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OnceUponAnOriginal chapter 49 . 11/5/2014
This was amazing! Seriously, thank you for writing it, I loved it!
Jessie chapter 49 . 6/22/2013
First: WHOA!

Second: i finished this yesterday night after reading it whenever i had the chance to but i couldn't review because the internet is evil. I love this story. I love the new aspect of what is probably a likely possibility of what would happen if Suze's gift is exposed. I guess it's an insight to how her life would be if she were exposed...
Another thing, i hate p/s fics usually, but i really liked this! Honestly. I really really like this and hope you write your own novels some day!

I love it, probably my favourite fanfic i have ever read!

J xx
Angel4eva-15 chapter 49 . 5/28/2013
Too lazy to log on

Anyway I think this is the fifth time I've read this and everytime my breathe is blown away. Like seriously I couldn't find a single flaw in this even if I wanted to. Your amazing and ur writing skills are extraordinary and I hope one day ill be able to buy your novels x
Guest chapter 49 . 8/21/2012
This is the best fanfiction i've ever read, I think it's actually the best story i've ever read! You're an amazing author, and write brilliantly. I read all this on the trot and didn't want to put my laptop down. I hope you write more, but this is amazing. xxx
Delly :)
glna chapter 47 . 2/12/2012
Great work! This fic goes to my favorites :)
Reflected Shadows chapter 1 . 12/29/2011




Please, please please, if you ever publish a novel, please let me know cuz i would love to read it. Because what i realized in reading Through Her Eyes is that the story was completely your own, you could switch the character names and it would still be yours- and that's awesome when a fanfic becomes independent of the story it was based on! It goes to show how amazing of a writer the author is! And i don't just mean that lightly! I hope one day the whole world recognizes you for the brilliant writer you are!

God bless

Jelly Babes 101 chapter 49 . 12/22/2011
This is so amazing! pity you aren't writing fanfiction any more. Good Luck with your novels. I imagine a story with your own original characters would turn our even betyer than this.
Ohlukitskassy chapter 49 . 12/21/2011
Amazing. So amazing. This story made me contemplate my life in every way possible. Please continue writing, even though you're done with fanfiction. You have real talent.
SelinaShadow chapter 1 . 12/8/2011
one of the cooles fanfic's ive ever read its amazing!
dazedandconfused1331 chapter 49 . 12/4/2011
Soooooooo in a nutshell, I LOVE THIS STORY! I was torn between Paul and Jesse though, you made them both so lovable! The ending was PERFECT, although I kind of hope Paul ended up with someone else besides Marcia... UGH SO GOOD! haha I love ittttt! 8)
I want to be Jesse's girl chapter 49 . 11/15/2011
The ending was bittersweet…I did love it Adam and Cee Cee with their little boy – falling over the place (I could even visualize it – which isn’t all that usual for me…but well your script is powerful) and I felt like both laughing and smiling…While I’m glad that Henrietta was rescued from spending eternity there, as weird as this sounds, I’m kinda glad that Candace is still there and that well the hospital is still corrupt and all – otherwise it would be too hopefully and airy fairy thus deviating completely from Suze’s story. Not everyone gets a happy ending after all except in fairy tales…

This story was amazing and the amount of thought and creativity that would have gone into this marvel of a piece, I cannot even comprehend. The whole for example, Henrietta, a mediator – who the hell saw that coming – and she isn’t quite crazy or well, decided that it was a better way to be, as in act crazy. I marvel at the way you were constantly able to express Suze’s fears – am I crazy? Without overdoing it and that comes out more when ofcourse she finds out Henrietta’s bearings.

And Michael’s crazy as sister…love how when you go into the action scene – we only know that someone helped him - as a result Suze would not have really thought much of it. Sorry yikes I know this review is all over the place and not articulated all that well but it’s late and all…

I think though I’ve said it all. This fic is absolutely marvellous. I don’t think even this review(s) actually do it justice. It’s so real and I can practically feel Suze’s emotions and we’re on the same crazy ass journey that she is. Although as such this story has an overwhelming, oh this is kinda a sad feel fic, you manage to draw the romance and the humour and the everyday things – complains, life, relationships, in general that it encompasses so much more and we don’t have the urge to simply cry but laugh and smile…and wish we were Suze at so many points….Paul and Jesse need I say more…It was also a harsh insight into how dire some situations can be – the whole thing from Marcia – why don’t you follow Henrietta’s example, no one would miss you…unfortunately there are many individuals who do provoke such deeds with comments such as this…and well people are often bitches…really but there’s the good and the bad and this was a great mix of both. I absolutely loved it and glad that you are going to continue writing…

