Reviews for Destiny's Child
InsaneSmirkingRevenge chapter 26 . 1/12
this is awful
InsaneSmirkingRevenge chapter 23 . 1/12
i didnt realize she was using the crystals for ranma, now we really know for sure that everything is his fault
InsaneSmirkingRevenge chapter 22 . 1/12
every time i think i cant be disappointed anymore by ranma you take him down another notch
InsaneSmirkingRevenge chapter 21 . 1/12
i really hate how much a liar ranma is. you take so much away from his character when he has no problem manipulating so many people around him. That plus the fact he's an immortal playing cloak and dagger games with teenage girls doesnt speak well to his character either.
InsaneSmirkingRevenge chapter 16 . 1/12
what? no reunion?
Adrian Jasha Leon Munares chapter 27 . 12/31/2023
Que buen final :.)
Adrian Jasha Leon Munares chapter 1 . 12/30/2023
Me encanto la histori desde el principio asta el final, me dejo una sensaciĆ³n de tristesa al final.
ase tiempo que no leo una historia tan buena
Tora Valenzuela chapter 26 . 3/19/2023
Every few years I end up in this fic again, it has been 8 years since last time :')
SentinalSlice chapter 27 . 7/23/2022
This story was so good!
In the Cold Dark Ways chapter 27 . 7/6/2022
This story is one of the first fanfics I read back in the day, still as great now as then. Thank you for writing this, and I hope you are doing great.
Balewood chapter 27 . 2/2/2022
Damn it you b*stard i cry everytime i get to the end of this fic
Forthwith16 chapter 27 . 1/7/2022
I can feel the smugness rolling off of Rei in the reveals for being the only one who knows everything, and I love it.

Poor Soap. If only Cologne has made it a little longer. I hear the future has immortality or something. I was never super clear on how that worked in the Sailor Moon timeline.

Anyway, this was a fun story. It didn't hit all of the story beats I initially expected, and some more questionable moments I just had to shrug and roll with, but I like where it went and where it ended. Good times were had all around.
Forthwith16 chapter 26 . 1/7/2022
Oh dear, Hotaru. I totally get where you're coming from, but maybe don't blow everyone up just yet. You are currently the most destructive force in existence. You can afford to careful investigation first. I know at least Pluto survives this b/c otherwise paradox, but don't be hasty. know, Hotaru, lesbians were a thing in your day too. I guess maybe you never technically ran into any, but still.

Rei, aren't Usagi's parents pretty chill? Certainly, the prior Queen Serenity was too.

Who would I trust more? Lina Inverse, the battle hardened veteran who knows a lot more about magic and time travel than anyone on Earth and who saved the universe (if I remember correctly) rather than merely the planet? Or Queen Serenity (your pick which one) who ruled/created/expanded a space empire with the magical might available to her? Hmm... Yeah, I'm gonna go with Lina Inverse here.

Well anyway, all's well that ends well. Let's see what the epilogue has in store for us.
Forthwith16 chapter 25 . 1/7/2022
Welp. Good job, Shampoo. You fucked up big time. Now the world's ending.

Well, it all seems to be working out.

Ah, and Ranma/Hotaru ARE Sailor Saturn and the Saturn Knight at once. Called that too. Nice.

I'm surprised that Cologne didn't test Ranma's cursed form, but then I guess I don't recall him ever telling her that he only needed mildly warm water to transform to his male form. Well, we'll see how that all plays out next time.
Forthwith16 chapter 24 . 1/7/2022
Oh, is Ami a Tendo descendant? We haven't actually heard from Akane's sisters' side of the family in forever. Some stray comments make me suspect that.

Wow, all the misunderstandings are really piling up.

So I'm assuming right now that Ranma/Hotaru is at once both Sailor Saturn and the Saturn Knight sort of fused together. Or at least with their memories getting dumped into him/her. We'll see if I need to update that theory, but if so, then things look up for Rei's love life.
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