Reviews for When Angels Fall
SSJ Guyver1 chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
hm,... it was a good story, that much is sure. However, a few things bug me. Mamoru being Ranma reincarnated is utterly lame,... Ranma won't use weapons, ESPECIALLY a sissy one like throwing roses. Ranma never liked the whole magic thing, hence the transformation would be outta the question. There's a lot more wrong with it, but I'm too tired to think.

It would have been better if you just ended it with Genma or Soun getting their butts handed for dissing Ranma. But, it's your story! _
Morsamare chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
Strangly the only thing I could think to say to this ending is "so Tux-boy is really only half the man she loved..."
AnimeFan101 chapter 7 . 1/6/2006

A valid, believable, and somehow *right* epilogue to this - about the only thing I might mention is having Mamoru puzzle briefly over a dream the night before, something about Ranma's life that was relatively normal and before getting tossed out of reality as we know it.

Two thumbs up for an inventive and (as far as I know) completely new take on Beryl and Endymion.
goku90504 chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
scary and fucked up

good job you magnificent evil bastard
ranma hibiki chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
T_T a sad ending, but a good one none the less. i hope you continue this in some way
Upgrade chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
Unexpected twist to the end there.

Looking forward to your next story, or next update to an existing story, whatever it may be.
Romona Iom chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
That ending was so lame. Mamoron was Ranma? Utter cop out Innortal. I expected much better from you. You could have had it where Usagi's baby was Ranma reborn. Even a miraculous reappearance as himself would have been better. I am thoroughly disappointed by this epilogue.
James Axelrad chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
i dunno. i liked the fic, butdon't care for teh epilouge at all.
JSB chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
Oh...not exactly what I had for me, hehe...good job, and I hope you update Ranma: Take 2 soon. Good luck.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
I hope Usagi finds out the truth about Ranma reincarnating some day, it will make her feel much better and know he was always trying to protect her as Mamoru.
Davros chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
Nice. I wouldn't mind seeing a one-shot about Mamoru getting his Ranma and Beryl memories back in the future and explaining it all to Usagi but it works well as it is.
CGProphet chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
What kind of ending was that. Ranma cannot be incarnated as Endymion. We need ranma back as himself. I don't think he could live with himself if he acted like Kuno. I love your writing but this was not one of your better endings.
WillLeung chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
i was hoping u would bring ranma back. bit disappointed, but its not really ranma in the end anymore. he wasnt really in the story in a way.

oh well. i would say that chapter 6 would be a good ending.

good job
Bobboky chapter 7 . 1/6/2006
nice twist
Bobboky chapter 6 . 1/5/2006
nifty work, very much so
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