Reviews for Family Night
AnyankaEllie chapter 5 . 9/15
Thatwas an amazing story, thank you ) It was really creepy seeing that lost out Lupin, but the whole story is just superb!
Leia chapter 5 . 8/31
Loved it lots!
Siany chapter 5 . 8/24
Never cried so much in such a small story well done
bootstring chapter 5 . 8/23
Really good fic! I'm glad that Remus came around. Also, it's usually assumed that a student being studious is a good thing, but I liked how you showed how it can also turn into a maladaptive coping mechanism.
slytherinshadowhunter67 chapter 5 . 8/15
This was such an emotional thrill ride, I loved it! You had very plausible reasons for making Remus OOC, and I came way too close to crying about Harry ;-; I also love how you wrote Snape, it was all just brilliant. Anyway, I seriously loved this story, no matter how short it was :)
Red158 chapter 5 . 8/15
Absolutely loved it.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/13
While I will not say the story melted my cold symbolic heart, there's certainly a summer in there somewhere.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/10
I read your whole fanfic tonight. It was a great read. I'm always a sucker for a happy ending. Thanks for writing.
BeyondSanity12 chapter 5 . 8/1
I loved this story. I even cried a little when Harry tried to bribe Ron with his Firebolt. So sad! But the happy ending made it all better. Thank you so much for sharing this!
PS It's only been eleven years not fifty and this is more than one word. Just think, a child born when you finished this story would be entering his first year now.
Riya1112 chapter 1 . 8/1
Oh God I cried like anything. This was amazing. I absolutely loved it. Even though I don't like this Remus who you mentioned is OOC in the story as he is one of my favourite characters I loved this story. It was brilliant. Harry being in that state just hit me in the feels. I loved every bit of it. It is really a great story. While I was reading it I could feel what the characters were feeling through your writing and I think that matters a lot. Thank you for sharing this. It was really awesome.
kare-bear-Karen chapter 5 . 7/18
You have a great story!
PadfootAndProngs394 chapter 5 . 7/16
Oh I love the story! Especially the relationship between Harry and Snape. It's so emotional, funny, sweet. I laughed nearly a million times and nearly cried as much. I loved the last part of the story. So funny...
thelilmama1986 chapter 5 . 7/15
I loved the story! It's amazing how you kept everyone so in character, except Remus of course but what you did with him was still very realistic. Loved it!
sori chapter 1 . 7/10
great story. glad I didn't skip over this one
Fanouille chapter 5 . 6/28
This fic was absolutely amazing ! Well written, very sensitive ! Well done !
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