While I am indeed sad to hear that you will not be writing any more ffn. I think you have progressed way beyond that level. I better end my review otherwise it will be an ongoing one with no end (and undoubtedly you would be tired of me by now). Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful, wonderful fic.
I want to be Jesse's girl chapter 48 . 11/15/2011
One of the other things I love in this story is the friendship that Cee and Suze has. Somehow you have managed to save the smart albino girl although here she isn’t as vulnerable as she was in the series. She knows her worth and I guess Adam has a lot to do with that. Who doesn’t love Adam ofcourse? He’s the clown, the joker and I just love how when they gather together it’s kinda like a recollection in the series – where Adam is hitting on Suze, not too intently but still, and Cee Cee is whacking him on the arm. Here, ofcourse the case is quite different coz Adam is completely under a Cee Cee spell. I absolutely love the security of their relationship. It’s a constant and something the readers can rely on. I did think towards the middle that they were well…you know…dead considering the mystery and all but then surprise surprise, Suze managed to save them…

You manage to convey so beautiful the despair that past Suze felt when Michael killed her mum and how she works to preserve all of her remaining loved ones. The few that they are but they are absolutely treasured.

From what I remember of Helen in the series, here, she has a complete makeover. All house hold mom and everything and it suits the story line perfectly.

And I haven’t even started on the biggest surprise of all – Jesse a spy man – sexy and hot…lol. Well I really did not see that coming…stupid me and brilliant you. Initially, Jesse presents as the caring doctor, a saviour or atleast wanting to work through the corruption. Got to give Marcia credit for seeing through Jesse (as he discloses at the end) – she’s a smart biatch. While I would say the ending was uncertain, atleast at the point when she just comes back to the ward, where unbeknown to her Jesse is working for the agency, I think most of us were definite in the Suze is loving Jesse thing…plus at that point the whole history with Paul is not unveiled.

Their relationship is not just a boom…one second doctor/patient, the next lovers…and that’s one of the reasons that I do love this fic so much. Whilst ofcourse the whole mediator/shifter thing is questionable – if one did indeed believe they existed – well you could almost see this as who knows this may happen to someone sort of thing.

With Jesse and Suze, there is that emotional bond. He sees her struggles and how she has been strong, has survived and indeed that is what draws him. It would not have been as physical as say with Paul considering that Suze was not at her best during the hospital time and all. I guess the biggest moment before we find out who Jesse actually is – was when he hands her the keys – infact when you find out what his mission actually was – you endear to him more because really he had more at stake as such and aren’t agents supposed to be cold bastards…and effective liars (hahah, Jesse fits into the latter category).

For Suze, her feelings for Jesse gradually build up and although her trust is effectively broken. It can be said that to a large extent, Jesse had never gone against Suze or broken her trust although the same unfortunately couldn’t be said for Paul. Unlike Paul, Jesse is all for giving space and perhaps, I think that it worked more effectively for Suze. Regardless, I think Paul will always know Suze that bit more or have that slight edge in terms of their history.

I love how with Jesse – you didn’t create so much of that sizzling hot chemistry as it is with Paul – no doubt they are attracted to each other but there is more plus well in the first half of the story – Suze is caught up with the whole being in a psych institutions and then the betrayal. Their working together is thereby for Suze more of a pained thing then anything else and then she gives in to him, to a relationship with him and all – and while I was hooraying, I was also well sad…Suze will not be Mrs Slater unfortunately….

I had my mouth gaping open when I found out why Suze was in the hospital. I don’t know whether I imagined it or whether perhaps the previous version contained a different script in regards to this but I do distinctly remembered (or perhaps imagined) that she was sentenced by the judge to the psych institutions after having brought Michael to justice due to the fact that she had to identify herself as a mediator and well you can’t blame the judge for stating that would be a no go. You can thus imagine my shock when I found out that well Suze sort of chose this option – not quite knowing the consequence, albeit. What can you say, life sucks…

Well, I could go on and on about how great this fic is but I think I have taken enough of your time…I typed all of this up on a Word Doc. Coz I knew that I was definitely going to exceed the word count of one review or a couple. I actually wanted to review this fic after every chapter but I was so desperate to know what would happen next and couldn’t bring myself to stop reading.
I want to be Jesse's girl chapter 47 . 11/15/2011
Well, I think now I will begin my review. I know right. But what can I say, there was just so much to say in terms of my general thoughts about your writing, this story. I guess here I want to focus on the various relationships that Suze has and well, Suze herself. I was always a big fan of Susannah Simon, in the series, you see that the girl has a heart of gold but prides herself on being her tough girl attire and although no doubt the girl is strong both physically and emotionally, she is vulnerable in many ways and the main way to strike her is where the gold lays. First and foremost, this story is so utterly original. I have read many many novels/fics and well, a plot like this has never been inked on a page that I have read before.

