Reviews for Vampirus Non Domesticus
bananacupcakes chapter 3 . 6/23/2010
Is this the end?

Please continue :]
Sedesapientia chapter 3 . 11/11/2009
I really enjoyed reading this,I love angst and houmor and you have given me both,thanks for sharing.
Tara S chapter 3 . 9/23/2008
you do realize that this isn't 3 chapters, but one chapter 3 times, right? i don't think it's as "complete" as you claim, either.
Metropolis-Rising chapter 2 . 1/29/2007
Interesting part of the series...The play between all of the characters is a tightening spiral and I'm glad that Wes is holding the cards. Fantastic description of the blood...evocitive and almost sensual, very much in line with how the vampires lose themselves attepmting to describe how blood tastes. A small note though, you've got some strange doubling up in the formatting in this chapter, lots of doubling up text.
Rusco chapter 3 . 1/15/2006
Okay, I cannot believe how few reviews this has gotten, because it's completely brilliant. I'm going to be pimping this series to everybody and their kid sister from here on out.

First off, I love how both het and slash relationships are acknowledged, because in too many fics people write one to the exclusion of the other, just choosing to ignore or invalidate hints or canon. And that's annoying. Second, the complexity the characters show is fantastic, and I don't know how you're able to write it. Last but not least- thank you, thank yohoralert1
SakuraSyaoran4eva chapter 1 . 11/12/2005
OMG! I had seriously given up hope of this series ever being updated but lo and behold, here it is! YAY! This is truly one of my favoritest stories. I totally love how you incorporate flashbacks without giving them that "bored-now" kind of feel. And I also like how the story always moves along at this sort of steady pace.

I loved the line in chapter one: "Wesley watched as Spike tapped his long fingers on the spine of Munschausen’s Complete Ghost Roads, noting how his usually immaculate red-tipped black nail polish was chipped, as if the vampire had been biting his fingernails."

- Spike's always so obsessed w/ being totally groomed and all (not as much as Angel but still) yet nearly every writer I've read always lists Spike as having chipped nailpolish b/c of this one ep where he sat there taling about them (can't rem which one).

And as always, I love how you always go into every little detail and describe every little thing. Seriously, whenever I'm writing I always check back to your work to get a feel of how to situate things so it all runs smoothly.

I can't wait to find out who the ninja person is! Maybe Gunn...but probably not! hurry up and spurt out the next part soon, the suspense is killing me.

-poor spike, not being able to feed and all...i don't know if I asked u this b4, is this a wes/Spike thing or an Angel/Spike thing? I think it would be soo cool if u made it a Wes/Spike pairing. I've yet to read one of that pairing (I'm sure there are some out there but..) and I'm sure you could run wonders with it. Or maybe this is a no pairing story? Either way, unless you tell me to take it down, I'm going to put it up in my Spangel C2 cuz it does have tons of great Angel/Spike moments.

Update Soon,