Reviews for Heroes of Arcadia: The Gamemaster's Legacy
Donegone chapter 31 . 9/11/2003
Alright, having finally sat down after months of promising Ant I would read this I managed to down it all in one sitting, so now I am faced with making a good critique.

The story and writing made me feel nostalgic. I've been writing fanfiction for ten years, back before it was even CALLED fanfiction, and this reminds me of the way I used to write me stories. It also seems like something I would have written too, so kudos for that.

It was written well and it was a trip to see so many game characters in one place and fighting for Mobius against Robotnik. A few things stodo otu to me the most. Ant and Amy's talk beside the Power Ring Pool was exceptionally well done and the ongoing drama of Ant not sure if he should be the hero definitely brings more character to him than simply Ant embracing the role with no questions asked.

I know this is one of the older stories, but I had to start somewhere and I intend to read the entire Arcadia series and leave a good review on each of them.

Ant, you are a talented writer, as I knew you were. Not many authors could mix in so many characters and add the kinds of plot twists that you threw in, but you managed to do it and yo udid it well. 10 out of 10, A, two thumbs up for Heroes of Arcadia: The Gamemaster Legacy. Reading this makes me want to do my own Arcadia story.

TIll next time. Keep up the good work.

-Red Sonic
Luminous Blane chapter 12 . 9/6/2003
..."hope your parts are insured?" that's so corny. seriously, it could have been a lot better. don't get me wrong, I love your works, but puh-lease! in my opinion you could have made a much better joke with the same basic feel to it. "Then hope your warranty is still valid!" see? I know you probably don't care what I think, but I'm just throwing in my 2 bits.
MilesTailsPrower-007 chapter 1 . 9/6/2003
This is cool! Dude, you have enough reviews! Wow! Luminous Blane is the coolest! You and some other people tie for second though! w00t!
Mecha Shadow chapter 1 . 5/26/2003
This fic is another one of my favs! You lucky! There's only one other person who got two of his fics reviewed by yours truly! Anyway, great job you've done on the fics I've read.(I've read plenty, so I can compliment you on them too!)So do me a favor, and keep up the good work! See ya on the flip side!
Link Hunter chapter 32 . 5/4/2003
Alright, Anthony!

I've noticed this fic for quite a long time, but never sat and read through it!

Now that I'm done, I must say it takes place right up there with the best fics I've read! In fact, I need to rest my eyes for a while before continuing to read the rest of the saga!

PS: Feel free to use any of my characters in your future stories at your leisure!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/11/2002
Anthony, this is the best fanfic I have

every read in my in tirelife, I also

like your serise but to bad I can't read them because I can't read rated R fanfic
PerfectDarknessmon chapter 32 . 10/31/2002

Would write more, but it is *checks* 10:52 and mum is getting pissed at me.

The Freaky Butt Mate chapter 32 . 10/4/2002
I've got one thing to say.

ArthurEKing chapter 32 . 10/2/2002
Well... I FINALLY got around to reviewing this thing. Chances are, you'll probably just look over it, seeing as it's on your first arcadian story, but oh well, I'm still reviewing it anyways.

Okay... now for an interesyting change of pace, I'm only sending ONE review after reading the ENTIRE story... mainly because of the fact that seeing as this is such an old story, and because of the fact that there were so many short, short chapters, I figured it was probably the best way to go.

So one review. One chance to make a good impression :)

Now first things first, while this is not the first fanfiction like this that I've read, it DOES happen to be head and shoulders above most of the competition.

While I can honestly say that you are NOT the greatest writer on the face of the planet, you ARE however, a VERY talented story-teller. by the way, the two are NOT synonymous.

While your work is not technically advanced, you lack a certain flow to your words, there are several typos and gramatical errors, and you don't use a whole lot of description (which isn't the worst problem by far, but it's definately helpful to have at least a little bit of description in there somwhere) but in this particular case, that doesn't really matter as much as it might.

Good points... you DEFINATELY have a good command of dialogue, which can tend to be a little tricky for some writers like myself, but it could use a tiny bit of polish on it, to remove some of the smaller problems that have been present.

For example... your use of the word ad-libbed, happens to be a little improper, but it's not a big deal.

Also, when it comes to travel from portion to portion, you have used the phrase "the trip was uneventful" a little too often. Just about whenever you didn't really know what you wanted to happen during the trip, or if you just wanted them to be at the destination without describing the trip itself.

There's nothing wrong with skipping over certain sections of a story when you know that nothing important happens, there's no need to set the mood, etc. etc. Don't worry so much about having to talk about the trip there, just take them being there for granted. Same with a lot of the opening of the portals... it's just a repetition of the same, so it's not really important. Although the battles AT the portals are :)

However, by FAR the greatest (can't remember the stupid word... opposite of flaw. a good point, etc.)that I can state, is the actual story, and history, the legend, etc...

Basically, the background, the history of just what happened to the original companions, their descendants, etc. what the powers themselves are, and how they are used... much of it was very original, and DEFINATELY very usefull in many ways.

You've managed to take a lot of stuff, from a lot of places, so many different stories, ideas, etc. and combine it all in a process, into a story, a single living, breathing articulate piece of fiction, that is actually mind-bogellingly interesting. BRAVO!

So needless to say... this being the very FIRST of the series of arcadian stories, it's good. but I can only hope that the others will be even better.

I hope to see noticeable improvements in style, technique, an increase in description (both sensual, and emotional description) to help explain a few of the finer points, and an overall reduction in errors such as mis-used words and typos.

You are a VERY talented story-teller, you can come up with ideas that are EXTREMELY interesting to a read/writer like myself, but your delivery still needs some work. I can only assume that you have improved with age and experience, and can hardly wait to read the next in the series of Arcadian adventures.

