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everling chapter 22 . 12/10/2006
It's been a ride.

Now I'm wondering about poor and lonely Karan Sjet Junior. T_T
everling chapter 19 . 12/10/2006
Well, you have certainly boggled my mind and blew it away.

Cloaking a whole galaxy! An act at least on technological par with the Dyson sphere, most probably even higher! And for WHAT?

/picks up scattered remains of mind/

Awesome job! And I thought I had my mind blew away from your Wrath of the Gods! _
everling chapter 13 . 12/10/2006
Damn! Woho!
everling chapter 8 . 12/10/2006
“Dispense with the formalities,” Ecron replied as he shook Faruun’s hand warmly...

It should be Eefrit, not Ecron.

I loved the doctor. Though I would think that they'd have more of a survival instinct. A live doctor would save more people than dead ones. )
ShotgunWilly chapter 22 . 12/7/2006
Finally, an update, i'd almost given up hope! very good stuff. *adds to favs* keep it up and update soon.
Shadowedvoid chapter 22 . 11/23/2006
I've just finished reading your latest chapter of interstellar odyssey. I must say that I've enjoyed reading both of your homeworld fanfics seeing as there have been few that were able to "draw" me in to read more of them.

I will be adding both of your stories to my favorite list since I feel that anyone who enjoys sci-fi should read both of your HW2 fics.

p.s. hope that you update soon.
jtdoepke chapter 22 . 11/8/2006
One of the best series on I have ever read. Right up there with Bombsquad's Far Flung Hope. Keep it up.
ShotgunWilly chapter 5 . 6/7/2006
excellant series, plz update soon, i've been waiting for a long time and i'm getting impatient :D
Queen Sydon chapter 5 . 5/29/2006
Woah, this story was awesome. The Eidolon sure is an interesting ship to beat the Taidan fleet so easily. On another note, it continues to annoy me that fans of the Homeworld saga are few in this day and age. The series never got the attention it so deserved.

Do you play HW2 online by the way? I still do so maybe we can challenge each other or something, heh heh :P

Keep this story up plz, I can't wait for the war against the Mythra to begin. Kaboom!
bko chapter 1 . 1/24/2006
dude...i love this series. please finish!
atmawpn chapter 1 . 1/22/2006
I agree with you on the fact that the Nalthorans were some sort of a hive species as proposed by Relic's release of the HW2 documents. However, I had in mind other things for the Nalthoran race, and having them reproduce by only one Queen would not go very far in furthering that plot I wish to pursue. (The Nalthorans are still around in Odyssey)

So I decided to take it literally, and assume that the Nalthorans were working by a royalty system, except that they were led by a Queen rather than a King.

Apologies for the lack of updates here. The Odyssey does continue back on the Relicnews Forums at forums.

I only update the Fanfiction fic when I feel like it. After all, while Fanfiction is an excellent site, it has this NASTY habit of removing all the formatting and crucial punctuations I use in the story. The fact that I have to reformat every time I update doesn't help matters either. Nevertheless, this place will get updated the moment I can find time.

That will be some time in the future though. Right now I intend to put Odyssey on hold to take part in a HW2 script rewriting thread that has just been created in the Relicnews forums.

Anyway, I do thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It is reviews like these that help encourage us writers to write! :)
anonymous space panda chapter 1 . 1/20/2006
I just ended reading your first history. Wow. Im glad you decided to keep the same 'campaing' instead of going for something very different.

Im a fan of 4x games (explore, extermine, expand and exwhatever), and HW is by far my favorite game. I love the storyline and reading fanfics is really enjoyable. Just one little comment on youy Wrath of the Gods :) :

Ive read, somewhere (in a pdf file i think) that the Nalthorans are a race where their "queen" is actually the only male. I though you knew that, so i didnt noticed you were treating Queen Dosis by 'she' or 'her' and stuff. But he/she died! Darn my favourite race is now gone? Or are everyone (taiidan, vagyr, hiigaran, nalthoran, etc etc, "humans"?). Ive always imagined the vagyr as half orcs vikings (until i saw makkan(sp) on HW2), taidanni as elves, etc :)

Keep the good work. Or else!
Vag chapter 1 . 11/23/2005
Hey man, i love you stories, i myself am not a homeworld fanfic author and i write halo fan fics. keep up the chapter churning thx!
Guest chapter 4 . 11/17/2005
I thank you for your comments Calimbor. Most horrifying indeed was the comparison with Dragon Ball Z (Which I can understand with the Neo-Beast that never seem to die, AND the Mythra...)

But I intended for Wrath of the Gods to come as a real shocker for the Hiigarans, that the Ancients' technologies would far outstrip that of the present. This would explain the overwhelming odds present in much of Wrath.

With Odyssey, the odds will not be as overwhelming as the Galaxy has had a short but nevertheless valuable five years to adapt to the Ancients' threats. This means that I will be exploring the Homeworld Universe using significantly more strategy and diplomacy rather than a technological superiority slugfest.

Once again, I thank you for taking time off to read this.
Calimbor chapter 1 . 11/17/2005
Awesome story!

I read your original story and have been eagerly awaiting a sequel.

The only real misgiving I have about the story is some of the technological aspect (some seem to fly in the face of each other) and your constant need to seek out stronger and stronger enemies, no offence your writing style is very nice and the way you portrayed Karen s'jet was bold, but original. But I feel like I'm watching Dragon ball Z sometimes (yuck).
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