As a tendency, many of the authors nowadays do the same old, same old – girl, perfect guy and the evil guy or sometimes, the guy who would be second choice for whatever reason. As such from the beginning or atleast towards the middle, it becomes fairly obvious who she is going to pick. One of the things I loved about your fic was that as such I think both Paul and Jesse turned out to be so right for Suze, at the same point in time neither were perfect but then imperfections are perfections among themselves.

Although I am more a Jesse fan than a Paul one (not by too much though) I did find myself kinda disappointed when Suze ended up with Jesse, not at the ending but for Paul I mean. They have too much history, they do love each other but then the question is – will that be enough because it wasn’t before. In a way I was thus glad when she choose Jesse while simultaneously feeling disappointed. I think this is a reflection of Suze’s emotions. Indeed you do the intricacies quite well. Not too many authors would have the same pull.

It’s also amazing that within your fic you constantly managed to come up with surprises – one after the other. For example, the Maria, excuse me, Marcia thing…it did pull the rug from under me when I initially read it ofcourse. I do love that somehow you made Marcia love Paul – generally, the bitch of the series – is well the bitch of the series – no in-betweens and yet here we did see that Marcia does have a soft spot, one that is not revealed to Suze but nonetheless it is there – otherwise, Suze is right why would Paul choose her otherwise.

Paul and Suze: I loved their relationship – the competition, the passion and you expressed the latter so well, within a common day setting – it wasn’t a complete oh this is bullshit and totally unrealistic and especially suited to someone like Paul. I also loved Candace – haha, the girl just made me laugh – reminds me of one of my crazy ass friends – although as far as I know she doesn’t quite like saucepans….hmmmm….

I guess with Paul and Suze as well, it was the development of their relationship that was so endearing. It’s wasn’t exactly a one day I woke up and realized that you were the one – there was the whole nahhh! Not going there on Suze’s behalf considering that Paul had tossed her on her ass during their teen years. And I love how Paul reveals that he was scared of his feelings for her and hence tossed her out. But even as a teen you know that Suze means more to him – I mean he bloody tells her his secrets – divine, dark and deliciously his and yet he shares it with her. See the great thing about their relationship is that both of them are vulnerable. I mean well part of being human is being vulnerable but they know each other so well and they know each other, including their weak spots.

And that what made their relationship exciting – to Paul, Suze was a constant challenge – she’s exciting, she knows him and well she’s hot. Their friendship had always been something more and if Suze did end up staying in Carmel, it would be stupid on Jesse’s part to ever thing that there could never possibility be a reunion between the two former lovers. Not that Suze would cheat on Jesse or anything but in many ways Suze and Paul are just absolutely perfect for each other and Paul would always be on the lookout for her I think. I found the hospital scene with him just heartbreaking…awww…I do love Paulie poo and then the cemetery and him being all understanding and all…as mentioned perfect.

But all things considering – i.e. that Paul got with Marcia and perhaps more importantly, that he left Suze to rot in that bloody mental institution without a visit…or wanting to rectify the situation…well…that’s a big no, no. I guess part of it was simply that he wanted to forget Suze and with Paul, I do tend to think that he does run away from his problems – drinking, doing weed, whatever. One of the scenes that really struck me with the two was when she calls him crazy purposely attempting to push him away and all things considered, he came back even when she continued to push. There is no doubt that Paul does indeed love her and especially for him…with his family history and everything… I love how their relationship is so real. The little reality titbits in between and the fact that like most relationships theirs too is fragile. It’s always something special when you can relate to a character and their relationships with other characters.
I want to be Jesse's girl chapter 46 . 11/15/2011
Hey hey, so I was introduced to ffn in 2007 and considering the phenomenal success that your fics have been – it wouldn’t be come as much of a surprise that your fics were recommended by some authors at that point in time and nevertheless to say, after I read your fics especially Through her eyes and agreed ‘Wow this girl knows how to deliver a story.’ Ofcourse I was sorely disappointed about the fact that I had to play guessing games considering that at that point there was no ending but well, regardless, even at that point in time, I found this story being rated as one of my top few. I sincerely want to thank you for not only completing it but revising it. Despite the fact that it has been months since I actually have been on ffn and well, read this fic, I can still recall the previous version quite vividly and it cannot be denied, girl you have gone through A HEAP OF TROUBLE in restructuring the whole script.

