Reviews for Beyblade: X Generation
I.Think.Im.In.Wonderland chapter 20 . 9/11/2006
omg! amazing finish! i loved the whole story! please do a sequl soon!

tear-drowned-angel X
Sakura-Moonlight chapter 20 . 9/10/2006
Great chapter! Awesome job! I'll be looking out for the sequel!
I.Think.Im.In.Wonderland chapter 19 . 8/29/2006
omg! yay! he won! its a shme that everything is coming to an end, but what can you do? T.T it was a really good chapter! update soon please!

tear-drowned-angel X
Thiendrah chapter 19 . 8/28/2006
WONDERFUL! I loved it, now make more chappies!
Sakura-Moonlight chapter 19 . 8/28/2006
Really? Only one more chapter? Aww, this story's so cool! I think for the sequel, err, I guess two serperate ones for me. But the other one is fine too. Keep up the good work! update soon please!
I.Think.Im.In.Wonderland chapter 18 . 7/22/2006
OMFG! update soon please! i need to know what happens t gou! it was so sweet of him to do what he did! omg the drama! oh and sorry for not reviewing sooner!

tear-drowned-angelo X
XxMookinexX chapter 18 . 7/20/2006

OMG! You bitch! If I didn't already know that there was a sequel and that Gou was going to be fine I'd be so pissed off at you right now. But that was so sweet with Kaiya making Mako a scarf and calling him by his nick-name. Really, so adorable! I'm so upset about you hurting Gou though. You'd better update soon!

PureHeartedAngel chapter 18 . 7/20/2006
hay update soon okay i want to know what happens next.
RoseOfSharon28 chapter 18 . 7/18/2006
update soon!
Sakura-Moonlight chapter 18 . 7/18/2006
TOO bad? You almost killed Gou! Sorry, didn't mean that. But you aren't gonna kill him are you?

Keep up the good work, update soon, and please don't kill no one!
Thiendrah chapter 18 . 7/18/2006
NO! You can't stop there it's against the rules, no cliffys when it's incredibley interesting. P;ease continue soon!
Sora-chii chapter 17 . 7/17/2006

I'm all finnished with updating myself with your Beyblade story. Now I'm onto Pokemon!
PureHeartedAngel chapter 17 . 7/17/2006
i really like your fanfic please update sooni want to know what happens next
XxMookinexX chapter 17 . 6/29/2006

Yay! New chappie! Yay!

Aww, that was so sweet with Mako and Kaiya. Seriously adorable! Oh, and I love Tara. She's so cool! I don't even know why I love her... I just do! Maybe it's the character design. Anyway, I also love all of the names you're giving the x-gens. It really helps work out who is who. I can't wait for the next chapter and the Russian tournament. It should be so good!


PS: is Boris still in charge of Biovolt? I've either forgotten or you haven't said... Personally, I think the first is more likely, so sorry if i'm making you repeat yourself.
I.Think.Im.In.Wonderland chapter 17 . 6/28/2006
great chapter! oh poor kaiya! it goes to show that even the toughest(sp) people have to break down and cry once in a while!

tear-drowned-angel X
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