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C. Fireball chapter 31 . 1/3/2006
Bloody brilliant chapter! Not a wand blazing everywhere final battle like one would expect and read which makes this "Final Battle" rather refreshing to read. I'm grateful that you have somehow redeemed both Snape and Malfoy, because at the end of HBP their allegiances are still unknown, but I also liked how you also managed to let Harry have his pound of flesh (or an arm in this case). Snape's explanation of murdering Dumbledore is equally poignant and a good homage to book one.

It is funny how right I could be when I say things in jest, I was right in a roundabout manner about Harry using the Bond of Blood on Voldemort, but it wasn't him, but Hermione. I liked how you depicted Vordemort as a powerful wizard, but short and narrow sighted person (i.e., how a mudblood couldn't stand against him, when Hermione did it twice in battle, underestimating Ron, etc.).

Voldemort's fall is equally interesting. He didn't die by Harry's hand per say, his wand was the instrument which brought forth the agent of his destruction, but I found it oddly symbolic that Voldemort was literally re-baptised to death. I'm not sure if that's the imagery you were going for or if it just pure happenstance (meaning I'm reading too much into things, which I do). It's rather seems fitting too, Voldemort who had never loved anyone in his life, was at one time – even for a fraction of a second, loved.

I do, however, have a question. What was the point of having Voldemort/Death Eaters hide the statute of St Nectan in that Welsh town? I mean at that point of your story Voldemort knew that Harry and company were after the horcruxes (or at least had a good idea of it), but he didn't know that there was an oracle in the group.

He may have suspected after meeting Ron in battle the first time, but that was after the St Nectan revelation. I just found it odd/convenient that Voldemort would hide a statute of an obscure wizard/saint on the off chance that an oracle might bring his destruction, what are the odds of that happening... or have I missed something?

~ C. Fireball
Dansgirl34 chapter 32 . 1/3/2006
OMG! I totally forgot that you had a cliff-hanger coming! And that was an excellent cliff-hanger by the way!I knew Voldemort couldn't be destoryed that easiley! I was so excited after I open my e-mail to discover 6 new chapters from you story! A great way to make up the horrible day I had at school! And even better, my sister had to work so I got to review before her! Anyway, awesome work describing everything. And it was not to far out of character for Hermione, I can see her doing that for some weird reason in my head! I really can't wait for Ron's/Dumbledore's side of the story! And Im looking forward to the story of Ron and Harry's friendship! Those are always good ones to read! Overall I just loved your story AGAIN, it was orginal, funny, entertaining, never got boring, and some of your ideas(like the Bond of Blood) were just brilliant! Have fun in Thailand, I'll be waiting for you next story! But for the meantime I have to find another fic that is going to keep me busy, thats going to be hard, good story's are hard to find these days!Keep up the fantasic work, and once again have fun in Thailand, can't wait for the next story!
Pugui chapter 32 . 1/3/2006
Oh, wow, wow and another wow... you just blew me away with that ending! I can't believe you just did that! :)

The big battle at St. Nectans was handled perfectly, everyone had their moment to shine, even Draco. It felt a bit rushed towards the end, but that's probably because I didn't want it to end *grins*

At some point you will let us know what happens after that ending... right? pretty please? with brownies and lollipops?

I can't wait to read your next story. I mean this one was just... *sigh* so damn good.

About the covers, just PM when you get back, so I can send you those links :)
Mist chapter 32 . 1/3/2006
GAH! AGAIN! O...EVIL END! But I like it! Poor Ronnie! Have him push Voldemort right out of his mind! Sweet! I can't wait to read Ron's perspective, will Ron ever remember what happened to him in the spirit realm. I hope so. Excellent story! Oh! And I'm really looking forward to the "Lost For Words" fic as well. I adore friendship fics about Harry and Ron! _ You write their brotherly relationship wonderfully well. Have a nice trip and I'll keep an eye out for your other fics! Bye!
Enigma No. 9 chapter 32 . 1/3/2006
I knew it was Dumbledore, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! When you were talking about a cliffhanger, you sure weren't kidding. Once again, I was hooked like I was on ESSM. And once again, I was satisfied. Can't wait for the next one.
C. Fireball chapter 30 . 1/3/2006
Whoa, what a chapter!

Well, it's finally done! All six horcruxes are destroyed and only one thing left to do. It is interesting how you circumnavigated the whole killing off Fawkes thing and transferred the fragment of soul to Dumbledore's body, which seems like something he would do, but it was the beginning that I still have trouble rationalising. It is just as well that you are writing a companion piece, because all we have to go by is all one sided – it'll do us good to see what really happened with Ron.

