Reviews for Last Blade: A Novelization
bLacksHeEpsTaYsatSMD chapter 1 . 3/20/2009
WOW! i never thougth that i could find a 'Last Blade' fic.. hmm.. i really love this game!

.,YAY! im a late or something? wow! the last review you got here was way back 2007! hmm.. anyways i really love your fic .. it was superb!
Agatio chapter 3 . 12/22/2007
Nice! :D Very nice! I've been looking for a story like this one of Last Blade in ages.

There is some errors though, although I can't blame you for not knowing them all...

1. Kagami's birthday is indeed on the 22nd day of February.

and Kaede was picked up in different times. I think Yuki was adopted first, although I'm not sure myself.

3. Yuki's parents where foreigners whom died in an accident. Gaisei was the one naming her Yuki after the pile of snow he found her in.

4. Gaiseis weapon is not a no-dachi. His sword is infact the one Kaede carries around. It is not known whether he gave it to Kaede while still living, or that Kaede took it after his death (the latter seems more accurate in my mind, but you never know).

5. Moriya, Kaede and Yuki where all adopted by Gaisei in a much more younger age.

But, I must congratulate you for this story. It's very well written, and Moriya's past was really well done (especially that he merged the two different fighting styles together, seeing that his style has a different name from Kaede and Yukis).

Very well done!
Fog angel chapter 3 . 8/4/2007
Oh yeah!

Far out! Great job!

& who's there? WoW my Moriya Minakata X3

truethfully an awsome story & U have a cool writing style!

Thank U very much 4 Moriya's story!

I am looking forward to read more ftom U!

P.S : does any 1 of U knows where can I read the ladt blade manga online or download it for free? I am tired looking for them for a month! _

If any one have it pleade me ...

Thanl U again man!
Xue chapter 3 . 6/4/2007
Very nice. The descriptions are good.

Keep up the good work.

Ps. Kagami's birthday is 22nd Febuary, I believe.
Shinra Rose chapter 3 . 4/17/2007
I'm so happy to find this, even belatedly! The Last Blade was one of my favorite games back in the 90s. SNK ended up with all of my quarters, I think. Reading this was wonderful and I especially liked reading your author notes on chapter 3. Mushashi's life and story is inspiring, too. You may have even inspired me to find and finish some of my own Yuki x Moriya fics.
Sapphira Antares chapter 3 . 4/16/2006
Wow! Thanks a lot! I so wanted to write a fanfic on this game, but It's been a long time since I played it, and didn't know anywhere else to look on some background material. I love it!
Niwani chapter 3 . 1/27/2006
YF-21 chapter 3 . 11/17/2005
Wow, its a Last Blade fic! I thought this section was dead. Probably because nobody knows the damn game. Its practically the most overlooked SNKs series. I dont why, though. Samurai Showdown is not that good (SSV sucked ass), and KOF keeps getting shittier every year, specially after Playmore took over.

Ah yes! The fic. Its amazing the japanese stuff you know, but it can get somewhat confusing for the casual reader - you wouldnt begin to imagine the confused expression in my face whenever I ran into stuff like 'Kassatsu Itto Ryu' or 'Ono-ha Itto Ryu' and I have no idea what a 'no-dachi' is, but I can tell you it adds a lot to the background. Perhaps you could consider making a little glossary in the authors notes.

I think you make the characters sometimes give a lot of information in their dialogues, making them sound like descriptions. This works well in chapter two, when Gaisei describes his moves, but I dont think Kagami wouldnt need to tell Shigen about the arrival of the black ships - Shigen is a hermit, but I believed that everyone in Japan already knew about the americans. I might be wrong, though. I thought Kagamis reasons for turning to the 'dark side' were kinda weak, but theyre still like ten better than in the games when all they tell you is that hes nuts.

The fight scenes are pretty good. I think its a little chessy having the characters calling out their special moves, but yeah, that happens in the game, so its consistent.

So I take Kaede and Yuki are next right? Keep writing!
sameen chapter 3 . 11/16/2005

i just read your story and must say that it is last blade is my most favourite game and i really like the way you have portraid the last blade,in my opinion,is the most classical and artistic fighting game but it has not recieved the appreciation for being one.i have longed to read a fanfiction that can do the game's equisite feel a justice and can describe the interesting characters it has.i am quite fond of history and i really loved the way the legend of four gods has been presented in the game.i have read all three of your chapters and i am pretty stunned by your creative style of writing and i really hope that you continue on with the bits about the information on martial arts was very interesting and informative plus the fighting scenes were done nicely in all, its a good job done even do write more and i promise to read and review your every chapter.