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Elidi chapter 29 . 5/13/2008
First, I'd like to say that I really hope you're still working on this because I'm looking forward to the wedding.

Second, I was re-reading and when I got to Chapter 29 I had a thought that I felt the need to share. Given Valygar's distrust of mages and obvious dislike of Kelsey, wouldn't it be likely that he'd expect something more malicious from Kelsey than trying to corner Merena and talk her out of ending their marriage. Like, say, casting a Dominate spell to get Merena to call off the Rite. It would also provide a bit more depth for Kelsey's character - to either kick himself for not thinking of it first or be horrified that someone would expect that of him. Something like that would provide a bit more of an emotional charge to that scene.

Anyway, if you ever revise that chapter, give it some thought.
Adia chapter 36 . 2/23/2008
Just read this fic over the last few days and have really enjoyed it. I loved the 'Bad Kelsey' challenge over at PPG, especially Eral's submission (which I figure this is going off). Although on the bad side it has made it difficult to play the Kelsey mod without thinking, "Agh, he's just lying!".

Anyway, I was happily surprised with how awesome your fanfic is. I love the fact that you expanded the cast beyond the PC, Kelsey, Anomen, Keto, Nalia and Imoen. It is really nice to have so many of the NPCs popping up. Anomen is just awesome in this fic, and I really did like the background chapters you gave about Kelsey. He is a prat, certainly, but you haven't completely tossed him aside to focus on Merena and Anomen which was nice to see. Even if I do want to torture him a bit XD

I hope you are going to continue and finish this some day. It certainly is one of my favourite BG fanfics :)
Talyn chapter 36 . 7/13/2007
Ah, I do so love this story, and I was so delighted to see a new chapter, that I admit that I read the whole thing through again from the beginning. I had hoped that you would not have forgotten Minsc and Boo.

Oi, and that insufferable gnome at the wedding... Anomen is going to have a fit, won't he?
arabellaesque chapter 36 . 7/4/2007
An Imoen! *And* a Sarevok! Both welcome additions to the merry pre-wedding band, I have to say, though nothing... *nothing* compares to Imoen's announcement of the Jansen invasion :D

And d'aw... Minsc's appearance, via Imoen's aid. That was sweet, especially his reaction to Kylia.

I can almost *feel* the wedding in the air now. I'm getting rather excited :)
Meganalira chapter 36 . 7/4/2007
Hey! New chapter! You're right, it was all nice and easy :) I really liked Imoen's surprise too, and it was so cool to see her with an archmage's powers for once. It was very good too to throw Jan and his second-cousin into the mix, lol!

Waiting impatiently for the next chapter!
Bhictoo chapter 36 . 7/4/2007
This chapter has been well worth the wait. I'm glad that you've made Sarevok acerbic, you've given him the right balance needed to portray a redeemed ex-evil brother. The Minsc, Boo, and Imoen characters are right on too. I can't wait see Jan and his cousin at the wedding, and well more of everyone really. Nice tie up with the Roenalls, I never did like that loose thread.

Cheers, Bhictoo
Bifflechips chapter 36 . 7/3/2007
Hahahaha, hooray, Jan will make an appearance! Huzzah!

Loved this chapter with Sarevok, especially when he first met Kylia!
Sings-off-key chapter 35 . 5/28/2007
Being a long-time Anomen fan, I was so happy to find this story. It's very enjoyable to see him portrayed as a mature man, past his youthful insecurities. The love story is great, the interactions with the other NPC's are well done and in character. And although Kelsey was never a particular favorite of mine, I'm glad you chose not to bash him, LOL, but just gave him what his actions deserved.