Oh yeah... by the way... I'm going to have to ask your permission to use a certain segment of your ideas in a series of short-stories I'm planning on writing... My own Self-Insertion series similiar in some ways to arcadia, and actually using some of the backdrop of arcadia, but not actually using ANYTHING from sonic/mario/link/megaman games. mostly from books actually... although a few of the ff games, and marvel comics... hehehe.

So That's going to be my plug for my own series, but I can garuantee you, that while similiar in some respects, and going into a little further depth with the entire "portal" system and how it is created, let alone used, I'll try not to interfere with any of the ground rules you've set here :)

We'll discuss things later i think... it'll be... intersting :)

Arthur E. King
Marvin chapter 32 . 9/2/2002
That was one HELL of a very good fanfic, Anth.

Excellent Job! And it's a kick-ass crossover, too...

(P.S.: As of 9/2/02, I am currently on chapter 12. It's fun, albeit a bit difficult, riffing this!)
rpg freak chapter 1 . 9/2/2002
this fic may be good but it is way too much like a videogame called kingdom hearts and depending when you puplished it I think you have a good case against sguaresoft and disney.
Stoney chapter 1 . 8/13/2002
Before I ever became a part of , I used to visit the site to read stories by other authors. I was so sick of finding only one or two places on the internet that had good stories, and because had the allegiance of so many authors I figured my chances of finding some good ones was high.

Talk about an overstatement...

It was incredible. Literally thousands of stories available at my fingertips. I was awestruck.

But then I looked closer. A lot of the stories seemed to be poorly made, with bad plots and static characters, not to mention horrible grammar and spelling. I began to lose hope. This was not a good sign. What good were so many stories if all of them were crap?

I continued to scan a few sections, and grew even more disgusted. It seemed like the majority of stories were either written by authors who were high on sugar, or by first graders who were still reading thin books with large print. It was awful. I couldn't stand it anymore. I clicked the 'back' button furiously until I arrived at the main page, shaken from my ordeal.

At this point I was ready to give up. There's no way I'd ever find a decent work of fiction on this website. But then the link to the "Crossovers" section caught my eye.

What the heck, I decided. Nothing in there could be any worse than what I'd already seen. I clicked on it. Another list of categories came up, including one that read "Game Crossovers". L like games...okay, I'm obsessed with them, I admit I clicked on that, too.

More awful excuses for writing appeared before me. It took all my self-control not to retch at the horrible sights. I scrolled down, hoping, praying that something better would appear.

My prayers were answered.

One title stood out from the rest: "Heroes of Arcadia-The Gamemaster's Legacy". I read the summary. I blinked. Could it be? Was it possible that this story was worth my time?

I opened the link, and began to read.

What I found there that day was something far more awesome than I could have hoped for. After only a few paragraphs, I was hooked. Great vocabulary, good sentence structure, excellent spelling-all the signs of a good story that had been subject to a lot of time and effort. I mentally jumped for joy. At last! Finally, a story that I could get deeply engrossed in and enjoy!

I became slightly worried when it occurred to me that the main character had the same name as the author. Was this just another self-insert fic? I'd seen some while scanning the site: they were nothing but excuses to write ego-boosters. Still, the story had seemed very good in all other aspects, so I kept reading anyway.

I learned after the first few chapters that not all self-insert fics were the same. Your character had a depth and feel to him that was lacking in a lot of the other stories. I could almost tell what he was thinking. I was practically experiencing the story with him. It was incredible.

Hours later, I read the last sentence of the last chapter. And the only thing I was able to say was, "Wow."

I immediately saved the story to my computer so I could read it again. Then I thought of something even better, and printed the entire thing out so I wouldn't even need to get on the computer to enjoy it again.

That was several months ago. Since then, I have joined this massive site in an effort to bring readers more incredible stories like those of the "Heroes of Arcadia" series.

Anthony, words cannot possibly describe the monumental achievement you've created here. Your story remains my inspiration and motivation to become an author to this day, and I cannot thank you enough for it. Without your story, my stories would not exist. It's as simple as that.

I just about nearly had a heart attack when I logged on to a few weeks ago and found your review among the others for my first posted fanfiction. How could this be? Such an incredibly gifted author actually wanting to read something by ME? Compared to your own works, I didn't even think my stories were worth your attention.

You told me to feel free to review any of your fics. I hadn't reviewed The Gamemaster's Legacy the first time I read it because, as I said earlier, I thought I wasn't deserving of your attention. 'He wouldn't want to read a review by some kid like me anyway,' I'd decided.

But now I know better. So here it is, my review for probably one of the greatest works of fiction that this website has ever had the joy to host. I thank you Anthony, and I applaud you. May your stories continue to give hope to others who also seek an author of your skill, like I did once. May they always serve as a reminder to other existing authors that yes, something better is possible. And may they continue inspiring us to strive to better goals by using them as examples.

God bless you, Anthony. You are truly a miracle to us all.
toon master chapter 32 . 8/2/2002
that story was great! the best i've seen by an author yet! keep up the good work!
Project D-A-R-A-X chapter 8 . 7/15/2002
Before I go any farther... ummm... I think I need to say this : " There is no way in god's name that people would act that calm and collected. Anthony is the only one even acting just a bit normal, I mean, if a HUGE spikey turtle and koopa troopa's waltzed into your yard, would you go out there with a sword? Thought so. Now, I understand it is just fanfiction, but, still... Don't you think you give the human race just a bit too much credit?" Thank you, that is all.
Foxstar chapter 32 . 6/6/2002

Great story
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