Reviews for Love, Death, and Everything Between
The Phoenix 001 chapter 2 . 2/24/2006
Since AOW did the first part of this chappie, I'll do the second part...

Ron: No, Hermione! I want to study with you!

Hermione: But you gotta meet this girl! Harry, you know, she could put in a good word in for you with Draco.

Harry: C'mon Ron!

{*go and see Dania*}

Dania: *dressed liked total slutbitch whoretramp*

Guys: *ogle*

Dania: Hi, Ron.

Ron: *drool*

Dania: ello, arry.

Harry: *swoon*

Dania: See ya, Hermione. *leaves*

Hermione: *smirks evilly to boys* I told you so.

{You do know that I don't really support the Harry/Draco relationship. I just found that funny. ~_}
Angel of Writing chapter 2 . 2/22/2006
WE! Awesomenes!

God, her mom sounds UGLY! Anyway, who can't love the unsypathetic Dania. I'm copying off of you:

Ugly-ass mom: No, you're not ready! Don't do this, you'll be destroyed. Like me!

Dania: Whore, shut up! I'm doing whats I wants. Now stay still while I drink your blood.

U-A Mom: *brushing back hair for Dania* Okay...

*Dania bites into U-A Mom's neck*

U-A Mom: Hey, kiddo, are you done yet? *Dania continues sucking blood* Hey, kid, can you hear me?

Dania: *looking up at Mom* Damn, woman, how much blood do you have?

End. Have fun!
The Phoenix 001 chapter 1 . 12/5/2005
*gives Laura a standing ovation* That was brilliant! I lurved it! Amazing... but *sigh* I dunno what else to say. Well, I'm gonna copy off of you and do something fun...

Draco: *passes out*

Dania: Is he asleep, my Lord?

Voldy: Of course he is! Do you think I have performed a faulty spell!

Dania: _ Of course not my master. I just...


Dania: ...erm...

Voldy: *smoothly* Ah, yees, we were talking about how you are pureblooded in power...

Dania: *thinking* (Gosh, he has some horrible mood swings...) Yes, master, about that... *starts talking about gosh knows what but probably this "pureblooded power" has something to do with being a Parselmouth...*

Well... I hoped you enjoyed that... of course it's not as good as any of the ones you have given me, but it was worth a try. _ Loved it; keep going.