Reviews for White Roses
forevercrane chapter 11 . 1/1/2006
As much as I love Tommy, that last comment he made was really harsh, but I understand his anger getting the best of him...UPDATE SOON!
Cranelove chapter 10 . 12/27/2005
OMG; Hurry with the next chapter Please, that was good.

HLowrie0916 chapter 9 . 12/24/2005
This story is so awesome! I love it, please continue!
hansongirl14 chapter 9 . 12/23/2005
Can't wait for the next chapter!
Cranelove chapter 9 . 12/22/2005
Oh! Oh! I can't wait for more, Great chapter, hurry with the next one.

Great job

redandblack 4eva chapter 9 . 12/20/2005
DOn't let anything happen to Kim, PLEASE! Let Tommy rescue her in time!
PinkRanger4Evr chapter 9 . 12/19/2005
What's going to happen next. Update SOON. OMiGod what's going to happen next i can't sleep i have to read what happens next. Update NOW... Soon... FAST. I'm so hyper. Update SOON! Bye!

Giggles18 chapter 9 . 12/19/2005
Such a good chapter! Update again soon!
Taeniaea chapter 9 . 12/19/2005
I Love The Chapter:9 Plz Plz Update It Soon!
hansongirl14 chapter 8 . 12/17/2005
Can't wait for the next chapter!
PinkRanger4Evr chapter 8 . 12/16/2005
This chapter is so good please update. I really hope Kimberly tells Tommy. Me I would have just kicked his ass and told him to stay out of my life. Please Update Soon!
Cranelove chapter 8 . 12/16/2005
Hey, hot guys have to live far from crazy girls...I meant smarts guys needs space to develop their ideas, lol.

I hate Michael, I told you that I know but you know I really hate him, man and I like the name. You forget about Tommy kicking his butt I want Kim kicking that bastard now.

And I love the petname "Sunshine" such a shame

Keep it up

Cranelove chapter 7 . 12/16/2005
You are taken advantage of the situation, You know we love the story. So hurry and write more soon.

I can't deal with the cried of the falcon

Great job

Giggles18 chapter 7 . 12/15/2005
Great story! Cant wait to read what happens next. Update again soon!
PinkRanger4Evr chapter 7 . 12/15/2005
If i were kim i would have told Tommy like that he can kick his ass even tough i couldn't done it myself. This is so good Update Soon!
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