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Guest chapter 2 . 4/6
Child of Dreams chapter 7 . 4/5
Hermione has brown eyes, not blue.
Child of Dreams chapter 23 . 4/5
(bursts into tears)
Cassandra30 chapter 2 . 3/14/2013
Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 3/14/2013
Superb start!
Child of Dreams chapter 12 . 10/29/2011
I've figured out what Voldemort and Nanimocid were saying!

Here's the translation.

Nanimocid: "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, my lord.

Therefore, we must rise against Potter and his

little friends. Why must it be her, lord?

What has she done to deserve such torture from

you, my lord?"

Voldemort: "Do you dare question me, you insolent boy?"

Nanimocid: "No, my lord, what shall happen?"

Voldemort: "Keep quiet, Nanimocid. We are no longer alone.

Seize her!"

Voldemort: "She is not the one we need, Nanimocid!"

Nanimocid: "Who do we need, my lord?"

Voldemort: "Mayan-Mai Elad, she was in the Prophecy with

Potter! Get her for me or you fail. Do you want to


Nanimocid: "No, my lord."

Voldemort: "Good, come, leave the girl."

Did I get the translation right?
Child of Dreams chapter 5 . 10/29/2011
Name: Katie Bowen

Age: 18 years old

Gender: Female

Personality: Prankster, Severe addiction to chocolate

History: Grew up in the United States, have two younger brothers named Alan and Philip who are six years old.

House: Gryffindor

Answer to the question: Fred and George Weasley?
Ella Marie Lily Talia Potter chapter 5 . 8/24/2011
U r 2 amazing :) I'm do happy I finally found a good fanfiction, ur suggested on lira snape's website, knew I could trust her!
Ginny278 chapter 22 . 2/18/2009
the teaser was good ...i liked it...Sorry i'm not very good a giving constructive critisim...
Merritt chapter 10 . 11/13/2008
They are WAY to young to be Kissing!

They are 11!

Yes Draco and Harry's minds are 18 but the others are not!
TLDriver66 chapter 8 . 1/7/2008
This is a really good story. Keep the chapters coming please.
Merrymow chapter 21 . 12/16/2007
I was wondering when you're going to update?
Maria chapter 1 . 12/12/2007
Good job. chapter 21 . 11/7/2007
I love the idea of time travel a good draco..

However I'm abit confuse lol...

but its okay.. .

Update soon yarhh?
Anon chapter 21 . 10/31/2007
More please!
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