Reviews for Tin Angel
akoaggie chapter 10 . 2/12
I really like your technique in writing. I hope you finish this. It would be such a waste if you don't.
Dorawc chapter 8 . 2/11
i cannot connect much to the story. mainly because they talk like shakespeare most of the time. i get how involving literature shows depth as well as intelligence in your characters, but i think the amount you put in is too much.
Really? they can still recite lines while having an *******? my goodness
not sure how to feel about that.
if I want to read literature, I would have gone straight for it.
Guest chapter 10 . 2/9
Oohmg will this ever get updated?! Oh man!
chibichanga chapter 10 . 2/7
omg. I thought this was completed. I really enjoyed reading this! :(
anon chapter 10 . 2/1
please continue with this fanfic! i adore this so much. xx
Buggzter chapter 10 . 1/13
But but but... what is Harry'so reaction When they meet next? when is Luna going to have kids? Hook far does Draco go to help hermione patch things up with the Weasley family? Fights between the various couples? Another girl or guy trying to get between Draco and Hermione? Character death ( may the author forbid unless written well, but it can make a story amazing!)...

COMEBACK! I need to know what you planned for your story! *dramatic sigh* Anne would not stand for you leaving a story like this, you know! You shame Ms Shirley/Mrs Blythe... ok, so I am trying to convince you to return, no matter that it's been a few years *cough*... please?
Buggzter chapter 9 . 1/13
Write more! This is a very good story and saddens me that there is only one more chapter after this one. Very good intro of Draco to Luna, and I like how his friends accept Hermione so easily.

Please come back to write more? I don't care that it's been years since you updated, you can return!
Buggzter chapter 7 . 1/13
This chapter was surprising, with the perspective from Bill on there, but I do wish you had expanded the verbal exchanges a bit more during the brunch. I enjoyed reading it either way though.
Buggzter chapter 5 . 1/13
Very well done.

I do have a dislike for how Luna is portrayed in this story, but otherwise I enjoy the piece emensely.
Buggzter chapter 3 . 1/13
I really like the literary references you put in the story, as it fits Hermione very well. It also fits your version of Draco well
Buggzter chapter 2 . 1/13
I am wondering what happened in Draco'should life that he has warmed as much as he has? Is it supposedly only the death of his overbearing father pressing old ideas into him? Or the death of his mother, helping him realize he needs comfort in his life, too - not just bitterness?

I like the story so far, although I think Hermione might be a little more reticent than what you see here, at least for a while with Draco. But very well done so far.
remitto chapter 10 . 12/12/2014
Absolutely exquisite writing. My interest was peaked right away when you mentioned the Unbearable Lightness of Being (my god is not the most perfect book?) and it has been sustained every since. Please do keep writing!
Guest chapter 10 . 11/16/2014
such a lovely fic !
Ddischordia chapter 10 . 10/14/2014
Lovely fic. I suppose it'll never reach its conclusion, and I'm doubtful you read these reviews anymore, but I felt the need to say that this is probably one of the finest Dramione pieces I've had the pleasure of reading. Congrats on being so well-read, and I hope you're still writing.
Lioness1988 chapter 10 . 10/12/2014
A pleasant diversion that was promising given the usual quality of such fantasies. I hope you've not fallen under a bus, but have gone on to better things with more developed supporting characters, and fewer intrusions of your personal literary favorites. While I found them more interesting than the song lyrics many less skilled writers foist on the reader, and useful in the development of your versions of Hermione and Draco, I think you have the skill and intellect to do something more.
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