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scotflower chapter 10 . 6/4
sooooooo... are we ever going to the story of the events against the enemy they fought?
Guest chapter 10 . 4/16
Love this whole story a lot
Ghostlanxx chapter 10 . 8/13/2017
Aah! This story had such a nice general plotline, and they way it arched through it and ended was all kinds of beautiful :) very subtle, hidden between the lines character development for all major players, but they were clearly there at the ending. And I loved all the conversations, and how you showed how one of Yuugi's battles look like to someone looking in from the outside.
Thank you for this great story!
emily chapter 10 . 1/29/2017
hi! just rereading this story again after sooooo many years lol, but i've always loved your yugioh fics, they're my yugioh canon

btw, i remember there used to be a oneshot in this 'verse where yami was researching statutory rape laws while yugi was trying to sleep, is it still around the 'net somewhere?
PipeDream chapter 6 . 1/26/2017
"He'll see how great our boy is."
Somehow it feels like she could be calling Yugi hers and Yamis boy as much as he is her's and her husbands
Guest chapter 5 . 1/24/2017
Oh wow...these guys...
Crying rn tbh chapter 10 . 6/15/2016
Hello yes you cannot see it because of the Internet barrier but right now I am on my knees with a sizable but tasteful diamond ring just for you.

This was a really good fic and bless you for writing it- usually I have eh to negative feelings towards OCs but... I really enjoyed reading yours and got really invested in their relationships w the rest of the cast! Dynamics were a strong point to the fic! charactsrs had Diffrent viewpoints, and you showed how each side reacted to eachother- often negatively- but you didn't... Demonize them? It was refreshing.

Atsuyuri-sama chapter 10 . 1/24/2016
It's gone 3am. I am crying (quietly, and that's hard, but I don't want to wake anyone else), and I also am bouncing with barely-restrained, possibly sleep-deprived energy. This was both heart-wrenching and beautiful. I will aspire to provide you with a more coherent review at a more humane hour.
Honeybee1031 chapter 10 . 1/15/2016
I really enjoyed this fanfiction a lot! The relationship between the characters were written well and the humor was wonderful. Wonderful job! I'll check out more of your work soon!
MorganSkylar chapter 1 . 12/31/2015
oh and just to add they also need to learn kanji! if you don't know what kanji is try to search it!
MorganSkylar chapter 1 . 12/31/2015
I really really doubt that Japanese school teach Latin, hell Japanese person is still struggle with English and now you stuffed them with Latin?! at try to think about it! I have a strong feeling that you based this on Europe or America school seriously do some research!
XanaduHawk chapter 9 . 10/19/2014
Mai and Otoji's entrances into the story were brilliant.
yugkemoniony1X chapter 2 . 7/3/2014
Is this brotherly love or Yaoi cause I really can't tell. I'm just gonna go with brotherly love cause I hate Yaoi.
GBlackwell chapter 10 . 6/23/2014
Let me preface this by saying that this is a brilliant fic and I enjoyed just about every minute of it. You've got the characters down perfectly, with only slight differences from canon that actually improve the story and the characters for me rather than ruin them. More importantly, you actually bother to give characterization to characters who are not part of the main couple or a side couple, which is a helluva lot more depth and maturity than most pairing fics bother with. Plus, you have created an OC here who is really, really a great character. I mean, if this were an original show, Makito wouldn't be voted most popular character or anything, but you've written him so that he comes off as a real person: a shitty person, not due to some super-dark over the top backstory or brainwashing evil stones, but simply because of the assumptions he makes. And him being a shitty person doesn't make him incapable of love or good qualities, either. I take my hat off to you for managing that: not many people can create an antagonist in FANFICTION of all things that reflects normal human failings rather than Pure Evil (TM) or some kind of overdone freudian excuse. Or I would, but I actually do not have a hat.

I love that you don't bash Anzu, as well. And you don't turn her into some squeeing yaoi fangirl (though I am a bit curious about that doujinshi she's read), or hook her up with someone else randomly, or do any of the bullshit things that Puzzleshippers do to get her out of the way. In fact, you actually acknowledge her feelings for Yugi, but keep her friends with both him and Yami. Again, kudos. Anzu bashing is one of the biggest turn offs for me. And as I said, your characterization of the rest of the group is great, though I won't go into detail about it.

I also cracked up Omocha's story explaining Yugi and Yami's relationship. Man, that feels like a parody of 70% of all the bad Puzzleshipping fics I've read. Also, because throughout it I think I can sense hints of Omocha trying to subtly get back at Yami by painting his behavior as melodramatic and rather atrocious. Plus, you actually use this to show that Yugi actually is a strong person capable of making his own decisions. Again, that's more than most Puzzleshipping I've read.

Which brings me to my final point: I'm not a Puzzleshipper, exactly, but I've certainly enjoyed a few Puzzleshipping fics so I'm open to the pairing. However... my attitude on it varies from fic to fic. Some fics I find myself actually cheering for them to get together. Others I find myself enjoying the plot but not all that interested in the romance, wishing that there was no romance and Yugi and Yami were just really close friends on an adventure together. And in others I find myself gnashing my teeth at the character dynamic they have and wishing I could reach into the internet and tear them apart, mainly because Yami isn't Yami and Yugi isn't Yugi and the asshole and "cute" wimp that have replaced them should not be together in any universe (Instead I normally keep reading, hoping that the wimp will somehow grow a spine and dump the asshole, and maybe even hook up with that side character who's been understanding and supportive the entire time. He never does.)

Anyway, getting back to the point: this story, while being an incredibly good Puzzleshipping fic, did not actually make me want Yugi and Yami together. Yeah, and not because it's a bad story or because the character dynamic was awful. Instead, I simply felt like the characterization of their relationship as "beyond friendship and regular human bonds but not actually sexual" was way more interesting. I was actually disappointed when they kissed and starting to subtly hook up. It just... it's not bad. It's not disgusting to me. It just feels like taking a relationship that could have been completely unique and turning it into something generic. I mean, this could just be personal bias on my part. In my experience there is no unique romance. Romance is generally just an outlet for people to project their fantasy relationships into, and as such generally involves characters who are more interesting on their own being demoted to more typical roles. Bleh.

Not that your story did that. It ended before a relationship really started but... maybe I just have too many bad associations with romance. I didn't like it.

But I love the story! I really do, in spite of one detail in it not being to my personal tastes. You really did a fantastic job with this, so now I'm going to have to stalk you obsessively. Er, I mean... look at the rest of your work and hope you write more stuff now that I'm putting you on "follow." Yes. That's what I meant.

Thank you for all your hard work in creating this wonderful story!
Complexitea chapter 10 . 3/2/2014
This is really cool. I don't think there are many stories out there that use Yuugi's father. You've got to wonder how a person like him would have reacted to the truth about Yami and Bakura. Not very well, I would expect.

I like how this story really explains the unexplainability of Yuugi and Yami's relationship. Because I don't see them to be lovers, but they aren't just friends and will never be. Their relationship is a murky quagmire that defies all attempts to pin it down and categorize it. This story really shows that very well as the pair try to find where they fit.

Not only that, but it's written very well. The word choice and sentence flow was amazing. And did I mention that I absolutely LOVED the fact that you pulled off a story with at least hints, if not more, YuugiXYami without lemons? No lemons! It's wonderful.

I hope there will be more to this! There's a definite 'end' feeling with this chapter, but there's still so much more that can be explained. If not something big, then at least a little story where Yuugi's father finds out the truth. If not, that's ok too. Thanks for writing this!
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