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NekomataFangirl chapter 23 . 11/30/2014
Why are those fics full of rapists -_-

Bakura thinks Yami was the cause of all this? no, HE, Bakura was the cause. If he wasnt an abusive person who minimised Ryou's existence to fear, pain and loneliness, then perhaps he wouldnt have a friggin pharaoh trying to curse him out into non-existence.

And Marik is NOT caring. He pursues what he WANTS. He woud protect Bakura only so that the yami would not leave him. Im angry.

haha yes Marik, not only you arent there for Bakura, you arealso the sole reason Malik is upon him. how does that feel?

Mokuba saves the day AND has balls
NekomataFangirl chapter 22 . 11/30/2014
-_- in bed with Marik, eh? I thought better of you Bakura -_-

'I cant blame Bakura for that [killing Ryou]' yes, not like Ryou begged, pleaded and tried to explain while Bakura refused to even hear a snippet of it. Marik, you slimy sleazy worm. I like Malik, but you're just a lowly stalker.

Ha, and there you have Malik's plan serve you right

Fuck, how did Malik get hold of Ryou's corpse? Anway it should not matter to Bakura. The living are more important. i will be angry if he chooses the corpse over the slug.

Why does Kaiba care more about Ryou than his own little brother?
NekomataFangirl chapter 21 . 11/30/2014
ok so Gerald needs to stop being a wuss

If Bakura was the same person he was at the beginning of this story, I'd be content with the pang he feels now. However he has changed and I no longer yearn to see him punished.

I am trembling internaly at the 'thing' that is upstairs at Ryou's house. 'Thing' sounds so much scarier than 'someone'. 'Someone' is identifiable when 'thing' takes the energy from the depth of imagination where one's fears lie. And hell I am scared. Since a kid I'd become petrified whenever someone said 'there is someTHING over there'. And hell it must be scary if even Jou felt it.

Back to Bakura- of course Kaiba knew the yami would try to wonder off. I guess bakura will nearly freeze to death and Kaiba will rescue him, prompting the yami to hate himself even more

'Finding out the truth about Ryou (...)' what truth? It was obvious he would not come up with an advanced shadow spell by himself, and it was obvious he cared about his yami. Sorry, am I missing something?

In Apophis we had Kaiba being the criminal pervert, now here we have Marik being the rapey one, lovely
NekomataFangirl chapter 20 . 11/30/2014
I do wonder what Kaiba is at

Hmmm why would Kaiba ever promise anything to Ryou

? 'I won't fail you again' Kaiba says to Ryou's soulless body. Were they two in love? I assume he performed the spell on Bakura, giving him his body, leaving Ryou's form hollow?

This chapter is really full of all kind of interesting things
NekomataFangirl chapter 19 . 11/30/2014
Anzu really is the only female character in this fic, isn't she? Not that I mind the guys :)

Oh noo, the package with the envelope is from the Mariks not from 'Ryou' I'm afraid!

Ok Bakura, silly you, you could have kept on lying. Yami giving Ryou the spell isn't as bad as you using the spell to kill your hikari. At least try lying about the time you killed Ryou, say it was last week or something
NekomataFangirl chapter 18 . 11/30/2014
Btw I don't feel sorry for Marik- he loves what Malik does to him; he enjoys the submissive position.

WTF, did Bakura just attempt to put presents down the chimney and fell down the building with everyone brushing the sound of his landing body as 'imagination'? Good there is a lot of snow down there. Funny how as soon as he stepped out he plopped down

Kaiba's as aloof towards his little brother as always :)

And now we're back to our little grinches- Marik and Malik. Do something evil you two before you turn into comic relief villains!

Ah so Bakura did not fall, he jumped out. Good to know, I thought his unconsious body was still laying there, waiting for hypothermia to settle

I am ready, bring on the depression
NekomataFangirl chapter 17 . 11/30/2014
I see, if the ring gets taken Bakura will lose control over the body

Isn't Marik going to became jealous over his yami's attention being directed at someone else? As much as licking blood is okay when you're a psycho, lickig up nose blood is just in a bad taste.

Yami you motherfucker, havent you ade a promise to your loved one?! Does your own word mean nothing to you?! You...YOU RUINATOR!

