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Black-Rose-6321 chapter 33 . 12/2/2011
Nice story! You are my all time favorite yaoi yugioh writer ever! I have to thank you because you were that made me change my thoughts about yaoi. So thanks for that. Through most of this i keep telling myself poor Bakura. Hes so miss judged. Hes always been my favorite chatrecter. Again nice job! Ja Ne

Black Rose

: p
YamiXXx846 chapter 33 . 10/11/2011
I loved this story it was so sad though. Poor Ryou :( Keep up the good work. I also felt bad for everyone else...except for Malik because he's a psycho.
SilverRyou13 chapter 33 . 6/27/2011
This story was just...words cannot describe. It was absolutely amazing and I loved every bit of it. I stayed up all night reading only stopping at 6 am then coming right back down to read it after 2 hours of sleep. Absolutely fantastic.

Honestly my favorite relationship in this was Kaiba and Ryou. I really liked their interaction, however little it was. I could really see them becoming friends if Kaiba gave him a chance. And man do you know how to tug on heartstrings! I was crying for Kaiba when he was yelling at the doctors to keep attempting to resuscitate Ryou. Poor Ryou :'( Such a kind boy yet so unappreciated. (He's my fave character obviously lol)

But I do have to say my favorite scene was Kaiba vs Yami when Kaiba revealed everything. The emotion was just in your face. You've just got an amazing talent for writing and I am going to subscribe to you and favorite you and go read your other stories!

Milleannis Clepta chapter 1 . 3/7/2011
Oh, and I don't love Malik anymore.
Guest chapter 33 . 3/7/2011
O...M...F...G... I just read a story in which Bakura was defeated, blinded, made an uke, forced to be cute, and practically ruined for his entire life and liked it. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? *curls up in ball and whispers to herself* Bakura is not an uke, Yami can only be seme to Yugi and Ryou, Bakura is not an uke, Marik cannot be seme to Bakura, Bakura is not an uke, Yami Marik is too insane to control Bakura, BAKURA IS NOT A MOTHERFUCKING UKE! *spasms*

I loved your storty! w
Milleannis Clepta chapter 32 . 3/6/2011
Lol, what a magnificent way to go! Shot in the face in the middle of the classic rant, thus bringing the exaulted hero vs. villain battle to an abrupt end! One would believe it is the struggling hero that ends up overcoming the odds and the disadvantages to save the day- but no. It's a bunch of random guys with guns. The secret heroes of our world: the unnamed minor characters that carry guns.
Milleannis Clepta chapter 26 . 3/5/2011
Alright, now I'm imagining the horrors that would occur if your Bakura met my Bakura Slater! I mean, Slater can sure as hell play a part, but he never gets too involved ('cept for the one time he does...and it's with Yami...Darkshipping FTW! w) and the one time he got depressed, it was for a shitload of reasons... (When I put that story up, I hope you'll read it! It's called Confidence! For reasons made obvious in the story!)

Hell, I hate to see what would happen if your Kura met my RYOU Slater! (Yes, they're brothers) Ryou is downright fierce in that fic!

(You know how I mentioned collecting personalities in some review? Those personalities are Break-your-mind Bakura and Oh-you-think-I-won't? Ryou. OYTIW Ryou is evil... BYM Bakura is afraid of him... *shudders*)

Oh, great story, by the way! XD
Milleannis Clepta chapter 11 . 3/5/2011
I love Malik and Kura so much! Marik is awesome too w
Milleannis Clepta chapter 10 . 3/5/2011
But I loves Malik muchley!
Milleannis Clepta chapter 6 . 3/5/2011
Oh my fucking Ra I love Kura's reaction! XD
looptheloopy chapter 33 . 2/13/2011

Okay, instead of clogging up your review page, I'm going to squish it all onto one HUGE review. *laughs*

C1: Oh I love the beginning! I feel bad for Ryou though... Whatever happened to him. Is it strange that I laughed when Bakura did? *admits self to crazy hospital* Oh I really like this, and I just saw it's a looooong story. HURRAY! *cheers* Okay, great personification so far, I'll put more in a few chapters ;)

C2: LMFAO! Yami is acting like a lovesick fool... I love it! Poor Bakura, stuck with them for a whole weekend. *cackles madly to myself* Oh this is going to be great! I wonder how Bakura is going to keep up with school work? Maybe he'll threaten all the teachers... To the next chapter! *bangs Internet router so my phone loads it*

C4: Aww! What a nice chapter :) See! Bakura can be adorable too!*cuddles Bakura Plushie*

C5: My mind jumped to the conclusion that those guys constantly did that to Ryou... *cries* The only thing I must say is that Ryou does remind me of a kitten XD I like the fact you made Bakura get hit though, it's far more realistic than people making him untouchable. You are now one of my fav authors! *claps like a retarded seal*

C6: Oh my... LMFAO at Bakura's reaction! *is still laughing hysterically*

C7: ...*nosebleed* Bakura... Leather... *passes out*

C9: LMAO! Oh their lil 'date' was amazing ;) With the tree... LOL! I actually said "aww" out loud when Bakura leant against Yami. Suffice to say, I got some weird looks from my friends :3

C10: Poor Yami D: WOO HOO! The Mariks are in this now! Oh this is going to be awesome! YAY! *squeals*

C11: O.o... Malik has the hots for Bakura... AWESOME! *chuckles* So... If Bakura performs the spell, will he go to his Egyptian form whilst Ryou's body just... Dies? O_o

C12: I want Malik to win... O.o *holds a poster* GO MALIK! He's so deviously sexy, cunning and friggin' evil, it's almost too much! I love him! *glomps the physcopath*

C13: Woah! Is that 'guilt' Bakura is feeling! And Malik is great!