Oh, and I liked your LMB references to Anomen's man of business. :) I think your story is very much in a style that she would appreciate. Am looking forward to the wedding!
Reklar chapter 35 . 5/13/2007
All excellent events on the path to a truly romantic ending to this fine story, Finduilas, so I say bravo. :) Jaheira takes the most amusing line from this chapter though, as I couldn't surprise my snort of amusement at her comment about Anomen and Merena 'waiting'. The fact that none present were amusedly scandalized was a complete surprise, and perhaps even a touch out of character. ;) As for Merena's assertion that having more kids won't be a hardship, well, all I can say is she must have forgotten quite thoroughly about Kylia's birth. :D

One error:

Merena smiled. “Well, it would be very convenient to have place for our friends who are traveling to Athkatla for the wedding to stay, that is, if it could ready in time.”

It looks like you left out 'be' between could and ready in this sentence.

So things are winding down to the end now? Will it end with the wedding, or will it end on a note of their further advetures as a married couple and family? I look forward to reading it either way, so lead on my dear Finduilas, lead on! :)

Reklar chapter 34 . 5/13/2007
Another fine chapter and a good jab at a lifelong civil servant bureaucrats everywhere. I have to admit, I share Merena's curiosity of the possible end of Amnian civilization. ;)

One error I noticed:

Merena laughed. “Anomen, I had no idea! But I hope you don’t mind if fail to tell Arthia that you really were Lord Anomen all along—she’ll never let me forget that she was right.”

I believe you ommitted an 'I' between if and fail in the sentence above.

Reklar chapter 33 . 5/13/2007
A beautiful chapter, Finduilas, and one most appreciated for its sincerity and explanation. To think of Anomen's father finding a chance at redemption and understanding just how much he longed for it, well, that is as powerful a show of love as any true romance can offer. For the love of life is the greatest reverence one can hold, and that is why death is such an integral part of life. I can certainly see why this event would leave Anomen with an all-consuming need to be with Merena again, to reaffirm his own love of life, and his love for her. This is most assuredly your most heartfelt chapter yet, Finduilas, and I am glad you included it.

Only one error:

Anomen sat down in the chair next to his father’s bed and paused, considering what he should to this man he had not seen in so many years.

I think you meant to include 'say' between should and to in the sentence above.

Reklar chapter 32 . 5/13/2007
Once again everyone is true to their character and just as enjoyable. Everything is nicely described, fondly worded, and touchingly romantic where it needs be. One could only hope such romance was in their life.

One possible error:

They were still laughing at a stray comment of Kylia’s that had shocked almost Arthia speechless

I think you meant to say, "...that had almost shocked Arthia speechless...", but not being an expert on English grammar I could be wrong.

Reklar chapter 31 . 5/13/2007
Ahh, the deviousness of the aged never can be prevented when it comes to embarrassing the young. Then again, the teasing is usually quite worth it in the long run. :D I can't really break down the chapter as to what I enjoyed where, so I'll just say I liked all of it and didn't notice it being unbearably long. ;) I did find two minor errors:

“The Council representatives still cringe when they hear my voice, so must be doing my job—

Looks like you ommitted an "I" between so and must in the above sentence.

Nalia said heatedly. I’ve always suspected that his relatives were hiding him, but without any leads to follow, the civil authorities could only look for him so long before they had to turn their attention to more recent crimes.

You need to include quotes before I've and after crimes.

Only four chapters left to go and I'll be caught up. :)

Reklar chapter 30 . 5/13/2007
A fitting conclusion to the long awaited action of putting Anomen and Merena on the final track to marriage. Kelsey's cowardice was no surprise to me and I actually think that any suffering he might have undergone was appropriately handled. No words or action was required to prove his worthlessness and I found the resolution of this chapter eminently statisfying. Nice, job, Finduilas. :)

Reklar chapter 29 . 5/13/2007
OKay, I finally took note of an apparent error:

Valygar’s dark eyes met his. “What are you doing to do?”

I think you meant going instead of doing in this case. ;)

Another great presence by Keldorn, and a rather surprising inclusion of Valygar. Kelsey is as coniving and small-minded as the previous chapter, and I am looking forward to Helm judging him, even if he can't smite the arrogant little turd for being a worthless lout. Onward to the next chapter! :)

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