Ooo, we've just had the king thief beg the pharaoh for his life while csrunched up in the corner. WOW
NekomataFangirl chapter 16 . 11/30/2014
It's weird- Bakura is no longer pretending to be nice as Ryou was, he genuinely became such.

I am so curious about Malik's plans. HOW exactly would he prove to everyone 'Ryou' is really Bakura? I am sure Yami would forgive this deception if not the fact the real white-haired hikari is dead
NekomataFangirl chapter 15 . 11/30/2014
A demonic tomb robber admits Yugi is devious. That says something

Gosh, I read of Mr Mutou offering everyone cocoa, so I rushed downstairs to make some, as I became overpowered by my cravings. That was some 3 hours ago and I have no idea what I did in that time besides of making the cocoa. I wonder who will step in to ruin the idyllic scene. MalikMarik for sure. Why they care (with the exception of Malik's urges), I don't know. One would think they'd let the thief be if he chose to continue this way.

How did 'Ryou' manage to either upkeep his flawless grades, or explain the sudden decline in his marks at school? Looks like explaining Yami to everyone would be a bit of a hassle with all paperwork and all, but I won't get into that.

Happy Bakura on sugar rush must be hilarious

Ah so Malik is back. Stuff is about to get interesting
NekomataFangirl chapter 14 . 11/30/2014
Now I wonder what will go wrong next :)
NekomataFangirl chapter 13 . 11/30/2014
I am guessing Yami is giving Kaiba the rod? What else would fit the description. And surely so it would be safer at Kaiba's than at the shop.

Yami has his priorities sorted: the most important happening following him gtting his own body is that he got his leather

Why is Bakura haunted by Ryou being dead? Is it something beyond having lost a half of his soul? Conscience..?
NekomataFangirl chapter 12 . 11/30/2014
Aha, so after reading the front notes, I see my mistake pointed out- Bakura would still get his own body, this being able to avoid everyne knowing of Ryou's demise, if he wishes it to be so.

Bakura survived off rats? Perpahs strychnin made him so fucked in the head

I swear someone will find the untouched spell pouch at Ryou's house and the truth will come out

Marik, share that bottle with me

So I take Malik knows something no-one else does. And I think it goes beyond knowing of Ryou not being around anymore

Marik and Malik are delightful, bringing in what was missing in this story
NekomataFangirl chapter 11 . 11/30/2014
I yearn for someone to one day enter the room I'm in with a tray full of snacks.

Yugi seems a lot like Bakura when it comes to his reaction to the situation. To quote 'Ryou': 'And that gives you the right to slap me, cuss at me, and lock Yami in his soul room?'

Solution to the problem? I think Marik means he has figured out a way to give yamis a body- supported by the front chapter notes where Malik is clearly suggested to have his own body. Now Bakura's plans are going to go all over the place

Malik and Marik are so nice, finally someone with a proper spine who is not 1) humping Yami in order to get revenge 2) a demonic shrimp confused about his other half of the soul. The psychos are amusingly evil. I am a fan. The right amount of evil-doing and perversion is always a plus

Now what will Bakura do, as the spell will surely result in everyone finding out Ryou is deaded
NekomataFangirl chapter 10 . 11/30/2014
The betrayal really will hurt Yami like nothing else. Even if Bakura ends up falling for the pharaoh, he cannot pretend to be Ryou forever

YUGI NO! Yugi HIT Ryou! He's hit the most innocent boy ever! Bad shrimp!

Why does it matter anyway if Yami makes out with people. Yugi seems to be making a big deal out of that much more than out of the fact Yami used his body to do that. What's wrong with you Yugi? Will you be the one to see through Bakura's deception?

YUGI! How dare you call Ryou a whore! Wtf is wrong with you!

Yugi is being so unreasonable. Yami is not just a random man, he is the other half of his soul. I would not have a problem with lending m body to the other half of my soul- she'd have my permission to do whatever she pleases as long as I don't get a criminal record or an STD.
NekomataFangirl chapter 9 . 11/29/2014
The front notes are intense :/

Yami, pull yourself together and go back to collect the shopping bag with your leather in it before someone snatches it!

End notes: religious persecution? You've mentioned before you decided to leave your family's religion, is that about your close ones disagreeing with your choice?
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