Reviews for Strange Days
ThePink1 at Reefside.Net chapter 154 . 8/9
"Heh, Area fifty-something's gonna need new washing machines; the troops're about to wear theirs out cleaning the streaks outta their undies," Irma crowed. Hay just nodded, grabbed another twizzler (tm) and clicked next while chewing.
"Who's the better B S artist, Xan or Link?" Taranee countered.
"Not to mention the whole 'But it followed me home, Buff. Can't we keep him?' when they appear Vornicarn in tow," Will laughed.
"Odds Susan was available for the quantonium 'cause she was an unawakened Potential Slayer?" Cornelia added.
"Ooh, seventy-thirty, Lia," Elyon nodded, loving the idea, and the fanfictions she could see brewing behind Hay's eyes at the thought.

LURVED it, Aesop! Catch ya on the flipside, A J & friends.
P.S. They're home? Maybe? Finally? Talk about jet lag, eh!
Worker72 chapter 154 . 8/9
I don't know which crossover this is but I agree Buffyverse fans really do make the mistake of prejudging every and all possible military organizations.
Gundum M chapter 154 . 8/9
I have no idea.
Worker72 chapter 153 . 7/17
I'm not really familiar with this anime but anyone can look up Bentenmaru on youtube to find it is called Bodacious Space Pirates.
Gundum M chapter 152 . 7/14
don't have a clue
Worker72 chapter 152 . 7/14
Honestly, I never liked this part of H2O. There were so many other potential story lines rather then taking it in a scifi direction. Mermaids and scifi just doesn't seem right.
Sora with an S chapter 152 . 7/13
Ummm... The only thing that comes to mind is a drama about three girls with mermaid powers. H20 pun for a name? What was it...
Worker72 chapter 151 . 7/4
Voldemort never new what hit him did he. Not when Wizard vs. Aliens comes to claim more magic.
Sora with an S chapter 151 . 7/4
I have NO idea what this is.
Gundum M chapter 151 . 7/3
I have no clue
Guest chapter 151 . 7/3
Wizards vs Aliens!
Lord Circe chapter 151 . 7/3
Huh, I'm stumped by this one. The bug-spaceship comment made me think Shadows, from B-5, but that doesn't seem to fit the reptile bit. Maybe something from Dr. Who?
Sora with an S chapter 150 . 6/14
Buffy. Easy.
kurotatsu72 chapter 150 . 6/14
So, was that Buffy, or Faith? (Guessing Buffy from the commentary on the police.) And of course there had to be a vengeance demon in the room...
Worker72 chapter 150 . 6/14
Maybe Buffy or Angel. Definitely a vampire crossover if they can't find a body.
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