Reviews for Comes Out of Darkness Morn
Guest chapter 14 . 5/15
Well, there goes my theory/hope that StarBorn was Sirius. Oh well. Maybe Narcissa? Or Regulus if you resurrect him. I’m intrigued but not entirely sold on Harry ending up on the side with all the canon “bad guys” minus Umbridge and Voldemort, but I guess I’m still waiting it out to see where this goes
Guest chapter 2 . 5/15
Oh shit Peter! And actually, this makes me think about something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while but I couldn’t really articulate— does Sirius also have a Phoenix web? Does Remus? I don’t *think* Lily and James do? Because that would mean almost everyone in the house is under Dumbledore’s control, which seems excessive, but I could also see it..
Toodamnmanyfandoms chapter 29 . 5/9
This is my second time reading this story. I love the story, and the differences in the canon characters, and Snape and Draco’s insistence on not letting Harry wallow. And I was thinking about how determined Harry always is to prove he’s the one in the wrong and then I remembered his sheer bloody minded stubbornness. Anyway I’m writing this to say that this version of Harry is the closest to canon I’ve ever seen. Please take it as a testament to your writing ability when I say I want to punch Harry in the face half the time. ‘Compelling their emotions with his magic’ honestly Harry you fucking noodle. Anyway. Great story.
troubleinanutshell chapter 51 . 5/7
Brilliant ending; I’m glad it was happy, honestly...
troubleinanutshell chapter 11 . 5/7
This chapter. Oh, this chapter. I love the developments so much! Snape is one of my favourite characters in fanfiction when written right, and you’ve written him perfectly. You’re so so talented.
SHINeeFiend64 chapter 51 . 3/20
I only started being able to do chores again after gettng a webreader app, because I just cannot get enough of these books. I'm incredibly appreciative of the time, dedication, and effort that went into these. Amazing writing, I'm starting the next one as soon as this comment is published
UnlikelyPresence chapter 48 . 3/17
I'm guessing that Snape is talking about Rodolphus Lestrange at the end, and not Sirius?
UnlikelyPresence chapter 35 . 3/17
Connor peed his pants. Some Gryffindor.
UnlikelyPresence chapter 32 . 3/17
UnlikelyPresence chapter 31 . 3/17
"Severus was looking at Remus, and the expression he wore was undeniably disappointed" - THIS LINE OMG AAHHAHAHAHA I was disappointed too.
UnlikelyPresence chapter 30 . 3/17
Have I said this before? I LOVE Snape
UnlikelyPresence chapter 29 . 3/17
Great chapter! But the ending is a poop. Dumbledore needs to Sod Off.
UnlikelyPresence chapter 27 . 3/17
YESSSS! Although Lily should win an Academy Award for Best Actress, I'm glad she got what she deserved.
UnlikelyPresence chapter 26 . 3/17
UnlikelyPresence chapter 22 . 3/17
I'm guessing that this Snape was never in love with Lily Evans?
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