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Guest chapter 1 . 6/9/2013
i dunno.. it's not bad, not the best, but also not bad. so are jesse and suze, like, married?
Angel4eva-15 chapter 25 . 12/22/2012
Are you ever going to finish it?
Bee chapter 24 . 1/24/2012
Ohmylord. You are just...fucking hilarious. Marry me? :D

Just kidding(I think). Anyway, I think I like drunk Melinda too. She just...PARTY IN MY PANTS. YES! I bow down to your supreme witticism. This is seriously the ONLY fanfic I look forward to reading. So far I've been a silent reader but you mad em feel guilty and alas! I caved and decided to write this (incredibly long and boring) review. I am definitely a fan of yours. Do update soon, I want to know what becomes of all this. I hereby declare you 'Funniest Fanfic Writer Ever'. I hope thou is pleased with thy title. Bye~
I want to be Jesse's girl chapter 24 . 11/11/2011
Oh so I suck! Big time...I haven't been on fnf for ages - or well my fnf emails and then boom I go on and there's a little email about an TDO update and dedicated to little old me. SWEET...

Oh Gosh I do miss Melinda...Reading this...freaking hilarious...Man, I wish that Melinda really existed or something or well, Melinda is kinda a reflection of it's author so she does...hahah...Party in her pants...This was the exact diagnosis that I needed - working life is a scorcher, there the 8 hour day and then the beyond expectation and now God damn I miss uni...and comedy. This was lovely, comedy and young romance with a hot, meant he is hottt...seriously.

I've been reading Gena Showalter's Lord of the underworlds and I'll tell you what there are hot guys there like manlicious but Nick and Melinda is just so...perfect...more perfect than a best selling author...seriously girl, you got to go out and publish a little something and then credit me...hahah. jk.

Boys are sort of like chicks but with COCKs and a different grieving process...seriously ace...have to use that sometime...a drunk Melinda is that much more funnier - the gift mouth gift mouth...Fuck! The brilliance...seriously girl where do you come up with this goldmine worth...and Nick's suck your mum's's all I can do from bursting out with laughter...

And the cocky bastard first has the SLUTs tongue down his throat and the whole intense stare well if it was anyone else that would be creepy but with Nick it's all good...AhHHH! I loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it...Thanks for this little edition of TDO...Hope for more...? Seriously I'll be more devoted to fnf if there's a promise for more...a pout, puppy eyes, Melinda's crazy talk...need some of that...Shutting up now. I need to get drunk...drunk is fun especially when there's a party in Nick's pants...hhahah (well technically Melinda's but well you know...) Okay enough craziness I have no idea what I actually wrote...All I know was that it was fucking ace and I want more of that
LampakaTheIlluminator chapter 24 . 11/7/2011
Hey! Remember me? It's been an ahge since i've been here. Anyway, I got an e-mal telling me this had been updated and I just had to check it out. Aren't we old? I'm 17! It's icky. I feel far too immature to be this age. I certainly can't believe that I'm going to universtiy next year. it must be some strange hoax.
Isabellnecessary chapter 23 . 1/31/2011
Ha. Love this story. BTW, you are right about boy talk involving the repititive mention of 'balls'. I ahve two brothers. I should know. Please keep updating

I want to be Jesse's girl chapter 23 . 5/5/2010
My dearest Mariah,

How are you girl? So I haven't particularly been able to indulge in fanfiction this year - an unfortunate sacrifice that I need to make in order to graduate...supposedly it should be my foremost priority. I know I know ain't that absolutely gobsmackingly delicious...

Besides boring you with the details that is my life...I just want to say a big I MISS YOUR WRITING GAL. Seriously, big time...TDO was at this big break through and damn, I'm still at the brink wondering what is happening to the lovely Melinda and her hot lover boy...

Ofcourse, take your time dear coz life unfortunately doesn't stop for fanfic and well priorities should not be compromised for us lot. But regardless, have to say that this fic is bloody amazing - and indeed you have a fan base - of which undoubtable Erika is the primary candidate (judging from her big time review which won her a lovely little one shot) but little old me is not far behind...

Anyways girl, hope things are going well in your side of town

Take care

Your fan,
I want to be Jesse's girl (or perhaps it should be shorten to IwtbJg - a weird abbreviation suited to it's owner... - lol).
ancalime chapter 23 . 12/15/2009
will you please update this story? i am solemnly curious...
bloodycreature-postergirl chapter 23 . 8/18/2009
I LUV THIS STORY! is this the end? i cant really tell
Bunnylass chapter 23 . 7/4/2009
Oh shit, you know what, I am fucking speechless after this one! I've had this sitting in my inbox since you updated and waiting for some love. But each time I open up the bloody review box window, my mind goes blank! Because there's only one bloody line I can think to use from this whole AWESOME chapter...and that's...

-'Fucking ace...'

Shit! SHIT! Could you have written a more PERFECT fucking chapter? Really! Because the end part where goes and saves his gal...It was beyond fucking ace...It was fucking MINT! Oh SHIT! My brain is broke. You broke my bloody brain! Serves you right for writing the most perfect and funny and brilliant ending and chapter you did!

UPDATE SOON! LIKE, NOW! FUCK THIS REVIEW OFF - APART FROM THIS BIT - COS IT SUCKS! BUT I NEED THE NEXT CHAPTER! Like, like, I NEED SUGAR! Which, believe me, is pretty necessary for my state of health! And while you're writing the next chapter, forgive me for this extremely crappy review. And for the lateness. Real life is being a bitch at the moment.

