Reviews for Harry Potter, the ArchMagus
Guest chapter 5 . 10/11
Uuuugh! Hermione?! Wow, what a way to ruin your story
jmw03u chapter 7 . 9/17
This is a great story so far! I am enjoying it a lot. I really like how Harry is incorporating magic of different types and genres into the wizarding world. Thank you for writing it!
Bl33dingArt chapter 1 . 7/18
Has the author discontinued the story, dropped writing altogether or even deceased? I wish that they'd put a note in the summary or something if they're still alive...
Yuna chapter 7 . 7/11
Well I really hope you continue this story, it is reaaally good
Monster King chapter 7 . 6/11
Great story I really liked it a shame that you gave up on it.
AnimeMan4235 chapter 3 . 5/29
slytherinsal chapter 5 . 5/27
my definition of a dark creature, for what it's worth, is one which does harm for pleasure. Unlike dangerous creatures which will only eat you as food, being near their young or being on their territory and looking like a threat. Which being so one might argue that if a boggart feeds on fear it is not a dark creature per se as it's merely hunting for food.
Guest chapter 3 . 5/16
Will he introduce the 'Dungeons and Dragons' genre to Hogwarts?

Guest chapter 3 . 5/16
I hope Harry, at some point, gets to see the 2010 film, 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice', starring Nicolas Cage.

Guest chapter 3 . 5/16
'Hope he reads Manga, like 'Naruto' & 'Kekkaishi', as well.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/16
Ever read Terry Prachett's 'Discworld' book series?
RSegovia chapter 6 . 5/14
I like the idea of Harry exploring the power of positive emotions in magic. I've thought of a few more examples.

We never hear of Voldemort or any Death Eaters using the Fidelius charm, which is surprising considering how effective it is. It's possible that this is another of the "light arts" as Harry defines them here. Fidelius means trust, so perhaps the person casting the spell has to completely trust their secret keeper without intimidation or coercion, something a dark wizard can't do.

I would also categorize Riddikulus as a minor "light art", requiring at least a sense of humor. There are probably other spells to counter dark creatures with a positive emotional component.

Harry also uses love to counter Voldemort's attempted possession, and grief (arguably a positive emotion) to finally do occlumency. Perhaps the Light Arts are simply less defined and can be used to strengthen many kinds of magic. I suspect that healing magic would be at the top of that list.
lalo80 chapter 1 . 4/25
Porfa actualiza pronto
seldombites chapter 7 . 4/2
'm enjoying this story. Is it really not dead, yet?
The Sheep Lord chapter 7 . 3/3
can you plz update
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