Reviews for d3:fight for the future
TogetherAgain chapter 17 . 10/9/2001
WOW.. and the plot thickends... Its really getting Good! your really Talented. Please Update soon.! I can't wait...
DigiDestined of Courage chapter 17 . 10/8/2001
Being prepared for Digigeddon-again-is something I figured would happen when another author typed up a story! Thanks for the mention and let me know when the next chapter's up. TAIORA FOREVER! Keke got "special training..." (laughs evilly) Max: Hey! Don't mention's personal!
DigiDestined of Courage chapter 16 . 10/5/2001
All I have to say is this-great story! Can't wait for the Digigeddon chapter. Why does that sound familiar, though? TAIORA FOREVER!
TogetherAgain chapter 16 . 10/5/2001
Oh it's getting Sooo good... please update asap! I can't wait to see what happeneds!
Victor Lazlo chapter 7 . 10/4/2001
I don't mean to too complain but aren't you forgeting omnimon
DigiDestined of Courage chapter 15 . 10/4/2001
Not fair! You ended it just when things were getting good! Oh, well. Let me know when you post up the next chapter. TAIORA FOREVER!
DeathScythe2004 chapter 14 . 9/29/2001
Awesome fic man. This is really fun to read. Absolutely love it. Can't wait for the next part. Keep it up!
Guest chapter 14 . 9/21/2001
Neat story Max ended up telling everybody. Hopefully, the future changes for the D3's-for the better! TAIORA FOREVER! Can you let me know when you post up the next chapter 'cause I don't have Author alerts anymore-at least, I don't think I do.
DeathScythe2004 chapter 13 . 9/12/2001
The was great
DigiDestined of Courage chapter 13 . 9/9/2001
I can't believe you! That awesome battle-even though Max was beaten to a bloody pulp-someone coming that only the Digimon could sense, and you leave us hanging at the good part? TAIORA FOREVER! Where's the next chapter?
IZ better known as wildfire chapter 1 . 8/23/2001
This is one of the best stories I'ved read from U pro I'am not kidding this is good bout not a good as what mines going to be. Smell U later!
DigiDestined of Courage chapter 9 . 8/8/2001
I never thought I'd get to read this, but now that 's back up, all I've gotta say is this: TAIORA FOREVER! Where's the next Chapter?
Anthony chapter 9 . 8/1/2001
Why to go man. Keep up the good work. The only problem I have is that both chapter nine and ten are the same. On a different note for the person you should interview is both Tai and Sora. Have those new chapters in as soon as possible.
DigiDestined of Courage chapter 8 . 7/25/2001
I can't believe killed off Max! Something told me he wouldn't live long enough to narrate this entire thing, but I was hoping it was just a feeling. What's gonna happen to the team now without their leader, if Max is anything like Tai and Sora? TAIORA FOREVER!
Anthony chapter 7 . 7/22/2001
All I got to say is wow. I mean you have made a very interesting story. Hurry up and continue with the chapters of this story. And to guess on which one of the d3s is going to die I have to pick Sam. No offense to him.
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