On a serious note...LOVED this chapter. Written perfectly, best emotion you could have though to use, considering it's a guy's POV. :D And Melinda's reaction...SPOT ON! All of it was bang-on, hun! Thanks for the update! *Hugs*
Sevvy101 chapter 23 . 6/29/2009
Okays so i read this pretty soon after you update-I swear I did-on my phone (mommy loves me and put internet on our phone plan(:) but the shit part? Fanfiction's little captcha thing doesnt LOAD on my computer and whenever I hit 'go' to submit an unsigned review, it doesnt load right):

Oh; and I'm entirely way too lazy and forgetful to review on my computer

Until now, i mean


I loved the chapter(:

And okay, I loved every chapter, especially the ones with Nick's POV, BUT THAT IS BESIDES THE POINT!

. . . I hope so, at least



I love twitter.

Do you love twitter?

Just wondering. . .


WELP I hope you have a good holiday!(are you on holiday? it's summer here...aka...NO MORE SCHOOL HUZZAH!)

ill shush now...:P


I want to be Jesse's girl chapter 23 . 6/18/2009
Hola senorita Mariah,

Glad to have TDO back - gosh I didn't know I was so persuasive - lol.

This chapter was fucking ace indeed. Massively so. I mean I do like Melinda and all but Nick is ohh lala and let's face it he's hot and well Mel is one lucky bitch - her mum too. I on the other hand am severely lacking in finding any REAL hot guy. Well I mean hot and awesome guys...But who cares right?

Okay mindless babbling aside - I can't tell you how happy I was to see an update and now I am smiling like a dumbass.

This whole chapter was excellent (I'm doing a Mr. Burns (i.e. Simpsons)). The whole kung fu fighting (I love that song) with Kei...I mean Stacy and then Nick feeling like a fucking fag coz he realized holy shit I'm beating up a...chick? And ofcourse initially he thought that Keith had all of a sudden developed weird girly tendencies - squealing OMG your in love with Mel isn't quite you know psychopathic killer manly dude or whatever fucked up version Keith is.

But I loved the way you expressed his emotions - you know him all psyched up to give Keith one good bashing - and Mel and anger being the only thing on his mind.

Ah ghostly powers...sounds awesome - I should try to leave some unfinished business behind before I die so I can test out these skills. Okay I know I'm being way creepy - but even if I became a ghost I would be more like Casper the friendly neighbourhood ghost or whatever.

Anyways Stacy rocks though and as I mentioned before so does her ghostly powers. Ohh fucking shit that Nick doesn’t have the whole shifter deal like umm…his hot sexy dad…c’mon Paul Slater is evil but undeniably sexy (and you write his character so well and Nick sort of got the whole Slater charm doesn’t he? *sigh* I so need a bf now).

Lol – by the way love this line “I hear this is a great place to pick up chicks.” Yeah typical Slater trait. Ahh and typical Mel wanting Nick out and all obviously got the Suze thing you know self sacrifice for the ones you love – I remember Slater said that to her ages ago when she broke it off with Nick to keep him safe from the craziness that is Keith.

Is it just me or is TDO seemingly ending – coz I have a feeling the bad guys will be taken down very soon and then the two lovebirds will get together or something. Okay fine I know authors secret but it’s killing me (not literally but definitely my brain is going what next? Sort of thing.)

Oh and the profession of love great ending – especially what with the danger lurking. Will they live? Won’t they? Dahahahahha – stay in tune to find out the answers to these questions and more. Ohh I so can’t wait.

P.S. sorry for the seemingly crazy mood – as you might probably already know from my various reviews I am slightly wacked plus today I’m a bit hyper. Oh and the late review sorry about that too – didn’t get much time to type up a review – coz the comp was never free….shucks – until now….Yeah….I’m so glad to hear that the next chapter is planned out hopefully we’ll see it soon *big smile and puppy dog eyes* – you can’t say no to that I love my dose of Mel and Slater – both Slaters actually…um…can’t decide who is better…Until later then and thumbs up for the cool as chapter and hopefully more to come.
vamps v-v chapter 23 . 6/16/2009
love it!

seriously, great job, now just write more faster.
Everything you know is fangirl chapter 1 . 6/16/2009
love it. Sorta sad that your best friend killed herself though
Sevvy101 chapter 22 . 2/1/2009

and so are you, aparently(:

...Miranda Priestly...Priestly...ARGH sounds so familiar...I hear ana hathoway's voice in my*buzz* OO A TEXT MESSAGE *responds to it*



am i right am i right?



slow moment

. . -reads-

. . . IS THIS A POEM OR WHAT? ope, no, no it isnt...


WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LID TO MY NAIL POLISH REMOVER? oh...there it is *sheepish grin*


back to texting/painting my nails/reading/and drinking v8 fusion {YUMMY STUFF!}

...god, i love multitasking(:


. . . . Keith's special, isn't he?

Also, does he have crossdressing issues? He seems to love being in Stacey's body...just, you know, saying.


i have one hand done(:


oops. nope. keith's snarling at the feminine clothing comments! i guess he DOESNT like being a girl.


that boys missing out on fun.


{oh and i randomly have 'l's missing from words, sorry, the key's sticking. its pissing me off. gr}


im kind of...

worried to know the rest of his story.

you know? what. is keith gonna start making out with lisa's comatose form?



but yeah

i think ill end this, check our your profile, finish my other hand somewhere in there, and then head to bed.

all my texting friends went to sleep. LOSERS. just cause its midnight doesnt mean a thing!


so yeah.



PS: OH BTW. New update on hair(: i is saving my money now to get a slighty shorter, choppier/razored/layered, haircut with heavy sideswept bangs and blonde highlights. i have a pic for reference. it's amazing(:

just thought id tell ya...XD
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