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zeonista13 chapter 15 . 5/17/2013
Well, here we are at the breaking point. I am looking forward to the continuation of this story!
zeonista13 chapter 14 . 5/17/2013
Somehow I was not bothered by fan service. :) Yeah, Naga needs more work on the whole interaction with civilians thing. Sasuke was cute, for once, despite his need to glower some. Eiji discovered that domestic opposition to his schemes was more of a problem than he thought. Heh, hiding stuff from the wife will never turn out alright, Eiji. :) Eiji also suffers from the limitations of his own POV. His postulation that nobody bought into propaganda was charmingly naive, and dangerous wishful thinking. The whole point of propaganda is that it IS persuasive and motivational. Even the ones who complain the most about propaganda are usually making propaganda of their own.
zeonista13 chapter 13 . 5/17/2013
Don't beat yourself up too much about the manga backlog. Your story really doesn't have to be concerned with the Fourth Shinobi War. Granted Kishimoto seems wanting to go out with a lot of big bangs, and he's dropped some actual character development and useful back story on us, but you really don't have to get too pressed on it versus your story. I do recommend the "Story of Ninja" movie though.

Yukiko won that argument rather handily, so hopefully Sasuke will behave himself...a little. Seichi playing big brother with Naruto was amusing, as if he was trying to make up with Yukiko for the "fox brat" remark. Getting tripped up by flirting was amusing. though. And you brought up Ame again, so maybe Yukiko is seeing him more as a person... Heh, Yukiko had better watch out. ;) One eye on Seichi, one eye on the boys, who will be underfoot until Sandaime gives the all-clear sign.

Kakashi's analysis hinted that Itachi might have missed a couple of the remaining Uchiha, or at least not gotten to them yet. Of course, if he didn't get to all of them within 5 days, word of the massacre would have gotten out, and the others might really try to disappear. I suppose you will eventually deliver on the survivals?
zeonista13 chapter 12 . 5/17/2013
Yukiko learned about the mission goal, and she and Seichi argued over the merits of raising child soldiers. It's a familiar argument, but there is no easy resolution, right? The Hidden Villages probably aren't the best souliotn, but are there any better ones? Probably not, since Kishimoto referred to the time before the founding of the villages as "Sengoku Jidai". Like a lot of fist-waving young men, Eiji sees the problems, but has trouble seeing the consequences of just ending the system. John Adams, even Samuel Adams he's ethics are so much fun! :)

Sasuke proves as in canon that he really has no counter to any of Naruto's arguments. As in canon, he will have to struggle with the tunnel effect of his desire for revenge. It's worth noting here that pre-modern Japan actually did sanction revenge, but only if it was handled in a certain way. This is proved by the story of the 47 Loyal Ronin. Sasuke is the unsanctioned way, since the Japanese were acutely aware that the unchecked desire for revenge backed by a blade would cause far more harm than good, and damn the avenger in the long run. Which leads to the revelation at the end of the chapter, where Sasuke learns that he still might have some clansmen, and decides not to play along.
zeonista13 chapter 11 . 5/17/2013
Naga & Kafunnosuke got all mushy, which was amusing. Kafunnosuke's posturing was also amusing, although Kakashi was badass enough not to worry about that sort of challenge. Boys gotta show off for the girls, and all of that. :) Not a bad example of an expedient field alliance, although for all their sakes I am hoping right now that they never catch up to Itachi.