Malik: I like you, you want me to win. Well I shall my dear, just you wait! *sexy evil laugh*


Oh! And I just sent this story to my friend but she "doesn't do reviewing" *bangs head against desk repeatedly* But she told me to tell you she really likes this, considering she's only read about five books in her life. (You have NO idea how hard it was for me to get her to read this! D:) She's also back into the YGO fandom now... AND SHE NOW LIKES YAOI! *cheers*

C14: And 'Kura finally snaps... *huggles him* Imagine if Malik had of caught him in the state? O.o And why do I get the feeling this is not the last of our surprises? Hmm... Guess I'll wait and see!

C15: *squee* Malik's bit is amazing! Oh and I bet they sent Kaiba the puzzle! But seriously... Malik is just... *tackles the unsuspecting crazy evil guy*

Oh poor 'Kura at the end! He's just so... Angstalucious! (new word... WOO!) I want him to be happy! D: He's gone through so much shit... It's unreal!

C16: Oh no! *viciously squeezes Bakura while sobbing* You poor baby! D: Oh and I love Marik's possessiveness over 'Kura! It's deliciously twisted! Why do I love them all? O.o I'm a die-hard Bakura fan, but I also loooooove Malik!

C17: "Why must Ra torment me? Down, sun god! Down!" LMFAO! Oh and lol at the hot chocolate bits :3 As always, the Malik bit is just... *faints*

C18: ...o.o

How can Kaiba... The note... Unfair to Bakura... *falls to floor crying about jam* Oh the drama! I wuvs chu for making this astounding story! *tackle-glomp*

C20: Uh... Holy shit. I have nothing to say... I think I'm in shock XD

C21: Malik has Bakura! *evil laugh* Oh how bloody brilliant! Kaiba is going to unintentionally save Bakura, right? *nods* SQUEEE

C22: WOAH! The drama is intense! And... Is Bakura about to get..? LOL at the towel though :3 Why do I get the feeling this story won't have a happy ending? *gives you a cookie*

C23: The poem carved into Bakura's chest is amazingly creepy! *cheers* I love creepy things so much! O.o

C24: *bakes LOADS of cookies for the whole YGO cast* This chapter is so adorable! And sad... I feel /bad/ for Kaiba! :O

C25: Oh god. Evil cliffie! I want them all to be happy!

C27: I love this whole chapter!

C28: Oh no! I like Malik but can't he just leave them the hell alone! At least Yami had an epiphany :) *frantically presses 'next'*

C28: "I'm not saying all people who like poetry are pychos…though it's quite possible..." ROFL! I write/adore poetry... So maybe it is true O.o

C29: The scene where Malik has the Millennium Eye is amazing. I pictured it so well, like it was from a movie trailer or something! You know what I mean right! *cough* You know how it cuts from scene to scene? With fading black in between each clip! Imagine that bit when Malik looks up with the eye on before it cuts to different scene! I WILL HAVE TO DRAW THIS NOW!

C30:... He's blind... OMFG! *cries whilst snuggling against 'Kura- much to his dismay*

C31: Gore, crazy people, guns, magic, yaoi, legends and humour... I ADORE THIS! *fangirls* Oh Malik's end was so ironic! To quote Kaiba... "Guns won't to anything against these people" YOU FAIL KAIBA!

End: *cries dramatically* Oh god, I'm sobbing at a HAPPY ending. I never do that! Oh I luffs you! *huggle* This story is just so amazing. I loved it all! Shame about Bakura being blind D: Oh well, life goes on. Bravo! *gives you thousands of cookies*

Malik: What happened to wanting me to win!

That was before you blinded Bakura! Stupid, hot, evil Egyptian maniac!

(I hope this whole review posted) *is on iPhone*
Garfakcy-chan chapter 33 . 1/31/2011
i love you...THAT WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST DARKSHIPPING FIC I HAVE EVER READ! you portrayed the characters flawlessly! i am so happy that i didn't find this until you were done writing it because then i'd have been like "UPDATE, BEYATCH!" the whole time_0 i really like the twist with Bakura going blind in the end. nice touch. some writers sometimes have like a big epic fight with lots of blood and wounds and then the characters are completely fine afterwards, like nothing happened. i hate that. i like that you kept the blindness. btw, Garfakcy-chan is my account name, so PM me! i'd like your opinion on a story idea!
gary chapter 1 . 8/22/2010
This is the funniest thing ever-not the story, it's pretty good, but that's not what I'm talking about.

I haven't gone through the Yu-Gi-Oh section in years. Those manga were collecting dust on my shelves. An Abridged Series binge got me to decide I'd go check out all the old Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics I remembered as having enjoyed. I remembered that you did Beneath the Surface and Son of Apophis (plus the sequel) but I forgot you wrote all those others I enjoyed so much. Two thirds of the stories I was looking for were yours.

Hm, I didn't feel quite so sad reading about Ryou's fate this time around. Maybe because I already knew how everything plays out.
Falcon Dragina chapter 33 . 4/11/2010
You are... odd... somehow...

and do you always need to almost make me cry at the end of your stories? ;( geez...

but you rlly write awesome! loved it

and you have another german Fan (mentioned sth like that some chappies before...)

now to your other stories *hugs*
pride1289 chapter 33 . 4/2/2010
Don't know why I never read this fanfic of yours, but I LURVE the ending! 8D

Yay for Bakura's blindness 3

Now to go back and read a few chapters before this one! hurr
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