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R E Z I A chapter 3 . 12/16/2007
I love it!please add more chapters!
your-brown-eyed-angel chapter 1 . 4/10/2007
smart when she dies i will lagh so hard!
Maddycat2000 chapter 3 . 3/27/2006
In that time women were more conservative than that, I extremely doubt that Kartik would even ask for a hug. Especcially after that 'friends' speak at the end of the second book.

You said she changed into her night gown. Theres no way she would run out there in just that! And she would not run by everyone else outside, they would surely follow her and think she was mad.

I think you make Gemma look bad with how you made her think about her friends. They have a strong bond, maybe sometimes they're not so fond of each other, but she wouldn't think that they were such things.

It seems much more like Gemma to say 'I'll tell you when we have more privacy'.

I think you described her wrong. You said reddish blonde. She's not a blond, shes a redhead. Maybe golden red would have worked better.

Try making your chapter longer, you make them very short for chapters of a short of story fan fiction.

Stop with the cliff hangers! They're good for drama once in a while, but when you have them every chapter, they get annoying.

Hope you hurry with an update.
Maddycat2000 chapter 2 . 3/27/2006
Who is Ms. Poole? Theres Gemma Doyle and Ann Bradshaw... I don't know any Poole...

I really doubt anyone from the order would look as if they were from a magazine. They don't exactly seem like the dashing young women of their time. Remember from the second book 'Beauty must be left behind'? Or.. it was something like that at least. Well, you're not really showing that are you?

I don't think any of them would ever say anyone was prettier than Pippa. Its just sort of a memory that you hold onto. Even if it was true, they wouldn't think that.

Mind reading? C'mon now. I know there are realms and all but Gemma is Most High and she can't read minds! They don't exactly seem to have powers on the normal world, just sometimes in the realms.

I'd think the order would more try to talk her out of well... managing the realms like she is.

I don't think Gemma would have reacted that way to the women at all. She would have been slightly more suspicious and I think she;d have way more questions.

Why would they choose to contact her durring a wedding? If anything I'd think they'd come talk to her at night, when people wouldn't notice as much.

I liked the other chapter better, but this one was decent at least. Now onto the third...

PS You named every chapter but the first... its odd... either name them or don't.
Maddycat2000 chapter 1 . 3/27/2006
No one noticed that someone randomly through a knife at Gemma? Odd, but it made me laugh so I'll say its a plus rather than a minus.

I don't see Gemma really at a nuetral. She can be, and so can Ann, but Gemma is deffinatly not just a 'nuetral'.

In the beginning of it, I was thinking 'Huh? This is Gemma? Am I sure? It sounds like Fee.' I think you have to understand the characters just a bit more... I can't exactly point out what about them.

I doubt in that time girls of that class would actually run around in the mud before a wedding.

All together, pretty good, moving on to the next chapter...
SOBs 4 Sirius 223 chapter 3 . 2/15/2006
haha...well i must say i like it. please update soon. thanks, bye!
Sugi chapter 3 . 2/10/2006
Wa~! This is getting good! Please update!
hazel-dream chapter 3 . 2/7/2006
YEAH! HE'S BACK! i love him!
hazel-dream chapter 1 . 2/7/2006
hahahaha knife thrower. thats amazing, i've never read that one before. very good though!
girl-who-is-lazy chapter 3 . 1/24/2006
great story. please update soon. can't wait to see what happenes next.
pottersweetie chapter 3 . 1/22/2006
Awesome! Please, update soon!
coolmarauders chapter 3 . 1/22/2006
how sweet! I don't really think that the thing with the mirror was needed, but whatever.
pottersweetie chapter 2 . 1/2/2006
Pretty darn interesting so far! Update soon!
calilover chapter 2 . 12/16/2005
that was pretty good, try writing a few more chapters then i will really be into it.
perfectlysensible chapter 1 . 11/30/2005
So far love it. keep going!
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