Reviews for Playing With Fire
BlueAngel137 chapter 10 . 6/7/2007
Great chapter! Loved the dream, it was just perfect - the chess figures fighting their battle, Logan speaking with Eyes Only ... ah ... awesome and the perfect mystery.

Still wondering what those people are up to, especially since they don't seem to know about Eyes Only. And Heather's just creepy.


-...“It’d help my bishop if you could slide your rook two spaces to the left,” the knight grumbled. His horse whinnied as the battle raged around them, swords clanging against shields and orders being shouted. Logan glanced at a small, bald man in robes, holding what he presumed was a Bible under one arm. He was tapping his foot and staring up at Logan, waiting. ...

(Great description.)

-... “Thanks for that,” the knight said. He flipped the visor down on his helmet and gave a lazy salute before riding off, mumbling about the amount of time it took for some people to make a decision. The bishop shuffled across the board, apparently not concerned about his lack of armour as he approached the battle.

Logan smiled, puzzled but bemused. Dreams were so surreal sometimes. He wondered if he’d remember this one upon waking.

(just love this, interesting that Logan knows it's a dream the whole time - surreal, indeed!)

-...“I’d say about two and a half pounds,” Original Cindy said, leaving the officer who was going to answer with his mouth open, as if a hinge had broken. “I’ve been a courier long enough that I know what these things weigh in at, and that -” She pointed to the package. “ - is a fine quality bubble envelope with a cardboard box inside and then something pretty light inside that, as there isn’t much more room on the scale.” ...

(ah, OC at her best :), made me grin)

Really, really love it.

idlehands452 chapter 10 . 6/7/2007
fabulous work! i'm really enjoying it.
DAngelFan chapter 10 . 6/6/2007
Your stories are always a pleasure to read. I look forward to reading more.
BlueAngel137 chapter 9 . 5/15/2007
Ah, I'm glad you gave us poor addicts another fix of "Playing With fire". But I'm not an inch closer to solve the mysteries you built up ... argh ;). Still loving this story, still waiting anxiously for the next part.

THANKS! (It's a late review I know, but I just realized that I forgot to push the little button after reading ;))
lkaplon chapter 9 . 5/8/2007

Finally got caught up and I can't believe what's been going on! I'm now officially waiting on baited breath for the next installment!
Outsane chapter 9 . 5/7/2007
Aw man, another awesome chapter. I'm loving Max's mini-freakout at the end. Hoping for another chapter soon!

BTW, what exactly is the Virtual Season 3 thing?
jfg207 chapter 9 . 5/5/2007
I just bet that's OC at the police station... :P And Logan is getting worse the all meds they are putting in them.. What has Heather got to go with this being so pale? I don't get the jest of the mom and pop thing. But right at the end they guffed, Logan need to get his brain unscrambled so he can figure out who this guy is...

And poor Max is trying to keep her cool, but it's getting hard for her not being able to do her own recon.

idlehands452 chapter 9 . 5/4/2007
great work, i love our stories. keep it up!
intstebri chapter 9 . 5/4/2007
Simply another part of this wonderful story!

I liked the interaction between Moratelli and Max since chapter 1, but at the end of this one, now I love it! Max still reacted at the same trigger...

Very good like you detailed every parts of Logan's environment.

I enjoy every little glimpses of Logan in "Tim", it's fascinative how he discover himself in his mind and by his observations, keep this going please!

And THANK YOU to keep writing and manage to find some time for us!
Mari83 chapter 9 . 5/4/2007
Love it! (And such a perfect timing, posted just when I put away the books for a snack. Though admittedly I was distracted from eating (which isn’t an easy thing to do) once I started reading.)

“Hey, he knows he’s good looking. Bet he uses that smile to get into all sorts of places.”

“Sure he does and yeah, that smile has been a Godsend. Folks seem to think that’s really cute.”

Love it in itself, but on my first, way too fast read (well, just had to find out what happens as fast as possible) I missed that they were talking about Moratelli and assumed that they somehow must mean Logan:-)

“More than football?” She pursed her lips, fighting a smile. “He’s a basketball kinda guy.”

Ah, sweet:-)

The local newspaper was thin.

Great detail.