I liked how you concluded things with Harry and Ginny, though I'm a reluctant H/G shipper, I'm still glad that there is still hope for those two crazy kids to get together. Finally, that Slytherin prefect sounds rather suspicious. I wonder if it would come of anything. I can't wait to see how you would conclude all this!

Off to read your penultimate chapter...

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 29 . 1/3/2006
Another good transitional chapter! I'm glad about a lot of titbits that appeared in this chapter. Firstly, I'm glad to see that there were consequences of Harry not returning to Hogwarts. I had imagine something like that happening, fewer students returning because of Dumbledore's death and fewer leaving after knowing that "The Chosen One" wasn't coming back either.

I also liked Ron putting Ginny in her place, I have often wanted him or anyone say that to her for a very long time and you did it very well. Her reaction to what had been happening over since the wedding was spot on and Ron's bluntness to stop her is just as poignant and interesting.

It's also very interesting that Harry decided not to destroy the Bond of Blood. I hope he's not going to do something stupid with them, like attach them to Voldemort or something. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, it seems that a lot of things I wrote in jest turned true. So, the finally nail on who the spirit is has finally come full circle – it seems very likely that it's Dumbledore now, having Ron "dancing on his grave" and calling him professor sealed it up for me.

Heading on to the next chapter...

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 28 . 1/3/2006
Another awesome and action packed chapter!

You're battle/action scenes are definitely improving! When reading the battle scenes, I totally had forgotten that you had difficulty in writing them in the first place. I was quite surprise that you had Ron kill off Scabbers and the hunt for Nagini was equally surprising. I was half-expecting Hermione to be near death and to see the consequences of using the Bond of Blood. I also loved your non-nonsense Headmistress McGonagall and how Harry seems to stick by his convictions like he did at the end of HBP.

Well, it seems that all that's left is one horcrux – Fawkes and I'm interested to see how you would kill a phoenix or circumnavigate that. Well, you finally have the trio at Hogwarts together at long last. I wonder if they would come into contact with other students – more specifically Ginny. I would like to see the interaction between her and Harry very much.

Off to read the next chapter...

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 27 . 1/3/2006
I love this chapter, especially with the inclusion of Hagrid in the story – he's one of my favourite characters and I'm glad that he could star in one of your chapters. I am half surprised that you didn't have Harry and Hermione bringing up the fact if it were possible to kill a phoenix, but then again that would sound rather dubious and another subject that Hagrid can't talk about. :P

It's good to see Ron the strategist/tactician/chess player coming up in this chapter and having remembering the snakeskin was part of it. It is also interesting how addicting Hermione has become to the Bond of Blood and how she justifies in using it. I loved how your Ron innocently believes in Hermione motive, while Hermione's motives may have ulterior.

It's nice to see that Hermione has a darker side to her. In the books we see some hints of it, most recently in HBP, so I think that it is in the realm of possibilities. Furthermore, it is good to see that she isn't always right or self-righteous, but that she has a more human side and could be fallible at times. It'll be very interesting to see how this next battle would play out.

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 26 . 1/3/2006
Another well-written, informative chapter. I'm really glad that the trio is more or less alright, though that energy draining hex was creative. The whole scene between Ron and Harry was a tad humours and tragically so. Hermione played an excellent furious den mother to two misbehaving teenage boys.

The exclusion of Pettigrew and Nagini from the previous night's battle was revealing. I'm wondering would Pettigrew repay the life debt he has for Harry he for him sparing his life back in their third year? Your mentioning of Riddle twitching in Dumbledore's pensive was a bit ambiguous – are you speaking about the time that Riddle returned from his journey to clam the job as DADA from Dumbledore (in HBP) and that's when he made Fawkes a horcrux? If so, it seems like a rather subtle thing to do.

Well, I'm off to read your next chapter.

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 25 . 1/3/2006
Wow! What an awesome chapter! Your action scenes have definitely improved! The whole chapter was action packed and thrilling! It's finally good to see Ron in a trance in action and he rocks! It gives a good taste to what might have happen at Gringotts or the grave scene, because of this action sequence I can't wait for the companion piece to this story! It also finally good to see Hermione take some action too, having Harry and Ron being incapacitated during battle really made her shine and really poignant from Harry's perspective of not wanting having her fight alone, before collapsing from exhaustion.

I seem to be right about guessing that a phoenix would be a horcrux, but I have no idea that it would be Fawkes, though I remembered somewhere J.K. Rowling mentioning that Fawkes was entirely Dumbledore's possession and not Gryffindor's, but that is neither here or there – still a phoenix being a horcrux is an interesting concept, how can one kill something that's immortal?

