Reviews for To Fight The Coming Darkness
lotusalchemist chapter 7 . 2/27
There is a harry potter version monopoly.
loek.janssen.9 chapter 16 . 2/12
the mother of all plot twist.. loving it!
rlchala chapter 41 . 2/11
I believe the most interesting part of this story is seeing your progress as a writer throughout it. The beginning had a few cringeworthy parts, one dimensional characters, an annoying and rebellious protagonist, and a flat love interest. It was also full of cliches like the 'end of line clauses' the lordships, the goblins and so on.

But I saw you grow as a writer every chapter. Your characters motivations were explained, and their reactions toned down to a more believable standard, Susan flourished, and your plot became intriguing and full of surprises.

Maybe there was to much death. The almost eradication of the weasleys felt a little to close to bashing them. The death of fleur was uncalled for, and the Neville part was very disturbing. But it was a very entertaining story, and makes me want to read your original work, just to see how much better as a writer you are now.

misherukuro chapter 24 . 2/1
Thanks for the entertaining read. ,
Spica75 chapter 21 . 2/1
Nice alternate chapter names there.
How about "Disarming Dumbledore" as another alternative?
Spica75 chapter 11 . 2/1
A Roman short sword is a gladius. A glaive is a polearm, and has nothing to do with Romans.
Spica75 chapter 9 . 1/31
Some really novel stuff here, especially liked Peter studying motivational thinking, lol. Flighty Narcissa was neat as well. Also nice to see a proper Potter will, one that does not retroactively know that Peter is a traitor despite trusting him at the time.
And letting Peter be the competent person his deeds show him to clearly be.

However, its extremely kliché with the "my old friends were never really friends and must now be automatically rejected". Even if you did it better than average, its still very thin on believability.

Ron is a shallow, jealous and often nasty git, and Harry still sticks with him like glue if given the chance, but hes about the only one to be believable to drop as a friend. And thats mostly because Ron is petty enough to let something get between them and stay there.
Ditching Hermione because of what happened so far? Not a chance. And likewise from her side even if Harry tried.
Ginny would mope, be pissed off like hell, possibly blow something up, for a while and then most likely get over it and start focusing on keeping Harry -alive-. After spending most of her life as a fangirl, theres no way she wouldnt, especially when it could let her at least stick around him.
mab70 chapter 26 . 1/28
I know this is war and all but do you have to kill somebody important every chapter?
Also, I have been screaming at Harry and Dumbledore to redo the Fidelus charm ever since they knew Snape was a traitor. I mean, if you gave a key to your house to a friend and then found out that friend was out to hurt you , the first thing you would do is change the locks to your house.
Confused chapter 6 . 1/25
Is there a reason that you misspell HermIOne's name every single time? The first couple of times I thought they were typos, but it seems to be a pattern after several chapters of it.
Guest chapter 24 . 1/16
harry and ron both got the same grades, they where B student but so many people like to say harry could have been one of the best students in school. well why not ron if he did not get made fun of for year a wand that was made for him. he did well later in life so why not
Daphne y yo chapter 31 . 12/7/2014
Wow, that Voldywart interview is perfect. Very interesting seeing both sides.
rakfnan45 chapter 41 . 11/19/2014
This is quite possibly the best story that I've seen written on this site. It is truly beautiful the way you made it detailed, yet not mind-numbing, and quick moving, without lacking a sense of realism. Easily the most entertaining and interesting version of Riddle that I've ever seen. I just wish all the most interesting plots that I've come across could be written so brilliantly. Thank you for writing this.
CPO Backstreet chapter 41 . 11/16/2014
Hmm. Well, I made it to the end. You pulled back from what I feared but didn't quite manage to avoid making it seem like a bit of a disappointment. I sighed at seeing the "Ginny's an attempted rapist" cliché present and correct, at least you pulled back and made her sympathetic before killing her for no good reason, along with quite a few other characters (Luna killed as practically an afterthought, Dumbledore dying like an idiot). Maybe I'm missing the point but it seemed like there were a bit too many cases where the genuine 24-carat scumbags come out on top. Neville's killing rampage fails to off Pansy, who not only gets away with effectively murdering Ginny but actually profits from it. Hannah gets several levels of punishment but Chelsea Abbott, who seems well on the way to being the next Bellatrix Lestrange with her utter lack of remorse for harming Ginny, basically gets told not to do it again, then carries on being a bully. (And yeah, even if the magical oath is fanon, it makes no sense. How does having information ripped from your mind against your will qualify as telling them?) Oh yes, and Voldemort and Scrimgeour are still plotting to conquer the world, but I guess that's part of the temporary victory thing you've got on. But for a story that supposedly doesn't suit a sequel, it seems to be crying out for one.

Harry and Susan...well, she came across as a generic love interest at times but that kind of suits her status as an ordinary girl in the right place at the wrong time, who Harry bonds with through circumstances. I liked the way you wrote his relationships with just about everyone. The double bluff of Narcissa's betrayal didn't quite ring true when her thoughts had been written as if she was for real. Some great final battle scenes though.
Guest chapter 13 . 11/8/2014
I like that your Voldemort plots respectably-in canon he seems to take advice directly from the evil overlord list.
daithi4377 chapter 3 . 11/9/2014
In this chapter I can with some squinting see Dumbledore side of things but I still go with Harry. The comment or recipe he gave after the going Dark bit was insightful. Dumbledore by the looks of it is his usual I'm right and my way of looking at things is the only way it will be. Hopefully Harry wakes up and uses his brain.
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