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Bronze chapter 10 . 9/24
Well, I think that either you abandoned this story or just can't find your muse for it. It has been five years after all. Though it was quite good while it lasted. Especially this last chapter. Though, just before leaving Harry really should've told Fumblemort " It's your war now! You threw me away and before that never even tried to train me. Thus I throw this whole stinking pile of shite back in your lap. I have no dog in this fight. So if you don't want to die sheeple, FIND A TRUE LEADER! One who truly want to win! One that's not playing games with everyone's life. And for Merlin's sake, STOP USING STUNNERS WHEN DEATH EATERS ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU! If you want to live then you have to take the gloves off and kill them. " Ya, I know, Harry wouldn't say things like that. But that's what has to happen. The sheeple in the Order need to wake the hell up and realize that the people they're fighting don't give a damn about any life but their own. They have raped mothers in front of their children. They've raped children in front of their parents. They've made fathers murder their children. Rape their young daughters in front of their mother. They've sealed whole families in their own homes and set fire to them. But because they are Purebloods and have great wealth they are above the law. So instead of capturing them and allowing them to bribe their way out simply kill them and end their game forever. The more DEs they kill the less Des Vulgersnort will have. The less DEs he has the less gold he has to work with. Malfoy is one of his main backer so killing him, his wife and son not only cuts off his access to all Malfoy gold it ends a line that has supported every Dark Lord before Vulgerskort. Do that to most of his supporters and they'll start to realize they are being targeted. Now Snape claims to be Fumblemort's spy but do we really know what he tells Vulgersrot? So take him into the DMLE, pour flushing potions down his throat several times a day and of course before even starting, STRIP search him down to the skin then scan for any and everything he might have spelled into it. For the last step after a month of flushing potions, pour truth serum down his throat to get the truth out of him. I'd suggest them same for Fumblemort but I'm no longer sure he knows the truth from all the lies he's told.
Bronze chapter 6 . 9/24
I never had any doubts that the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder knew Harry was innocent but let him be convicted anyway as a control issue. As for MooRon, that fraud would be jealous if Harry took a deeper breath then he did! Hermione's so brainwashed she can't see that her great and all powerful OZ is as much of a fraud as MooRon is! The simple truth is, the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder doesn't want to risk his own life to take down Vulgersnort. But he'll be there in the end to make sure Harry either dies or goes to Azkaban so he can take all the glory and regain all his influence. Of course that's what would happen if he was credited with taking out the two most powerful Dark Lords of the twentieth century. And that is his plan.
Bronze chapter 5 . 9/24
Well color me surprised! I recommended your own fic to you! Yes I 've just realized it was your story I was talking about as the second dragon/Harry potter story. At least now I get to read it till it stops at chapter 15. But that's alright. It's more then I last read.
Bronze chapter 1 . 9/24
I doubt you'll ever read this but here goes. There is a story about Harry Potter becoming a black dragon of unknown origin on Ultimate Harry Potter Fanfiction site. He becomes a dragon because ol' Fumblemort FORGOT to put warming charms on his blankets. His magic makes him a dragon to survive. His name is Jet. There is another part were he returns to tell everyone to stuff it and that he's mated to another dragon before they leaver. Now I haven't finished either but I can't find the last one to be able to finish it. Now this is the second Harry is or has dragon genes I've started today. the last one needed a shit ton of editing to even be readable! I am so glad this is so much easier to read and follow.
Dylan314 chapter 1 . 9/10
Dude even thou you probably dropped this story. I have to say this is one heck of had it been continued would have got huge is so very good.
Pushi19 chapter 10 . 8/14
Update please
A pissed reader chapter 10 . 7/4
sortinghat chapter 1 . 5/11
goes to show your SID is stupid for inmate ID. it even confuses the guards.
Kiddy chapter 10 . 2/18
Please update this is amazing!
KawaiiBlue18 chapter 10 . 1/28
AWESOME story! I really LOVE it! Plz continue!
SortingHat chapter 8 . 11/2/2016
Normally I am not a Gary Stu person but this is at least an (A). Gary Stu fics and Mary Sue fics will never reach an E or an O (Outstanding) level.
SortingHat chapter 7 . 11/2/2016
You should be thankful to even have a computer.

Big industry since the Apple I-phone has been pushing for people to not even have PC's and now they are calling phones *PC's* to further muddle the line when in reality they are just social media machines.

That's why Windows 8 and 10 are so f-ed up as they were hoping people would dump their old desktops for smartphones and make them one in the same.

Phones could technically be as powerful as a mid-ranged desktop PC if they wanted to but that would mean people being independent with it and being able to store stuff offline instead of relying on approved apps.

Having the computer industry and the web censored guarantees to put society in it's place and accept the one world system they wish to have.

Prior to the 2005 era the US government had VERY little interest in controlling the computer industry and probably had old Apple IIs with black and white graphics.

Agenda 21 and the controls of our life which a lot of the executive orders that are long and boring do during the event of an emergency.

Once those are declared they will never truly go away until people fight for freedom.
SortingHat chapter 6 . 11/2/2016
BTW: AN should not be used to beg reviews. AN are to explain certain elements in the story like if people wonder why a character is behaving a certain way.

I want to know if you plan to have any of the characters figure out Dumb Old Door's meddling or if you'll continue to make them stupid as monkeys on dope.
SortingHat chapter 4 . 11/2/2016
I generally ignore Mary Sue style fanfics as most of them are like I said written brashly often on a smartphone so a lot of detail is rushed and characters overpowered or act all cry baby about tripping over a root and ruining their lipstick. Oh boo hoo!

However this does have enough detail in between action scenes *if you can call it that* to explain what happens between point A and Point B to make it feel more vivid and energetic.

Just slapping more action scenes and naughty sex jokes isn't what makes a story funny except to people with low to no moral standards and should be locked up to prevent hurting anybody.
SortingHat chapter 3 . 11/2/2016
I know why he has four eyes. Because he is the male version of the dreaded Mary Sue!

There problem solved!
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