Well, this chapter revealed another clue as who the mysterious spirit might be. He actually called Voldemort by his birth name, which really narrow down the suspects giving the other clues: that the spirit knew Harry to put his well being first and to know Molly Weasley intimately enough to actually having to betray her. So, that leaves only one person, the dearly departed Dumbledore, whom I've been begrudgingly to accept.

Oh, well, I can't be right all the time. I'm off to read the next chapter...

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 24 . 1/3/2006
Another good transitional chapter packed with information. The titbit about the phoenix nest is interesting, but I highly doubt that Voldemort would use a phoenix as a guardian for a horcrux – a phoenix seems more like a Dumbledore thing. Now having a phoenix as a horcrux is an interesting concept... a symbol of resurrection to tie a part of a soul to, now that sounds like what Voldemort would do.

I found it comical that Ron used Ivor's nickname for Hermione. At first I thought you meant Viktor, but then I remembered my favourite fictional drunken Welshman that died a couple of chapters before and it put a sad reminiscent smile on my face. Hermione's confession about her addition towards the Bond of Blood is a rather interesting revelation, but not entirely unexpected. I look forward to seeing how Hermione acts from this point on when it comes to the Bond of Blood.

Still going strong...

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 23 . 1/3/2006
Whoa, what a chapter!

First off, I enjoy finally knowing what happened between Harry and Ginny and how they left things off. Ginny was briefly mentioned when the trio headed back to The Burrow the first time and had since came up. In a manner of speaking, I'm glad that they didn't end things amicably – it just seems more realistic that way.

Ron's inadvertent, slip of the tongue endearment was quintessential and having him not notice it is equally as endearing. Harry's "Comedy of Errors" moment was hilarious in both execution and his urgency. Hmm... it is interesting that Ron wanted to go on this mission on his own. Does he want to prove something like Harry thinks or is he protecting the other two because of the imminent dangers? Should they even trust this spirit? Fortunately, I can find out what would happen next, by reading the next chapter!

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 22 . 1/3/2006
Words can not describe how relieved I am to finally know that Ron is finally on the road to recovery. The revelation of Ron communicating to the real world when he's in a trance via the spirit was very interesting and had answered a nagging feeling that I had in an earlier chapter where Ron in a trance told Harry not to wake him up directly. This spirit facilitator finally closed that loophole on how Ron knew that Harry was trying to wake him and yet, couldn't hear them directly.

It is also good to know that the spirit that Ron is in communion with is actually benevolent, though the exposure of that fact is rather bittersweet. Perhaps, I'm the only one to feel this way, but I rather liked not knowing whether the spirit was more benevolent or malevolent, it was an interesting and suspenseful facet of the story that I would miss. Although, it could be said that this act of benevolence is a ruse, an act, to get the trio on his side? Hmm... well the identity of the spirit, through his actions, seems to strongly lean towards Dumbledore, but I'm hesitant to believe that entirely.

The companion piece of Ron's point of view of this story is an excellent idea! I can't wait to finally hear the full conversations that Ron has with the spirit and what happened at Gringotts and the coffin. I could totally understand why you would want to finish this story first before writing it, wouldn't want to give the identity of the spirit away now would we?

~ C. Fireball
C. Fireball chapter 21 . 1/3/2006
What a chapter! You describe environments very well, using a few words as possible, whether it's the warmth of The Burrow, the coldness of a cave, the dampness of a Welsh town to the serenity and tranquillity of a glen with a waterfall. It is another talent, which I'm slightly envious of.

I like the evolution of the trio seem to have taken. It seems that the Harry/Ron dynamic is written well, having Harry sounding like Ron (as Mrs Weasley observed) and vice versa is very touching and how well they both knew each other, despite the masks they wear. The confrontation between Ron and Harry was done well and is something that I would have done too had I've been Harry. Ron's retaliation is equally brilliant, hitting hard at Harry's and in some respect Ron's (misplaced) sense nobility. It further demonstrates how well they understand each other and how much alike they are.

The levity in this chapter is done very well and it's very reminiscent of the dynamic of the trio's relationship. However, I did find Hermione to be crying/weeping a lot lately, but in this case it's understandable. It's a nice balance!

There is a question that I have though, after the first paragraph break, you wrote that they pondered aloud what this long dead auror could help Ron (I'm paraphrasing here). Was St Nectan an auror too as well as an oracle or was it a typographic error and you meant oracle?

In any case, I'm off to read the next chapter!

~ C. Fireball
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