Ohhh…I guess you might realize by now that you’re in for a big one – as in a massive review from me coz I have just so many things to say and unfortunately, I tend to use perhaps too many words to describe and analyse things. The first thing that struck me after reading this was damn, I read this fic way too many times and I could read It again and again. The thing with this story is that it is so utterly fabulous and action packed that you can’t help but just read on and on and by the time you know it, it’s well 3pm and unfortunately, atleast in my case, you have to get up bright and early for the normative dull 9-5 boring Monday. Indeed, I read practically the whole fic from top to bottom yesterday and despite the fact that I was tired as hell, I had a stupid smile on my face as I recalled this amazing fic and the many moments – what can I say, my life is currently boring and all….but then this fic is amazing too.

Generally, I find myself unable to read stories more than once nowadays and yet having just completed this story on Sunday I find myself utterly compelled to read it again although God knows, I have little spare time nowadays. The thing that struck me while reading this story was how it was simple yet eloquent. Perhaps being an older girl of 21, I can appreciate the relationship between Paul and Suze a little more than those younger than myself but regardless, I think generally, most of the readers regardless of their age would be able to appreciate the slight grey nature of both Suze and Paul in this fic. As a tendency, most mediator fans tend to hate Paul because they are unable to understand his intentions as anything more than evil.

Whilst ofcourse this Paul is different than the Paul in the Mediator series, he does share the basis Slater gene and Suze is indeed the stubborn and committed to saving/helping people girl, one who refuses to bend down and ask for help or well ask for help at all – it’s all a matter of pride but then many of us are the same. But somehow both Paul and Suze are more mature than within the series and yet they cannot really be called responsible citizens. Part of being an adult is really to accept that we cannot always be mature otherwise we will all live a boring, dull life right? In that regard, it is definitely not an easy thing to do. Being able to reflect another author’s creation especially a character such as Paul and develop him into a character that could be embraced even by Paul haters (not that I fall into that category but still).

Your ability to shift between various time zones without disrupting the story severely – or in your case, not at all, because it flows marvellously. And that is talent. Many authors, even those among the bestselling list, choose not to go down that path. In fact, the whole 2007 v. present thing simply makes the reader anticipate more ahead of time, what happened in between…how, why…filling in the blanks and as a writer myself, I know that’s a fun thing to do but it is difficult especially considering that this story constantly moved between the two time zones.

I’ve actually been itching to write this review (which is not all that common) just because well there’s so much going on in this story and the plotting, characterising, delivery, everything is just about perfect and I’m glad that you’re thinking of pursuing this as your line of work (as in writing) because girl, you are good at this.

Still cannot believe that you first began writing this at 14. No doubt you would be incline towards psychology or perhaps analysing people not simply because of the content but I think very few people even those who are authors themselves realize how important the notion of psychology whether it be their idea of it or somebody else’s would influence the way they portrait a character. I do presume though that you would have done some psych subjects, if not a psych degree itself.
LeFay chapter 49 . 11/12/2011

First of all, I would like to thank you so much for writing this in the first place, rewriting it, and then re-posting it with an ending. Waking up to an inbox full of FanFiction update emails was a very welcome and pleasant surprise to an otherwise drab college senior year. I started reading the Mediator books when I was in middle school and I started on FanFiction during my freshman year of high school. I’ve only managed to finish one story and I’ll probably never make it to the end of my other ones, but I admire your dedication and your investment in your work.

I remember reading this when it first came out and being happy to see updates. Sitting down at the computer again after all these years and pouring over that plain FF screen brought back memories of long nights when I just read and read and read. And FF was awesome because it was free! Sure, I had to sort through all of the terrible stuff, hunting for stories that had a plot, character development, and recognizable grammar. But this story was always in the cream of the crop. Reading about Suze and Paul brought back memories of other great stories and authors and it’s been nice to relive a small piece of my childhood (not sure if I can refer to high school as childhood but w/e) after all this time. Thank you very much for putting an ending to this story.