Poor Tsukime probably doesn't have much of a life to look forward to at this point. She's benched for life, since even a good prosthetic limb (at their tech level) wouldn't be as good as the real thing. At best she'll get a desk job, but most likely she'd get a "mission" to perpetuate the Sharingan by the obvious method. Then once she wakes up she'll learn that her clan has nearly been destroyed. Will Yukiko get another person to watch over?
zeonista13 chapter 10 . 5/17/2013
Eiji got served notice on the fragility of his scheme, yes? well, add another egg to the omelet, and hope nobody noticed right away... Naga got a break, and help from the backstory, to Kakashi's fake disapproval. That was helpful in the end, although of course it was nicely convenient that the Kusa chuunin team in question happened to know Naga. ;) And of course the Big Adventure finally got brought into the open, and Yukiko had to deal with it. Poor Yukiko, hopefully she will not have apoplexy before the mission ends.
zeonista13 chapter 9 . 5/17/2013
Sasuke begins to feel the riptide of Naruto's Tomodachi no Jutsu. It made me feel a little nostalgic too. Young friendship with no strings or back history attached...good times. :) Yukiko and Kurenai do move a step closer to friendship, although if Kurenai has to tell Yukiko to lighten up about guys, she is in trouble. :) Seichi's managed MPD makes it difficult to tell if he is serious about flirting with Yukiko. Being a ninja, he is probably doing it on purpose.
zeonista13 chapter 8 . 5/17/2013
Despite the all the good plot development on all levels, the only thing I really focused on was that Genma was going to rue the day he didn't pay attention to two boys running away to be ninja...
zeonista13 chapter 7 . 5/17/2013
Naga & Kakashi also do the buddy movie, with Kakashi being a better sensei then he lets on. Canon Team 7 may not have been a real test of his capabilities since Naruto tended to be ADD, Sakura tended to be a cheerleader, and Sasuke tended to be a jerk. Then Jiraiya swooped in and took over teaching Naruto just when he was learning to pay attention. Oh well... OTOH Naruto & Sasuke overcame their first teamwork crisis and moved on with the "infiltration plan". The Kyuubi seems to have peeked out momentarily, subconsciously putting the smackdown on Sasuke.
zeonista13 chapter 6 . 5/17/2013
Kakashi & Iruka argue over their differences a few years before canon and Kakashi entering Team 7 into the Chuunin Exam. Some things never change... Kakashi wins again, abetted by Naga needing to take action for herself and poor Tsukime. ( BTW Japanese fans would have given you a lot of crap for crippling but not killing her. The Japanese attitude towards the handicapped is not one of their attractive cultural traits.) Kakashi having an ersatz team photo was nice, and proof that the three chuunin have had a good influence on him. It's especially good since Kakashi in canon admitted that he spent a long time in ANBU after the Kyuubi Incident with a severe deathwish. He intentionally failed genin teams due to his own feelings of inadequacy, and the skewed perspective of his own service history. Meanwhile, Naruto & Sasuke did the junior buddy movie. :) despite sasuke's constant carping, he went along with Naruto anyway because Naruto was going to help him.
zeonista13 chapter 5 . 5/17/2013
Yukiko and Seichi getting into character was fun. Seichi's choice of cover persona seems to have already gotten old, and it's only day 1... Yukiko has all the luck, another of Konoha's version of Delta Force members think she's attractive and interesting! :D
zeonista13 chapter 4 . 5/17/2013
Kishimoto did not get too into Akatsuki's recruitment times. It's implied that Madara-Tobi & Pain recruited them as they became available and a meet could be scheduled. (It couldn't have been easy, since S-class nukenin would be difficult to locate!) At your time in the story Itachi is due to be recruited, since Madara-Tobi has more or less roped him in already. Orochimaru would still be a member, although he would probably leave in a year or two.

Eiji has the sort of dangerous idealism that would let him become an Akatsuki supporter, or at least a catspaw. At a second reading his motives were clear, and yes Pain would want to talk to him. He's not a bad person, but Eiji is dangerous to the status quo, and unless he is tougher and luckier than you have let on, he will not live long.

Naruto gets started on that "orders schmorders" attitude early, dragging Sasuke off on a Big Adventure. Yeah, Yukiko is going to rue the here we were pleased that he was paying attention to her requests and doing well in school. :)
zeonista13 chapter 3 . 5/17/2013
Your portrayal of Konoha's operations schedule being disrupted by Itachi's action was real enough. SNAFU city, yeah. :) Naga is now cool enough to go on missions with Kakashi, awesome. She would have to do her best to recover, because time and super-jounin wait for no one. Kurenai and Yukiko would get along of course, even if Kurenai was a combat genjutsu user and Yukiko was a spy. Seichi was enigmatic of course; his level of operators don't show their real selves a lot. I liked his fortune-telling quirk too; most Japanese accept divination of any kind with a level of belief that would be regarded as naive or unseemly in the USA.
zeonista13 chapter 2 . 5/17/2013
Naga earned a level in badass by breaking Tsukiyomi. Your reasons fro making it so were noted, but it was still awesome. I accepted it because Naga had the aggressive personality to overcome the genjutsu rather than get swept up in it. Genjutsu is a test of perception and willpower, so I figured Naga if caught short on the first, would do well in the second. Sasuke being an emo porcupine brat was predictable, and Yukiko handled him well enough. I liked Yukiko immediately realizing what the crow over the hospital meant. I also liked Yukiko being there at the debrief to cover a canon plot hole. I never thought of it, either. :P Even if Fugaku wanted a coup, he would have made sure that undependable Uchiha clansmen were out of town, and if they were on missions, he couldn't recall them without tipping his hand. Itachi could have known about them though... I think you might have invented a new fanon for "overlooked Uchiha survivor" trope. :)
zeonista13 chapter 1 . 5/17/2013
Woot, way to get the sequel started! Yukiko gets Sasuke thrust on her and Naga's team spirit gets her forced into a showdown with Itachi the Cute and Terrible. This is a true AU, since Sandaime now knows Yukiko was a trustworthy guardian, so naturally he expects her to do it again. And thus it was proved again that virtue is its own (and only) reward. :) It's a BIG departure from canon, but I could deal with it. After all, letting Sasuke live by himself would result in canon Sasuke, that horrid obsessed brat. Changing the setup could only improve him!

Yukiko being herself, we got more of a look at the needs of managing an orphan that Kishimoto skipped over because he only got 40 pages a month or so to tell his story. (And because Danzo probably got his mitts all over the paperwork, since the benign neglect of Sasuke seemed a little too pat at times.) Having Midori the foster mom from hell re-appear to plague Sasuke was funny. Tsukime was an interesting OC Uchiha, being a blondie and not having a quarterstaff shoved up her ass. Which might explain why she was out doing missions in BFE with "snake-slut" instead of doing easy work around Konoha. ;)
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