Reviews for Harry Potter and the Story of Secrets
Kitten99 chapter 6 . 3/14/2015
James Potter was seeker...?
In the movie and books, James Potter was seeker, not chaser.
Ladynightwing58 chapter 4 . 2/27/2015
Seriously? Surius leigh black?
RealLifeGemini chapter 9 . 1/25/2015
"Arse over tit" means being fliped butt over boobs, it's basically a crude way of saying head over heels.
onepiecefannumber1 chapter 20 . 1/26/2013
update soon but can i make a suggestion is that dulmadoor isn't going to get harry the opposite he trains him and please make the story a little less gloomy and thank u for writing love the story
elijahlover chapter 12 . 1/26/2013
Sorry good voldemort sucks xx
patronusmagic chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
It's a good story, but you might want to proof read it for any typos' or spelling mistakes.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 20 . 3/29/2011
Is Tom telling the truth, or is it a blatant lie?

If it was a lie, Tom would kill Harry as soon as he saw him (if Tom knew the whole prophecy and it wasn't made-up prophecy).

If it is truth, then Albus is a blatant manipulator, worse than I could imagine.

Who killed Moaning Myrtle when Chamber was opened? Tom, Albus, or somebody else?

I hope Tom didn't create Horcruxes here, because each of them requires death of a person, and it's difficult to manage creating them while killing only the people who deserved death.

Was Albus planning to set up Tom as a scapegoat even before Albus defeated Grindelwald? Was Albus's fight with Grindelwald also a plot to "prove" that Grindelwald was a Dark Lord and Albus was the leader of light? Albus was Grindelwald's friend, so Albus could persuade Grindelwald to go dark...

I always like Severus, whatever side he is on.

I hope, for the sake of Harry and his friends, that Tom isn't lying and that even though Death Eaters can be cruel, they don't attack without a reason.

If Tom is a liar... There will be a giant explosion when truth is found out. But so long, Bellatrix isn't mad, so Tom might be telling the truth. Besides, that large quantity of clear, non-foggy memories is difficult to fake, or memories wouldn't be accepted as evidence in courts.

What would Vol de Mort (Flight from death, in French) say if I offered him name "Tom Sawyer"?


Flight from death is natural, if somebody tries to accuse you of being a mass murderer and is going to kill you in a picturesque duel.

A marvelous riddle you are giving in this book. Light and dark exchange places, temporarily or not.
HufflepuffWoman chapter 4 . 12/23/2010
u have sirius's middle name wrong according to jkr it is orion.
V. L. Crawford chapter 16 . 11/3/2010
I don't know if I like them being with voldemort.
V. L. Crawford chapter 4 . 8/12/2010
Fantastic. Harry is gone from that awful place and those awful people.
V. L. Crawford chapter 1 . 8/12/2010
Yes! Harry is going to get away from those awful people.
The Fourth Bride chapter 12 . 4/11/2010


A Hidden Saint and Sinner chapter 17 . 1/20/2010
three men and their "son" so cute and sweet.
FredWeasleysFutureWife chapter 12 . 5/11/2009
I liked it up until you made dumbledore lily and james evil im not sure i can keep reading this
Hakoirii chapter 20 . 3/30/2009
Wow! That is a really interesting twist of events. I kind of like it, it answers one of those unanswerable questions, "What if Voldemort hadn't been evil, what if it was Dumbledore who was in the wrong?"
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