I loved your plotline from the beginning. It was a very believable pathway for Suze, unfortunately for her. Plus, for a while the story seemed pro-Paul and I was thrilled to find another FF to plop on the shelf next to Flashlight. I can’t quite remember where the story stopped before your recent update but everything seemed familiar until we got to the chapters about Michael stalking Suze. My favorite scenes were, of course, the ones with Paul. Not because of the fluff but because I think you wrote him so well. His character does grow up in your story and Suze’s perception of his development was very interesting as well. It goes without saying that I don’t like how the story ended (I wanted her to end up with Paul) but I found myself wavering towards the end. In the previous version of your story, I can’t remember if Suze and Paul kissed when she first escaped the institution and ran to his house before getting caught again. When I read the kiss this time around, I was upset with Suze because I thought she would be going through so many other psychotic overhauls during her re-integration with the outside world that she wouldn’t be able to handle any kind of intimate relations. I also thought it was really insensitive of Paul to take advantage of her state. I also thought it was weird that the two of them would have spent four years without talking or without Paul visiting her. But it’s your story. Anyways, even though I was pro-Paul from the beginning (and even more so after your update with scenes of the happy engaged couple) I found myself realizing that she could never go back to Paul after everything that had happened. I wish he had played a smaller role in saving her life and in her eventual release from the institution, but I understand why you made those plot decisions. Letting go of Paul was something that Suze needed to do. If she was ever going to reclaim her life, she couldn’t do it with him. As you stated eloquently, they had both made choices that led to their eventual demise (although I think Paul could have come back from marrying Marcia, but again, your story).

The Jesse development didn’t turn out as I expected. Originally, before your rewrite, I had thought he would turn out to be another mediator or had some other kind of psychic ability to himself. I had trouble accepting their intimate doctor-patient relationship but a lot of unprofessional things went down at the institution so it fits with the general theme. I liked how you wrote him, too. He wasn’t the sappy ‘querida’ purring-border-line-Edward-Cullen of Meg’s description. He had a solid mind, identifiable characteristics and a realistic outlook. You were very crafty, making him out to be a member of the task force. Very creative of you and an interesting plot twist.

Your action scenes were brilliant! I’ve read a lot of FF and professionally published material in which the action scenes are extremely dry, difficult to follow, or unbelievable. I don’t know how you do it but I could follow Suze’s every action and reaction and clearly see her scenes with Michael playing out in my mind. You didn’t dwell on the theatrics and the dialogue in those scenes was perfectly balanced, no ranting monologues or mute villains. Great job.

I really liked how you wrote Cee Cee and Adam as well. For some reason, in FF, many authors tend to make Adam a little more quirky or weird than I felt Meg originally wrote him. But you don’t do it over-the-top. And Cee Cee’s character is completely believable and she plays a nice compliment to Suze. Suze’s mother was interesting as well. I can’t remember if she had a passion for food in the original books but if you took any artistic license there it was well played. You painted a very clear picture in short scenes and by the time her murder came around, I completely understood Suze’s reaction.

A few questions: Who is Julia? There were a few instances when reading that one of the characters randomly said, “Julia”. I think Jesse says this once when referring to Suze. Was this a weird typo or was there a Julia that I’ve completely blocked from memory? Also, if I remember correctly, in your original piece there was no Dominic (also was there supposed to be a connection here to Father Dom?). Before, Suze was only with Paul before her arrival at the institution. Did you have another storyline planned out for explaining who spilled Suze’s secret? Or did I forget Dominic from before? Either way, brilliant. He was just a random bystander that if Suze had been kinder to, she might have saved herself a lot of trouble.

So I’m sad that it’s over. When I saw that you had uploaded 49! chapters I was trying to pace myself to go through it slowly. Then I got sick of homework, got physically sick (I think one of my roommates has mono) and lay in bed for hours reading. It was a really nice reprieve from the real world – FF always did feel like this alternate, virtual reality where we were all shared our stories, reviews, and comments, holding onto to characters that Meg had long since put to rest and trying to continue the feelings we shared from the books and our own life experiences. Thank you for writing this story seven years ago. And thank you for taking the time to finish it, update it, and share it with the FF Mediator community. You are a very fine writer. I hope that wherever you go in life, you find time continue your flair with the written word (and maybe write a few Suze-Paul one shots, just fun)!


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