"By the time he was done shaving, he’d confirmed that he did, indeed, wear glasses, if the faint marking across the bridge of his nose and the worn skin on the back of one of his ears was anything to go by - right where glasses would rub if they were due for an adjustment with the optometrist."

I love the way in which Logan is putting together, it’s simply nice to watch his brain work and it gives us kind of a new perspective on him.

And about the glasses, since I assume Logan had them before he was abducted, they either must have been lost when they took him or those sneaky people took them away on purpose to hinder Logan from gathering clues.

"I’ve seen those eyes somewhere before."

Made me laugh

The description of the flat is just great, with all the details adding to a very un-homey atmosphere, like in a care-facility or something like that.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said, wheeling forward a bit. “Clean it up a bit and you could probably cook something here. I know a few recipes that aren’t too complicated.” He stopped beside her and looked up, raising an eyebrow. “Does the stove work?”

Made me laugh too. Even without knowing who he is Logan is loganish.

The young man grimaced. “I don’t know about the cooking stuff but the pizza was probably a trigger.”

Pizza is a trigger? (I guess I should be careful then, because it’s what I’m eating right now) Hm, how about something that suppresses Logan’s memory and lets him react with such seizures whenever a memory wants to come up, like he and Max wanting to buy a Pizza?

“We’ll find him, Max, but I need you to trust me. I’m not ‘Super Cop’, you know. I don’t like involving civilians but we could use your help and I don’t want to jeopardize that. You discover anything, you let me know, okay?” She nodded. It was easier than speaking and less of a commitment.

The tension and concurrency for the lead in the investigation between Max and Moratelli is very interesting (and Moratelli is such cool, multi-dimensional original character), as is his resentment towards Eyes Only (also a nice variation of the idea that all ‘good cops’ are on Eyes Only’s side).

So there is somebody else behind this abduction-scheme? Hm…
lisa316 chapter 9 . 5/4/2007
Yea, Muse! Stick with her like glue! I love this!

I think I know who's doing this to Logan and how, but I'm still not sure why. Muse, could you make her write faster so I'll find out soon? Thanks so much.

You and Mouse are really doing a great job here. Keep going!
gypsydoggy10 chapter 8 . 4/12/2007
O-mouse-this rocks! What a strange tale-really looking forward to seeing where this goes!
BlueAngel137 chapter 8 . 4/11/2007
I absolutely adore the mystery in this story ... and the tension is killing me (... softly ;)). What is the agenda of those weird people that surround Logan (Heather, Margaret, Kenneth) Who are they? What are they up to? Please!

I enjoyed Logan's thoughts, when he tried to find out who he is, and how he logically concluded various facts from his physical state. Great job. And naturally I like Max and Angel. :)


-...“Why is she so pale? It’s like…” He struggled to find the right words, staring at the ceiling as if it would help clear his thoughts. “…like the colour has been leached out of her.”

Where the hell had that come from?

The woman laughed, though it seemed a bit strained. “Now that’s the Tim I know,” she said, giving his hand a quick squeeze before letting it go. “Always the poet.”

(Interesting. Why does the woman know about Logan's poetic abilities? What else do they know?)

-...His breath caught again and his eyes widened. Max. That name was important. He thought about it again, tried to put a face to the name but he had to stop, had to let his mind wander onto other topics. The more he thought about - that name - the more the room spun out of control and he battled to breathe. He was aware of a faint sheen of sweat over his body.

Panic. Sheer panic. Because of a name - ...

(The reaction of Logan's body really makes me spuspicious, and I can't help some wild speculations again ;). I guess he might be trying to protect Max? A part of him wants to remember her, but somehow his body refuses to give her away? Are they really from White's snake cult, or some other mysterious organization?)

Okay, I'll shut up ... just ignore me ;).

-...Matt groaned and turned his head, eyes still closed. “You like the s-sound of your own voice, d-don’t you, Moratelli?”

Moratelli grinned. “You’re too quiet, Sung,” he countered. “Someone has to fill the void.”

That comment was answered with a brief, choked laugh.

“Get back on your feet soon, ‘kay?” Max added. “This guy can find good eats but he won’t shut up.”

(LOL, could almost see them while reading)

Thanks Mouse, for another wonderful chapter. Have I already told you how much I love this story? :D

Please update soon!
Mari83 chapter 8 . 4/8/2007
You’re so spoiling me with such frequent updates:-) Thanks.

