Reviews for Strange Days
Guessing chapter 202 . 5/27
Only guessing, but Yuu-zhan Vong (Or however it's actually spelled...)
Bobboky chapter 202 . 5/27
Very good work
alboc chapter 201 . 5/15
I do like to see Sci Fi crossovers and those critters were always dangerous, very nice
Bobboky chapter 201 . 5/14
Very good job
MWkillkenny84 chapter 201 . 5/14
Are those Xenomorphs?
Worker72 chapter 201 . 5/14
The biggest advantage they have are the numbers. At least the Klingons should be happy with the war to come.
The Sithspawn chapter 201 . 5/13
Nice one with the Maggog from Andromeda :D
S Zelazny Harper chapter 201 . 5/13
Andromeda's Magog vs. the Federation (in Picards time, no less?) - my money's on the Federation.

I am curious though... does the fact that there's 'nothing left there to eat' mean that the Andromeda Universe/continuity was destroyed, or is this an alternate universe where instead of the Magog arriving at our Galaxy to find the All Systems Commonwealth, they're going to arrive to find the Federation/Starfleet?
Kalaong chapter 201 . 5/13
Oh, you are *sadistic*. The Borg are comprehensible, in some cases even reversible. The Magog are the whole "rabbits in Australia" concept taken up to the galactic scale. And that's before the Spirit of the Abyss gets involved.
Bobboky chapter 200 . 4/30
Very nice job
The Sithspawn chapter 199 . 4/23
Great chapter! :D

This Eris sounds fun, where's she from?
Bobboky chapter 199 . 4/22
Very good work
Puidwen chapter 198 . 4/16
Too many too name. There are way too many ice users in fiction.
kurotatsu72 chapter 198 . 4/15
Good work Sophia. You just triggered Taylor 'Killer Frost' Hebert. Who is going to at least try to freeze all of Brockton Bay until she gets to you. And you just sacrificed your 'friend' Emma, and the rest of that class, to save your own sorry behind. If you survive this without getting an all-expenses-paid trip to the Birdcage, Glenn is going to have his work cut out trying to spin this.
Bobboky chapter 198 . 4/15
very good work.
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