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Jemmos chapter 13 . 5/3
im not even sure how many times i've re read this now over the years, always coming to the same ending. its a great ride.. but with such an disapointing stop. Guess i'll ride again in another year or two, maby, just maby, it will be different.
wildwill chapter 1 . 4/19
This whole rape/torture plotline is very interesting
omnitroid chapter 13 . 4/2
I’m not one to talk, but are you ever gonna finish this? I’m dying to read more!
FireInLife chapter 1 . 1/28
You probably get this a lot, but that Donald Trump reference? Hell of a coincidence. I didn't even know who that was when I first read this story sometime around 2013.

I certainly hope your words don't become even more prophetic with him authorizing his face also being carved into Rushmore.

That said, why DID you use Donald Trump? I'm not sure too much about Trump before he ran, so was it like a Simpsons reference or did Trump claim he would run years ago? Or did you like him? For that matter, I'm curious if you voted for him?

Anyways, rereading this story. Should be a blast evem if the last update was forever ago :p
Zjinu chapter 1 . 1/24
Damn this was really good, i wish it was continued
Trump chapter 1 . 12/14/2017
Are you from the future!?
Ireland Scott of BROH chapter 13 . 12/10/2017
?! NOOOOOOOOOO! It’s... It’s over? Nooooooooooooo!
OTPwanderer chapter 13 . 10/8/2017
Ozzallos is God!

I must pray to Ozzallos 25 times a day to ensure the continuance of this story.

Glory be to Ozzallos, and may everyone here be blessed by the Fanfiction Holiness this narrative emits!
Hikari Nova chapter 1 . 9/26/2017
if I remember correctly even in Naruto they call the separate aspects of chakra the very few times it's come up as KI and Chi for the physical and mental/spiritual halves that make up chakra
Neko-Mitsuko chapter 13 . 8/16/2017
This story is beyond words so far. When I originally stumbled across it I was like pass because I did think it was going to be a Ranma-chan paired with some guy and was like wants none of it, but I'm glad this glance at it I gave it a chance. Hope Ranma makes full recovery from the psychological torture intended yet not to that level by Kurenai.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/5/2017
Christ, that Trump joke seems like such a slap in the face now.
vysirez chapter 13 . 7/10/2017
I have to say despite how my reviews so far might appear, I have been liking the story quite a bit. I have some troubles with the last chapter or two.

I'm getting a bit pissed about how Kohona is treating Ranma. They have gotten an incredible windfall. Ranma is, a best, an S-rank ninja they can add to their forces for the simple efforts of fixing his chakra and genjutsu issues, and letting him grow up and learn from them a bit. At worst, he's an incredible trainer who has a ton of completely unknown and powerful techniques they can add to their knowledge base. How to they react to this gift, they treat him like crap. They act as if they are doing him some huge favor, by allowing him to train their ninja, and not get murdered by them. I thought the Hokage was avoiding this, but he seems to be joining the bandwagon.

OMG, Ranma isn't mentally ready to go on seduction/assassination missions within a couple months of arriving in this world, well we can't have that. We will have to stop him from doing anything unless he submits to rape/torture training, that none of the other ninja's appear to go through. The arguments are that Ranma can't be trusted outside the village without this training, except they send genin out. So that means that the genin should be getting this training too, but I never see any mention of it, and I don't mean in cannon, I mean in your story. We don't see Ino, Tenten or Hinata going through this training.

Ranma's other choice, besides rape training, is proving he can resist genjutsu, because that is somehow related? They have acknowledged that he has a problem with genjutsu, he's working on it. So suddenly he has to have fixed this problem, for no reason, except they apparently want to use him as a female assassin. The only way him resisting the genjutsu proves that he doesn't need the rape training, is if the genjutsu is an illusion of torture/rape.

So Kurenai's surprise at her results make no sense. She knew that he had no ability to resist Genjutsu, she's the one who has been training him on that. You make the claim that the Genjutsu isn't supposed to be that bad, but if it's not, then how is it supposed to prove that Ranma can resist torture/rape. They have acknowledged that Ranma was from somewhere that wasn't nearly as lethal, or basically evil, as the ninja villages. They know he needs to learn to deal with this change. So they are surprised and dismayed that Ranma reacts badly to the forced experience of torture and rape? Really? To make it worse, Ranma decides that they are in the right, and rolls with it, and then gets chewed out by the Hokage because he reacted badly to it. I love how Anko advocates that they should teach Ranma to enjoy being raped as a tactic to reduce the impact. I mean it's kind of interesting in a twisted, kinky story I might read somewhere else, but not what I was expecting from a K story on .

