Reviews for Anything's Possible
DarkPhoenix chapter 29 . 8/29
Shoot! Just realized it was rated M... crud. Can't read that. Great story though! And I know it's unlikely someone would do this, but I would appreciate it if someone told me which chapters have the M-rated bits. I was loving it though so far.
DarkPhoenix chapter 15 . 8/26
Hey! Just wanted to tell you that I'm enjoying it so far, I'll give you a proper review when I finish.
But did you really figure out that R.A.B. was Regulus before DH came out? Wicked!
puiwaihin chapter 11 . 8/14
Lily is a lot like an American teenage girl, and I would expect is an idealized version of what the author would like to be. The pop references are a little heavy handed and all the characters act too flippantly at times.

It also seems the plot revolves around Harry making irrational decisions about keeping Lily a secret just so there can be confrontation followed by resolution.
puiwaihin chapter 5 . 8/14
I just noticed you are using quotation marks in a non-standard way. Considering the overall job you've done on punctuation, you probably know this and have chosen this style consciously, but just in case it's an error you aren't aware of:

Generally, when you use quotation marks it doesn't matter if you use double or single, but you don't mix them. When you break up a quote with dialog tags or an action beat you use the same kind of quotes you start with.
e.g. "Hello," Harry said, "I'm so happy to meet you."
or 'Impossible,' the Potions Master thought, 'there is no way that boy could brew that potion.'

Nested quotes are used when a speaker is quoting someone else:
Harry said, "But Hermione, Dumbledore said, 'The Forbidden Forest is just that: forbidden,' for good reason."

In the rare case there are further quotes within quotes, the double and single quotes alternate.
Hermione said, "Ron said, 'Seamus said, "Parvti said, 'Lavender heard it from Romilda that Harid said, "Blimey, I really need to talk to Harry."'"'"

What you are doing is having the initial quote open with a double quote, but then using single quotes to offset a dialog tag when there is further dialog, and ending with double quotes at the end, even though only one person is speaking in the paragraph.

It's very unusual, but it is at least consistent.

If you're aware that your quotes are non-standard and choose to do this, please disregard this comment. Otherwise, hope this helps you in the future. If you want to go back and edit it, you can use regular expressions in the find and replace function to to make the job a lot faster.
puiwaihin chapter 1 . 8/14
Your very first sentence nearly made me stop reading this story. It seemed such an odd phrasing, which was followed by a paragraph of purple prose that made me think you were an immature writer trying too hard.

But I kept reading and came to the conclusion that my first impression was wrong. Your writing is good, certainly well above the fanfiction average, and I'll keep going.

I only mention this because were it not for the first two words I wouldn't have started the story quite so dubiously. I expect you were trying to express something like "on the surface" or "ostensibly", but I've never seen "in abstract" used in that way without a contrasting statement coming later to elaborate on how the scene fit into a larger gestalt (unless, of course, it's referring to something innately abstract).

If this just happens to be a turn of phrase I'm just unfamiliar with, I'd appreciate you pointing me to other uses in this vein so I don't make a fool of myself. If not, though, I expect some other readers may find that initial start as odd as I did.
Temporal Knight chapter 23 . 8/7
Well Harry's still being an idiot concerning Ginny sadly. Of course he is. Harry being a stubborn idiot on things tends to be a defining character trait of his...

The confrontation with Snape was fantastic by the way. I very much enjoyed that. Especially how it quickly turned from spells to a straight up fist fight in barely seconds and neither party cared! The interaction between the three was also cool to watch and I do look forward to seeing Voldemort's eventual reaction to Mrs. Potter being around again.

Yeah she definitely gets the Parent of the Year award by the way. Alcohol without even being asked. I'd take her as my mother any day.

I agree, Bill should not be DADA. Yes he'll do a fantastic job at it but come on, a literally cursed position is not a job you take as a newlywed! I seriously hope he survives this year. Or that Harry kills Voldemort before the end of the second term so that the curse is broken. Sure I understand wanting to protect your little sister but putting yourself under a practical death sentence to do it just doesn't seem super smart. (I do freaking love the idea of Tonks teaching that position though after the curse is broken. How awesome would that be? Amazingly awesome. This is now my new head canon.) Side note: Bill and Fleur need their own place asap.

I also have to comment on something now that I just realized. So if Lily really was dead for those fourteen years and she was only just reincarnated or forced back or whatnot a year ago then how old physically is she? Is she the same age as when she died or was she artificially aged to what she technically would be had she not been killed? Because if it's the former than she probably only a few biological years older than Harry which is just...weird. Cool and interesting hell yes but still, weird. When your mother looks like she's basically just a few years ahead of you in class that's got to be disconcerting.
Temporal Knight chapter 20 . 8/6
I still have no idea what Hermione ever saw/sees in Ron...most of the canon relationships I have no real true issue with (besides Neville and Luna not ending up together but that's neither here nor there) except that one. Your story does it well with the same flavor of canon but that honestly just makes me hate it more. Ron is just straight up not a good pairing for a girl like that.

I like how you are handling Ginny though and it was good to see Bill pushing things so that maybe Harry won't be such an ass now.

