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ChibiChibi chapter 53 . 4/13
Amazing story! But I've still got two questions: who walked through the veil to bring James back? Or did Wormtail push Harry and James back out the veil? If he did, couldn't he have grabbed Sirius, too?
ChibiChibi chapter 39 . 4/12
Ya know, I just rediscovered this story going through my old fanfiction links, and realized I was missing a few chapters towards the end, so I just started to reread it from the very beginning. And it's kinda weird how I hadn't noticed these small quotes from Buffy before... "I'm drowining in footwear"... hehe... well, they're both blondes and I always thought of Draco as Mini-Spike... and then the quote you took from Oz a couple of chapters back, with the sarcastic voice... nice touches to this great story!
Epeefencer chapter 4 . 4/4
Her name is Lily, not Lillian.
Covered in Bruises chapter 53 . 3/30
I loved the main pairings, particularly R/Hr and H/G and the storyline in general. I have to admit though I had to skip over all the Draco and Tonks parts because they were childish, illogical, and ridiculous. On the whole it was an entertaining read once I figured out to just skip certain parts.
sherryola chapter 37 . 1/23
I'm really having a hard time liking lily. Harry isn't ten. she can't just go around treating him like a bad child. she has to work with him on adult terms. None of htem has the burden he does,a nd though his temper is dangerous, maybe she needs to talk calmly instead of sending him to his room like a baby. ugh. No, I am just generally not fond of Lily, and that's not your fault. It's JKR's fault. lol.
sherryola chapter 36 . 1/23
I didn't like the boys beating each other up, but it does seem inevitable in many ways, with the dislike they shared so many years. I was irritated with Lily and remus. Harry is an adult now,a nd treating him like he's still ten and all isn't really helpful. lol.
sherryola chapter 32 . 1/23
I actually understand where Tonks is coming from, but she was way out of line to foist Draco on Harry. And I'm thinking Harry should remember it was just the sainted Dumbledore that draco hurt. In fact, draco didn't hurt him at all. but he nearly killed Ron and Katie Bell. and that I couldn't forgive. In fact, I didn't forgive Dumbledore for that either, because he let a would-be murderer run rampant in his school all year. So, I think Harry should have stuck to his guns and not be beaten down by his mother. Pretty sappy of her to go along with it. Truly, I didn't end up hating draco at the end of canon, felt kinda sorry for him. but this Draco so far hasn't redeemed himself, and all Harry knows is what has happened so far. and it's ridiculous for bleeding hearts Tonks and Lily to expect him to accept it.
sherryola chapter 11 . 1/23
oh, Lily and Hermione, that was hilarious, and just what you'd expect. I loved that.
sherryola chapter 9 . 1/23
i would like to have seen her reaction to finding out about the death of sirius. Otherwise, her reactions felt natural and realistic to me, the way you would expect her to react. Great job on that.
sherryola chapter 8 . 1/23
That was sad, going to the house, seeing the destruction. much the way I've imagined it all these years, how it might have seemed if Harry saw it without the distraction of Nagini! Oh, when is he going to start telling people? I'm practically bursting with anticipation.
sherryola chapter 6 . 1/23
sherryola chapter 4 . 1/23
i'm yelling at Harry in my head, why don't you get Remus! He's one person alive who knew Lily and might have ways of knowing the truth, something only he and lily would have hsared or known. Come On, Harry! grin. I know if my dad, died in 1997, suddenly showed up, after I finished screaming and fainting, I'd get everyone and anyone I could to help me verify if it was him.
sherryola chapter 3 . 1/23
I still think Harry's bonkers not to share, but I loved tha moments with the trio, seeing their usual banter and chatter. It was so heartwarming.
sherryola chapter 2 . 1/23
I've never been a huge fan of Lily, probably because she was blown up to be so perfect in canon, while the guys were all decimated, so I almost stopped reading this at the end of the first chapter. But on a hunch, I went to the epilogue and read it, and it referred to so many fascinating things that I just had to come back and read this. I'm thinking Harry's a bit of an idiot in this chapter. Got someone he thinks is a deatheater tied up in his room at the Dursleys, takes off anyway, doesn't tell ron, one of his two most trusted companions and helpers, and then doesn't even stay at the Burrow. ... Oh well, hopefully he's going to get a little smarter as we go along. lol. love how you're handling ron by the way.
MuggleHarry16 chapter 53 . 12/20/2014
This story was so great! Thank you soooo much! You must have put lots of hard work into this! Please give us some one shots of the future or some more with family bonding moments. James was in it for only a chapter and I would LOVE to read more with the three of them all together! Thanks once again! :) You rock!
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