Reviews for Family Night
SeaTurtleWaves chapter 5 . 9/17
This is such a lovely story as it has always been. It's adorable and sweet and a bit angsty which is wonderful! Thank you again for your time and energy you put into all your stories.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/26
I love this story and have read it many many times now!
FandomFreals chapter 5 . 8/17
OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING! OH I have fully cried and sobbed during this, read it all in a couple of hours, it's so beautiful and amazing highly recommending this!
AthenaRavenclaw-Slytherin chapter 5 . 8/11
Is there a sequel?
DoraLupinTonks chapter 5 . 8/5
this is probably the in numerous time I am reading it...but I LOVE IT. this was the first severitus fic i read and fell in love with Snape as Harry's guardian/parent fanfic.
DarthVader7754 chapter 5 . 7/20
Oml i love this so much! It made my heart sad and so, so happy! I don’t really like how Remus’ character was written (who would?), but I got why it needed to be him. I really enjoyed this though!
Djth30294 chapter 5 . 7/14
Okay so basically, I actually read this book like last year when I first started exploring HP fanfiction, and I absolutely LOVED it. Today, I was scrolling through Reddit and I found it again on r/hpfanfiction. I reread it and I loved it EVEN more! I do love Remus, but I liked how this Fanfic was original and different. I loved every part of it and I cannot express how thankful I am that you wrote this. Amazing work! 3

OnlyRiddle'sGirl chapter 5 . 7/5
Love a caring snape.
aura-w chapter 5 . 6/16
Tis beautiful.
nammyneutron chapter 5 . 6/10
THIS IS AMAZING! I am so pleased with how this story ended and I am endlessly admiring your writing skills! granted, as you mentioned in the beginning, you took artistic liberties... but i think it resulted in a phenomenal story and i enjoyed reading it very much! i hope you’re doing well and thank you for writing this!
xikum chapter 4 . 6/8
This is more for ch 5 - and a re-read of a worthy fic: I very much enjoyed this story. Honestly, I have seen a couple others that had Lupin treating Harry unfairly after Sirius' death, and what I liked best about this was that Lupin came to his senses, got therapy and made peace with Harry, tho it was too little, too late. I love how you made Severus more of a healthy adult in this, and truly helped Harry.
PythonAnon chapter 4 . 5/29
Well not exactly 50 years, but 15 sounds kind of like 50. I really did enjoy this story and it made me feel feelings maybe cause it's 6:30 in the morning and I just finished reading the whole thing in one shot, but soso cause it's a good story. In any case, I feel mildly incoherent and who even knows if you'll ever read this but you're awesome and fantastic!
If it's still worldwide pandemic time when you read this, assuming you do, stay safe and healthy!
Also this is for ch 4 because apparently at some point I reviewed ch 5 but it must've been forever ago because I don't recall having read this story before. Also though I have a crappy recall so... *shrug*
Guest chapter 5 . 5/23
A very nice story. Very different from the others.
wearethewitches chapter 5 . 5/22
awesome fic!
Don't Trust The Silver Eyes chapter 5 . 5/16
When I tell you I used half a tissue box while crying all the way through this... such a great story!
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