Reviews for Destiny's Child
Guest chapter 1 . 6/9/2000
Geez, you sure have Ranma all over the place in your fictions... He's gone from Sailor Sun, to Sailor Saturn _and_ Saturn Knight, and now over in Vengeance he's just himself, except for fighting over the deceased Akane. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, it's just an interesting portrayal. I really liked this entire fic, but mostly because of the ending here. For awhile there in Chapter 25 I thought I'd have to curse it because of a sob ending (I utterly hate sob endings, though I do respect the fact that some fic writers use them,) but that righted itself. :) As far as this compared to your other works, I'd rate it above Sailor Ranko just because the plot seemed more fluid, and there was more original 'made up' stuff. By which I mean, about a million people have a Sailor Sun, but Saturn Knight isn't as widely used. Though I think Vengeance, when it's done, will be better than this was. You should probably yell at your pre-readers some, because they miss some stuff. It's not like everyone is perfect, but between five of them they should pick up on more than they did, at least, I think so. Regardless, I'd give this fic pretty darn high up on whatever rating scale you would care to use. 9 out of 10, for mine. Keep up the good work; I know I'll keep reading! :) - TK
LAQJR chapter 1 . 5/24/2000
Wow... I never thought I'd find another fanfic of this quality again... Certainly not a new one... Is there gonna be a sequel, or is this the end of Destiny's Child? You're just too good a fic author for words to describe, besides the moot point that I wish I was this good... See ya around, and keep writing!
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