Whats this bullcrap the Hokage is spewing about Ranma taking some "unwise third alternative". Kurenai gave him 2 choices, rape training, or genjutsu test, which is evidently illusionary rape training. Well, I guess there were 3 choices, the third being standing down, and not doing anything and starving to death? Or I guess Ranma might be able to learn some trade before starving to death. Which is really a non-choice, but either way, where does the Hokage get off acting like Ranma was the one who made up this idea. Kurenai is the one who gave the options, she's the one who cast the genjutsu, she's the one who's lucky that Ranma didn't murder her when he got out. Or is the 'unwise third alternative' Hokage talks about running away from the people who tortured and raped you because they didn't feel you were quite ready to be their new female infiltrator/assassin.

Really, there have been no apologies, no sorry, we didn't really mean to force you to mentally live through torture and rape. Instead Ranma gets told that he has go get more rape training, or they will murder him. "Anything to say in your defense Satome-san"? What bullshit is this. Ranma owes Kohona almost nothing. A tiny bit of debt for the food and housing they have provided, a bit more for the training they have been doing, both of which are far out weighed by the training he's provided in return. Rereading that conversation with the Hokage while I type this just pisses me off more. "This must stop". What 'this' is Hokage talking about, stopping them from murdering Naruto? Training team 13 like they asked him to do? Not being enough of an ass kisser to the council? Since Ranma has proved he powerful, so that means he either has to be Kohona's bitch, or they kill him. Lovely place. I had thought Kohona was better then Mist or Lightning, but it seems that they are just more subtle about it. Oh Yes, Ranma also gets the option of completely giving up everything his life has been devoted to up to this point and becoming a short order cook for Kohona as well.

Sorry if this got rather ranty. I didn't start out intending to leave a review so extreme, but every time I read over the chapter I would find even more points that bothered me. The story started out pretty well, but it just seems to be going downhill, and the whole rape issue came up like a cliff.
vysirez chapter 11 . 7/10/2017
I liked this chapter pretty well. I have to say though I kind of wanted Ranma to tell Kohona to jump in a lake. They are all acting like they are doing him some huge favor when it's the other way around. He's a goldmine of new techniques and he's willing to teach their ninja, and they act like he's some peon that should be grateful? Ranma getting into it with Hiashi made sense too, but I kind of wanted him to tell them it's their loss and just head out. I know it wouldn't work for the story, so this worked better, but they were getting on my nerves.

Speaking of that, I normally like most fics that have the Kyuubi as a character, but for some reason in this one she just pisses me off. Almost everything she does irritates me, and I know your trying to make her sympathetic, but it doesn't seem to be working, for me at least. I have yet to see any redemptive characteristics in her. She is deceitful, dishonest, egotistical and rude. She has yet to show any positive traits at all. She claims to honor her word, but has show that she is willing to be completely dishonest in how she interprets it. Yes, that is the classic trope about bargains, but also classically, the kind of beings that bargain like that, demons and devils, are fairly universally reviled. So her claim to honor her word while twisting the spirit isn't a good thing.

That all said, I think you did quite well with the fight here, and lead up to it flowed well too.
vysirez chapter 9 . 7/10/2017
I'm a bit confused about the whole 'parole' situation. In the discussion Kyuubi stated that Naruto and Ranma would have the keys to her freedom. I'm not really seeing it since she seems to pop out whenever she wants. Since this whole parole situation seems to be based on her honoring the agreement and she barely seems to be doing so, I find it hard to believe that Danzo or even the Hokage haven't assassinated Naruto yet.
vysirez chapter 7 . 7/10/2017
I like the story well enough so far. However I do have to say that one of my issues with canon Naruto is that he was too stupid to live. I mean that almost literally, that he was so dumb that it wasn't believable that he would have survived everything that happened. It seems like you are continuing that idea, since Naruto here in chapter 7 is too stupid to live. He's so bad, and it's so easy for her to get out, that it's not plausible that the fox hasn't escaped already. She would have reached out to him when he was 5 or 6 and he was in a bad time and gotten him to release her.
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