Reviews for Hell Eyes
D00rFr4m3 chapter 53 . 5/21
This was a *fantastic* read. Thank you, so much for writing this. This is probably my second favorite fic ever. Is awesome.
mygreenshoelaces chapter 53 . 5/7
I loved it so much! Thank you!
Honestly I have no idea what my fav chap was. They were all so fascinating, i dont think that I can seperate the story into chapters in my mind. I read it all at once, its like your worlds sucked me in and never let me go i guess ill go read the sequel now :)
Thank you for your story.
Bye! Karo
mygreenshoelaces chapter 44 . 5/6
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nooooooooo Enna mustnt die! (yet)
Anyway, your story is absolutly amazing! I love it!
Its so brilliant how you describe the worlds and the different charakters! You really are making them come to life.
(Ps: my english isnt the best, its not my native language and Im using a lot of google translate right now ) Nevertheless, feel hugged and kissed because your story is so exraodinary and so wunderful! Im very glad you decided to let us read about your worlds- and that you mastered this task of writing such a long and well thought- out story.
Thank you very much!
(And I hope everything will be fine in the end. Although nothing could stop me from loving this story, not even a sad ending, i still would prefer a happy ending with rainbow and glitter and pairings and so on :D)
Hugs&Kisses, Karo
Timeportal88 chapter 53 . 4/5
Just finished your story and it's definitely unique. I love how you crafted your own world and developed Lush and Aerys as characters. The overall plot line was very engaging as well!

I will say that you had some pacing issues and sometimed like you could've cut away some parts (character and plot-wise) and the story would've been the same. Nonetheless it was still a great story and one I'm glad I read!
PwnerofHeroes chapter 53 . 3/22
Great story
Lord Barinthus chapter 53 . 2/15
This story absolutely blew my mind! If you replaced Harry with a fictional character of your creation but kept the similar wizarding background, you could sell this as a novel! I hope you've tried!
Lord Barinthus chapter 52 . 2/15
Harry only has a mortal lifetime to be with Enna, but that's a bit of a misnomer, considering the Silent can live for millennia if they aren't killed or suicide.
Lord Barinthus chapter 51 . 2/15
My God, you have quite the way of inspiring empathy. I initially HATED Lush, and now I love her. And after Harry learned of why Intuition acted as she did, my heart cries for her.
Lord Barinthus chapter 45 . 2/15
I hope when all is said and done, he gets a MUCH better title than The Portal Guide God. For example: The God of Travels, God of the In-Between, The Journey God. Literally ANYTHING more interesting than what they currently call him.
Lord Barinthus chapter 42 . 2/15
Lord Barinthus chapter 36 . 2/15
YES! I was so worried the author would focus only on Harry's happily-ever-after and not fix the underlying problem. Loving this!
Lord Barinthus chapter 31 . 2/15
I'm LOVING this new twist!
Lord Barinthus chapter 26 . 2/15
I'm very disappointed in this turn of events. Like, OF COURSE they're working together.
Lord Barinthus chapter 24 . 2/15
So do Silent just not need to breathe? Obviously they (especially Cursed) can survive in the Void for a bit, but to just chill at the bottom of the Lake? Feels like a capability that should have been described earlier in the fic during his Silent education.
Lord Barinthus chapter 22 . 2/15
We were never given a firm age for Enna, and when she was first introduced I thought she was ~12. As they're currently making out, I'm going to revise that to 15-16, lol.
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