Reviews for It's About a Baby, and These Bad Guys
grnfield chapter 20 . 12/31/2016
Fantastic, well written and the ending is soooo sweet!
Space1Traveler chapter 20 . 5/1/2008

Really, really great fic. Everything was here: Genii, Asgards, Wraith... It was as good as the first and definitely a 10 hankie.

Thanks you for sharing this with me. *Yeah, still crying...*
Liz chapter 5 . 3/31/2008
It's Alicia, isn't it? Please don't let it be Alicia, I like her :(
quezovercoatl chapter 20 . 12/22/2006
I found this story on the McShep Award list yesterday.

Since it's a sequel I read Not the Daddy first and then went straight on to this one and was 5am this morning when I reached the end of the story.

I hope you will write more stories together.

You write McKay and Sheppard really well (everybody else too)

I love Lily and I was really glad Lorne wasn't the bad guy.

The only thing that could have made this story even better then it was now would be if it had some more McKay whump.

Maybe you can whump him more in a next story (there will be one, won't there?) You can whump Sheppard too, just don't forget about McKay :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

I hope you get lots of plotbunnies :)
Gubamon chapter 20 . 11/26/2006
The ending is so cute! I love it
Dr.Fumbles.McStupd chapter 20 . 8/18/2006
God. I have read this series a gajillion times and every time the ending gets me teary eyed. I love your writing style. You make it OK to have bad stuff happen over and over without it seeming like a soap opera! And where do you get the time to write!
seektheinfinite chapter 20 . 4/6/2006
Wow. I have just spent the last two days reading not the daddy, and the straight through to this fic. And I just had to say how much I loved both. They were absolutely brilliant. I just couldn't put it down, good job were on easter holidays at the moment. I am not really a fan of slash, but the way that you handled John and Rodneys ever growing relationship was nicely done, and I really enjoyed it.

Poor John, you really put him through the ringer, and I thank you for it. You really can't have too much whump in a story (my evil twisted mind doesn't think so anyway)

Great story, really looking forward to your next collaboration
Belisse chapter 20 . 3/22/2006
Ok, this one took me a while to finish. But I have finally done it and even though I have to admit that I love the writing style of the two of you. There were things that bugged me in this fic. And I'm not talking about the slash.

First, I liked the sequel idea to resolve the whole sub plot on not the daddy. And even though I love whumping. There were moments where I just though, "Oh what now? How much more can someone take?" I actually feel kind of bad for saying it. But there were moments where the whumping was there just for the sake of it.

If this wouldn't have been a sequel, it was ok. But it was a sequel, so I still have to remember all the past whump, especially what John went through up to the sequel. And it's a lot. Most of it you've handled it great. But seriously, what was the point of having the half wraith/half ancient thing in the fic?

I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just trying to understand. I could have read the fic without that section and it wouldn't matter. At least to me.

Now, about the slash. I'm going to honestly say that before this fic. I've never read a slash fic. At least not a serious one. So, before I felt weird reading this I went out and read all the slash fics I could find. In any rating, just to make sure I wasn't going to be bugged by it, and I could enjoy your fic. And it worked... to some degree.

I really liked the way you handled it. It was there, it was really nice to see them caring so much for eachother. And I was ready to accept it. BUT and this is a BIG BUT; there is a point in which their relationship changes. And I understand that it has to change. They needed to work out their feelings for eachother.

But the way it was handled it, well... the thing went from a relationship I could see anywhere. To a section in which the fic transformed into a really fluffy, icky fic. I was not bothered by their affection for eachother and how they showed it. But there were moments that I felt I was reading the work of a writer who wanted to do a really sweet and fluffly slashy fic, and not the work of two of my favorite fanfic writers.

I'm really sorry, because I usually don't do this, and not nearly this long. But I felt the need to say it. You haven't lost me as a reader, but I felt a bit of disappointment at the ending of this fic.

I loved Lily and everything about her. I even felt sad when she was lightly whumped *frowns* As I said before, I liked this fic. But there were things that could have been improved. Of course, the fic was finished a month ago. So you can read this and ignore it, the fic is done anyways. I just wanted to give my thoughts after being so stuck with Not The Daddy.

*goes off to read fanfics she has missed for the past month*
Kristina Kenaston chapter 9 . 2/21/2006
I am this far along in your "Not the Daddy/About a Baby" series which I am reading all at once.

I think the spy is nurse Alicia.

I will send a detailed review when I am done with the series.

Kristina Kenaston

Little Rock, AR, USA
Kristina Kenaston chapter 20 . 2/15/2006
This is just a preliminary comment. I just downloaded "Not The Daddy" & "About A Baby" and will combine all the chapters to read on my eBook. I am immensely fond of male pregnancy and parenting slash stories, and I can not wait to start these. I had to really restrain myself from starting to read as I downloaded and consolidated the chapters. I look forward to sending a review when I have finished the stories.

Kristina Kenaston

Little Rock, AR, USA
Lilas chapter 20 . 2/15/2006
BWAHAHAHAHA! That's great! She's going to be such a little brat later on when she's a toddler. I bet you she's got the gene, or some rendition of it, since that's what attracted Dreya to John *snkrs* It'd be funny.

GREAT JOB! I just *sighs* I love your fics so much (the both of you). So big thumbs up for a fantastic sequel to a fantastic story!
Delka chapter 20 . 2/14/2006
Bravo! And I guess all good things must come to a end. Darn. :) Thank you!
Jules47 chapter 20 . 2/14/2006
I loved this ending, it's so nice that everything is going good for Col Sheppard after he's been through so much in the last 2 years. Finally he's happy and content.

Very enjoyable read.
KitsuneHi13 chapter 20 . 2/14/2006
AW! That was such a sweet ending! XD

I don't know if I want more or if I just want you to leave it at that. T_T

GREAT fic! _ Very unique and VERY well written!
krysalys chapter 20 . 2/14/2006

Uncle Ronon should talk, hrm? *snickersnort*

Fantastic ending to an exquisite story.

So... any thoughts on continuing this series? Hm? I so loved these two stories, m'dear. You did such an exquisite job of weaving the tale, and all of the elements it contained.

Well, whatever you decide to write next, I shall await it quite eagerly. :)


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