Reviews for The Blame
MistyMountainHop chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
First, let me say, I think all your T7S stories deserve more reviews. They're so damn good.

Now onto to the meat. D

I love how this story rectifies the woeful lack of characterization in season 8. Hyde and Jackie are themselves, here, and if this moment had actually been in that episode - it might have been watchable.

1) "Hi, Michael," she simpered coyly up at him, with a flutter of her eyelashes and a flick of her hair. Damn her. She had no right to behave that way with anyone other than him...except she did. Because Hyde had messed it all up. It was his fault, and this was his penance.


His possessiveness is spot-on. This exactly how he would have felt. And the guilt, too. Real!Hyde never would have married a stripper (no matter how drunk or angry he got). But you integrate that fail of characterization and turn it into something successful and enjoyable to read.

2) "Yes, that is right. To get balloons for Miss Kitty's party. And also candy, because they are out of candy."

"Didn't Mrs. Forman just buy three bags full?" Hyde commented.

Fez turned to glare at him. "Are you calling me fat?"

"Huh? I just—"

"Name-caller!" Fez announced. "Come along, Kelso, I do not have to put up with this." And grabbing Kelso by the hand—which, admittedly, wasn't as rare an occurrence as it should have been...


This is hilarious. Fez's reaction is exactly right. And I love that Hyde notices the interesting dynamic between Fez and Kelso.

3) Over the years, he had felt the full spectrum of human emotions when it came to the girl in front of him, but the one thing he tried hardest for was the one he could never manage—indifference.


100 percent. At the beginning of T7S as a series, Hyde's character wasn't all that figured out. He was the rebel, etc. etc., but they made him out to be Eric's foil and quite selfish (e.g., forcing himself on Donna and being completely unsympathetic to Jackie in "Ski Trip"). Once they got to "Prom Night," Hyde's true character emerged.

He's someone who cares deeply for people, and that makes him vulnerable - so he covers it up with his "indifference". Except for "Ski Trip," Jackie was always the person who could bring this core part of him to the surface. He couldn't help himself. And you always capture this complexity of his so well.

4) "Jackie, you can't marry Kelso."

He knew they were the wrong words the moment they left his mouth. Jackie's spine stiffened; even her pretended gaiety disappeared as she crossed her arms and glared at him. "See, the great thing about not being your girlfriend anymore, Hyde, is that I don't have to listen to anything you say. So...bye." With a defiant twirl of her head, she turned on her heel and would have strutted away from him if he hadn't stopped her with his better-chosen words.

"You'd be punishing yourself more than me."


You capture Jackie's defiant (and rightful) pride/indignation so well with this interaction, and Hyde's awareness of it. He knows her inside and out - even though he can't always figure out how best to approach her. Of all the characters on the show, he was portrayed as the deepest (and sometimes wisest) one.

"You'd be punishing yourself more than me" shows both his compassion for her and his need to protect her from the misery marrying Kelso would bring her. Not to mention his own need to keep her available - in the hopes they might be able to reconcile some day.

5) Her stunning face crinkled in confusion. He knew she hated when she was forced into that look—it was laying groundwork for wrinkles, she said so often even Hyde had remembered it—but he didn't care. She was beautiful like that. She was always beautiful. He should have told her so more often.

The love Hyde feels for Jackie is so clear in this. Now that he's lost her, of course he rethinks behavior towards her. Hindsight is 20/20. When he thinks of her beauty, it's not only about the features of her face - the shape of her nose or eyes, but about how her essence comes through those features. How she expresses her emotions.

6) "Jackie, why did you want to marry me?"


"Answer the damn question, Jackie," Hyde snapped. "Was it just because you wanted a wedding, with the white dress and napkins folded like swans and all that other crap?"


"Of course there was more! How can you even ask that? I loved you, Steven. I wanted the world to know that, to know we loved each other and were going to be together forever."

Hyde's focus was lost for a moment at Jackie's words. A pang he wanted nothing to do with was gripping that heart he wished he didn't have at the thought of the future he had so carelessly thrown away. He pushed the regret away; he didn't have time for it today.

He cleared his throat. "Yeah. that why you want to marry Kelso?"

As she realized how she'd been caught, Jackie glared at him, eyes narrowed to slits. "Oh, hope you go bald!"


You are so good at conveying at least 2 conflicting emotions in your dialogue and interiorization. Hyde's question about why Jackie wanted to marry him wasn't only to get her to seriously consider (not) marrying Kelso but also to learn the reasoning behind Jackie's desperate push to get *Hyde* to marry him.

And Jackie's response totally reveals the heartbreak she still feels (at the time of this story) at losing Hyde... which leads Hyde to thinking about his at losing her. It's all very sad (and well written). Hyde's fighting for them, fighting - to put it like Jackie - to save their love even though he doesn't realize it.

7) Hyde went into the kitchen to grab himself a celebratory beer. Donna apparently thought something she had said kept Jackie from marrying Kelso. That might be true, but given the moment when Jackie locked eyes with Hyde right before she said no, he doubted it.

These little intimate details. The "celebratory beer," "the moment Jackie locked eyes before she said no". These are the things the flesh out the characters. Your understanding of them has really added so much to what we saw on screen. They were already a living, breathing (though fictional) couple, but you take what we're given and add more dimension to it. You stay within the rules of their characterization but go deeper. It's as though you've given us more zen-filled episodes of the show, since we were robbed of 1.5 seasons of it (second half of S7 and S8).

Truly satisfying. Thank you for writing this.
Shea chapter 1 . 6/6/2009
"Didn't Mrs. Forman just buy three bags full?" Hyde commented.

Fez turned to glare at him. "Are you calling me fat?"

I LOVED THAT PART! ROTFLMAO! Also loved everything else, too. Keep up the good work.
Miss Lavender Sky chapter 1 . 8/28/2008

Lucid Luci chapter 1 . 11/19/2005
:( Beautiful. See, this is so much better than actually watching the damn show anymore.
Shard.EXE chapter 1 . 11/18/2005
The people who write the scripts of That 70s Show should be fired, because you nailed the characters perfectly, even more so than the writers (who seem to be threeing up the characters).
Ellie chapter 1 . 11/17/2005
How is it that you can get the characters so very perfectly and the ones who supposedly created them can't? This was beautiful. I actually missed this episode...was it as bad as it seems?
Morgan chapter 1 . 11/17/2005
I really love this. I hope you continue with it!
mar chapter 1 . 11/17/2005
I love this story, keep up the good wouk. I think at the end of the season, they should have Sam and Rendy fall in love, and run off together. Then Jackie and HYde get back together as well as Donna and Eric, that would be cool.
crazy chapter 1 . 11/17/2005
That was good. I wished the damn episode turned out like that.
Opal Soul chapter 1 . 11/17/2005
This was the episode as it should have been done. That 70's Show actually upsets me more every week- I cannot believe the rapport between Hyde and that bimbo, Sam, and that he didn't even blink at news of Kelso's proposal. Thank God you keep writing these fanfics.