Lily is great as usual. The ever escalating sarcasm wars going on between her and her son are epic. She is not what my mental picture had originally been but that has officially changed now to be more like this version. I swear she's practically a female Marauder! It's awesome to read! And since I haven't commented on it before, I like your explanation for the return. A sorta equivalent exchange was intriguing and I'm honestly a little surprised I hadn't ever truly considered something like that before. I wonder if there are other stories out there that used the same premise...damn now I have something else to go hunting for once I finish this story...

I also like the increased focus on Remus and Tonks almost to the point that they seem to have their own subplot brewing. Which makes me feel much better about their potential survival. Maybe we won't be faced with the death of the last of the Marauders for once? One can hope. (Yes I know this was started before DH came out but as I have no idea where the chapters that came after it start I am going to be continually worried that you end up killing the same people JKR did until I come to the end of the story. Please don't kill Fred, Dobby, Tonks or Remus. At least leave Tonks and Fred alive...)

So I have two major criticisms now that I've been getting deeper into the story and reading at a slightly more digestible pace. One, the trio hasn't been together for seven years, it's been six. They actually technically haven't even hit six yet since it's not September and time to get on the Hogwarts Express. I know it doesn't come up a hell of a lot but every time it does it throws me out of the story for a minute while I mentally backstep and reread the sentence with 'six' in place of 'seven'. Two, I'm still haven't been able to figure out the double vs single quotation marks usage in conversation. It's often enough that it makes me think it's a stylistic choice instead of error but I can't find enough consistency to tell for sure. It's not as confusing as some things I've seen but it does make a few more involved conversations a bit harder to follow.

A minor criticism is mostly just some misplaced words and spelling issues. They are infrequent enough to not make a major deal out of though.
Temporal Knight chapter 9 . 8/4
Arg! I intended to skim a few parts of a few chapters in an effort to see if this story was worth moving up my list of To Read and bumping others down a few notches. Instead I get completely pulled into it and read 8 chapters completely unable to stop. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is! Now I have to move all my other stories down so that this super long story can come up to be my active story. And I have to go back and read the first chapter all the way through! Arg!

So annoyed rant aside...this is freaking awesome if that hasn't come through yet. I really like Lily and I love their interactions. I am sooo looking forward to seeing how she meets up with everyone else. I had initially assumed that she was going to have been resurrected at the same time as Voldemort 4th year but the timeline doesn't seem to jive with that since that would've been two years prior and she has aged which also punches a hole. So secondary theory is someone oblivated her. Maybe...

I also couldn't stop laughing at the section with Remus and Tonks. Particularly Tonks. Too many stories seem to change her character around fully and yet your depiction was so darn quirky while ringing true that it was perfect. And funny as hell.

I'm a little surprised that Ginny hasn't come back by now truly. That said her reaction to finding out Lily in the room was hilarious as was the whole part with Harry drunk as hell!
ChibiChibi chapter 53 . 4/13
Amazing story! But I've still got two questions: who walked through the veil to bring James back? Or did Wormtail push Harry and James back out the veil? If he did, couldn't he have grabbed Sirius, too?
ChibiChibi chapter 39 . 4/12
Ya know, I just rediscovered this story going through my old fanfiction links, and realized I was missing a few chapters towards the end, so I just started to reread it from the very beginning. And it's kinda weird how I hadn't noticed these small quotes from Buffy before... "I'm drowining in footwear"... hehe... well, they're both blondes and I always thought of Draco as Mini-Spike... and then the quote you took from Oz a couple of chapters back, with the sarcastic voice... nice touches to this great story!
Epeefencer chapter 4 . 4/4
Her name is Lily, not Lillian.
Covered in Bruises chapter 53 . 3/30
I loved the main pairings, particularly R/Hr and H/G and the storyline in general. I have to admit though I had to skip over all the Draco and Tonks parts because they were childish, illogical, and ridiculous. On the whole it was an entertaining read once I figured out to just skip certain parts.
sherryola chapter 37 . 1/23
I'm really having a hard time liking lily. Harry isn't ten. she can't just go around treating him like a bad child. she has to work with him on adult terms. None of htem has the burden he does,a nd though his temper is dangerous, maybe she needs to talk calmly instead of sending him to his room like a baby. ugh. No, I am just generally not fond of Lily, and that's not your fault. It's JKR's fault. lol.
sherryola chapter 36 . 1/23
I didn't like the boys beating each other up, but it does seem inevitable in many ways, with the dislike they shared so many years. I was irritated with Lily and remus. Harry is an adult now,a nd treating him like he's still ten and all isn't really helpful. lol.
sherryola chapter 32 . 1/23
I actually understand where Tonks is coming from, but she was way out of line to foist Draco on Harry. And I'm thinking Harry should remember it was just the sainted Dumbledore that draco hurt. In fact, draco didn't hurt him at all. but he nearly killed Ron and Katie Bell. and that I couldn't forgive. In fact, I didn't forgive Dumbledore for that either, because he let a would-be murderer run rampant in his school all year. So, I think Harry should have stuck to his guns and not be beaten down by his mother. Pretty sappy of her to go along with it. Truly, I didn't end up hating draco at the end of canon, felt kinda sorry for him. but this Draco so far hasn't redeemed himself, and all Harry knows is what has happened so far. and it's ridiculous for bleeding hearts Tonks and Lily to expect him to accept it.
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