(Hoping FFnet will be nice and not cut my reviews again / still)

Interesting dimension with Logan’s dream, whether they are something supernatural or just his subconsciousness / instincts.

"The man stiffened. “You don’t remember me, either?” “A little,” he lied. “I can’t quite recall your name, though.”The two strangers exchanged a glance. Kenneth frowned. “You don’t remember my name but you remember hers?” And why do you sound so indignant?"

Ah, more mysteries, the somehow strained relationship between those two and the girl. With your excellent descriptions (which I’d like to quote, but this is too long anyway) they feel so very vivid.

"He smiled a winning smile. “It felt right,” he said, and meant it."

Ah, how could they not believe him if he smiles like that…;-)

"The faint hum of the video camera still burned in the background."

Great detail, letting us know that the situation is very anormal.

"he missed his mother, and she was gone."

I love how you built this part of the story from the fact of Logan missing his mother.

"Logan gasped. He had difficulty breathing and he wasn’t doing anything strenuous.

The more he thought about - that name - the more the room spun out of control and he battled to breathe."

Interesting that Logan feeling worse seems to be connected with Max’s name (and apparently not with the water), maybe she has an important place in this mysterious scheme too? (I should warn you that my theories will continue to get wilder and wilder with each mystery-building chapter – but at least now I know it really is Logan)

"the scared young man who had disappeared without a word. Was this Max?"

Very clever (and twisted!) after first giving us the idea that he remembered Max-the-person and not only a name.

"Why were they watching? It wasn’t as if he was doing anything interesting. Were they taping, as well? If so, why? And what was the real reason they were keeping him in this room, with nothing but cryptic pieces of information and long hours by himself?"

Excellent questions, hint, hint;-)

"The logical conclusion was that it had been a few days, at most, that he’d been here, been ‘sick’, and not a month at all."

Made me grin, because if he was wearing the famous Logan Cale stuble when he was abducted, hair growth might not be that exact after all…

"That meant he’d just have to be more creative and outthink whoever was behind this bizarre charade"

I’m very glad that he has progressed to knowing that this is not his family and is alert enough to think about what he can do.

“I’ll check on the status of the three ‘amigos’

And another movie reference, which I not only haven’t seen but didn’t know at all. (And I have the distinct feeling that I’m missing something here)

“You know your way around a chart.”


“Not everyone can understand the charts.”

I really enjoyed seeing Max and Moratelli together, how they are taxing each other here or with their shared military background.

"She’d encountered and absorbed all kinds of information in her quest to learn more about the human body and what tampering with it on the cellular level could create."

Another great detail of Max, this interest in medicine...

"Matt groaned and turned his head, eyes still closed. “You like the s-sound of your own voice, d-don’t you, Moratelli?”

Moratelli grinned. “You’re too quiet, Sung,” he countered. “Someone has to fill the void.”

That comment was answered with a brief, choked laugh.

“Get back on your feet soon, ‘kay?” Max added. “This guy can find good eats but he won’t shut up.”

What a great conversation! Light topic with underlying seriousness.

"the girl froze. It was like a switch had been thrown and the power had ceased to reach her. “Who told you my name?” Her voice held no inflection. Logan couldn’t even tell if she was still breathing. He thought once more of the doll analogy and wondered if he should change that to ‘robot’."

Another great description.

“Did you know you have the most amazing green eyes I’ve ever seen?”

“Um, no.”

Kind of bad of me, but the unexpected absurdity (though not all that absurd with Logan;-) made laugh. Logan’s discomfort (though very understandable in this situation) for his after-shooting self.

Looking forward to more!

(Something unrelated to this story (and I hope I won’t sound ungrateful after you just updated this one) I really hope all the quietness at BBWW doesn’t somehow discourage you from continuing the ‘Checkmate’-snippets? (I read what you said about not having abandoned all your stories, but hey, this is a snippet, so I hope you won't kill me for asking) I had to think of 'Checkmate' when we were talking about hot Logan-stories at DAR;-), and would really, really love to see more of it – and will wait patiently.)
idlehands452 chapter 8 . 4/8/2007
awesome work, i'm really getting into this. definitely looking forward to more soon. keep up the great writing!
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