, Donald will be the only carebear cousin that is a duck & he shall be called Magic Heart Duck & I Shall be in my Cute little Kind Heart Wolf Form. & why you might ask that I am giving you such a great Idea for a story would be is one I know Squat When It comes to editing but that doe's not mean I can't write one heck of a good story. but if you want to take these guidelines for a story & turn it into a story that someone will be able to read be my guest But if you wish to use My Kind Heart/Pure Heart Figure You must Email me for Permission.
Fauna Greywolf chapter 2 . 12/19/2005
yay updation. good idea to have curi trackin with his nose. Have a happy holiday:)
Fauna Greywolf chapter 1 . 11/7/2005
lol, Loyal Heart has an imaginary GF. that's so cute. I like this story, it's not too dark.