Reviews for Digimoon 02
korrd chapter 1 . 11/27/2005
Were you drinking when you made this? Wait you were high weren't you? BMS seems a bit too much like that one term for bondage. BDSM I think... "Star Gentle UTERUS" what does that do? Does it make the opponent feel as if he goes through an entire pregnancy in only a few seconds, kinda like Mangekyo, does? Please consider my RuroKen proposal and make Harry someone like Sanosuke where he's dropped back in time and picked up by the farmer and then runs away to join Sekiho. Thanks.
nantukoprime chapter 1 . 11/27/2005
I think your just trying to flush all the competing ideas out of your head, so I'll just let you do that.

Still interested though, I just think the Digimon crossovers are a little hard for me to follow. I have watched Digimon (I actually liked it, hated Pokemon), and even with prior knowledge I find the plot for these two to be highly chaotic.

I think you need to explain your plot a little better on Digimon 00, but i'll wait a few chapters before being harsh in reviewing.