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Laurelinde chapter 26 . 7/5/2011
What a wonderful, marvellous surprise! I must admit, I thought this fic might have gone the way of so many others and been buried under the pressures of real life, never again to see the light of day. But here you are again! And with such a gloriously hope-filled chapter too.

If I wasn't in the middle of some horrible revision I would be going straight back to chapter 1, having been reminded of just how lovely this fic is. Without a doubt my favourite potc of all time. I guess it can be a summer treat :) And maybe there will be even more updates by then?

I do hope Jack hasn't done himself permanent injury... He and your Anamaria are an absolute pleasure to read about. And as always your ship-life descriptions are second to none. Thank you so much for not abandoning this!
Jennifer Lynn Weston chapter 26 . 7/4/2011
'(Jack) had refined the ability to ignore his body's objections to anything he chose to do to a high art; however, his ribs had held trial and passed judgment on his activity so far and were now busy executing the sentence to draw and quarter him, or so it seemed.'

A prime demonstration that you've lost no writing talent through the hiatus- but it's still been too long! How very wonderful to finally get another chapter!
qwertyuiop678 chapter 26 . 7/4/2011
lol, i loved the ending
tndigger chapter 26 . 7/4/2011
Have been waiting for two years, not even been able to read the new chapter so glad you are back!
qwertyuiop678 chapter 25 . 7/3/2011
okay, tried it again, not as bad as i thought... continue?
qwertyuiop678 chapter 17 . 7/1/2011
waaay too tragic for my taste. sry, but it is!
RuKkA chapter 25 . 5/25/2011
I am absolutely in love with this story! It made me sooo devastated when I realized it hadn't been updated in so long. ): A story this good shouldnt go unfinished. I hope you randomly update hun.
1BabyBoy chapter 25 . 5/7/2011
That Jip, God love him! Only you, the queen of ravin' sailin', can say what he might have done to slow the Dauntless. I can hardly wait to read more, which I can only hope will include Jip's safe return to his Captain and ship. Please don't make us wait for more months on end! Arrgghhh... there be pirates!
1BabyBoy chapter 24 . 5/7/2011
I am so delighted to read these last two chapters. As I did when Chp 23 was published after months of silence, I re-read all the chapters once again before allowing myself the pleasure of Chps 24 and 25. Good for AnaMaria to take those two marines out of action. Was it her screams or those of the men she maimed who brought about Walton's surrender? Jack is being more than generous with his offer of returning the Defender once he again able to sail the Pearl. He is also to be commended for following the strengths of his convictions that no man should be murdered for following his duty. How many of us when pressed beyond endurance could say the same of ourselves? And now, hoist the sails and let haul to run free on to Chapter 25!
Pirate Trixi chapter 25 . 4/17/2011
I'll try to be back later to give a more detailed review. For now, let me just say that I LOVE this story. It's easily the best PotC fic I've read in years. And please, please update soon? I promise I'll be reading :)
CIA22519Burr chapter 1 . 1/9/2010
This is an awesome story. I have read 100 times over, please continue, with more Jack and Norrington. You are a good writer.
bublinka chapter 25 . 12/2/2009
I'm simply astonished to see this on ! It's a real novel, the ideal JA story! When I only began reading - their kiss before battle... I just wanted to cry with happiness and enjoyment))

I can't really describe how much I've enjoyed it. Many thanks to you! There are not so many good JA writers, and they are all like rare valuable gems. I'm happy that I've read it.

And what's more - you're a great inspiration for me, because I only start to write fics. Also, I've learnt many facts about sailing and all. And many new English words ;))

Are you going to continue it? Please say yes.
MorganBonny chapter 25 . 2/21/2009
Beg pardon. I had not realized I was not signed in. The below review is, of course, mine. My mistake.


Guest chapter 25 . 2/21/2009
Good Lord, Honorat! I am quite simply staggered by your work. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks Disney should pay you to publish this.

My favorite part most definitely has to be:

He did too have a sense of humour. How like Sparrow to manage to get on his nerves without even being present.

It rings so very true of Norrington. I am greatly in awe of your skills in portraying the Commodore-Lummox Norrington we see too little of. He deserves to have that side shown.

I struggled a little through some of the sailing terminology, but most of it was comprehensible, though the bit about tossing the hawser overboard escaped me in its' entirety and I thought what exactly happened when Anamaria was washed off the spar required a little clearer description. You may have to include a few notes for us lubbers.

Additionally, I was rather curious as to how Anamaria subdued Banks for her own...shall we say, brand of humiliation? without causing him further injury. Not to doubt the capabilities of Jack's First Mate, but sticking Hargrave to the wall, and then pinning a rather uncooperative-I'm-sure Banks down to play doctor seems beyond her talents, even were she not injured.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I feel as if I read the pieces about Jip aboard the Dauntless on “The Black Pearl Sails” at some point. Was this story written how ever many years ago that was, or did those chapters precede this story? Or am I simply stark raving mad?

I thought your impression of Ragetti was interesting. It's a very different side from what the movies show, but then, a man has to be more beneath that ridiculousness, hasn't he? Behind all that is a man who mutinied on Captain Jack Sparrow. I'm curious as to how he evolves through this story...

I would also express my doubts as to the feasibility of an admittedly small pirate picking the Commodore's pocket. It seems at the extreme edge of believability to me.

I also extend a hat tip for your creative chapter titles.

I eagerly await the finale of this extremely talented and spine-tingling work and press my sincerest admirations for a truly fine piece of writing. Keep writing and post soon!

I remain yours, most truly,


Fanfiction Captain-ess and madman
Tsuki107 chapter 11 . 2/15/2009
I'm not quite done reading all he posted chapters yet, but I just wanted to stop and tell you how brilliant I think this story is! I'm surprised it doesn't have thousands of reviews actually!

I had trouble understanding some of the sailer lingo though. Sure, I know what a sail and a deck are, but when you say Anamaria "pulled in the foretopmast stay tackle and began trying to work the knot attaching the old stay to the deadeye loose", my only response is...huh?

However, I love the characterzation! Jack and Anamaria are described perfectly, and I've even fallen in love with your OC Jib! Then you took us into Ragetti head and explained everything from his point of view! Simply Amazing!

I also really like how you describe Jack and The Black Pearl as one being! After stating in the fist movie how he viewed the pearl as freedom itself, I expect him to be attached to his ship that deeply!

Lastly, I love the humor in this! Even though our hero is in danger, I couldn't stop laughing when you wrote-

" Death before surrender. Dear God. Sparrow had finally gone completely mad. And it appeared to be contagious. "

or when you said-

" “Captain. It’s Captain Sparrow,” the boy insisted.

Oh God. Not another one of them."

Well, I'm off to read the next chapter!

Since this story is marked as in-progress, I hope it gets finished soon! I can't wait to read more, and I haven't even finished the chapters that ARE avaliable! :D
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