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tanpopo no hana chapter 17 . 10/12/2007
Reminds me of those musicians playing all the time while the Titanic was sinking...
tanpopo no hana chapter 16 . 10/12/2007
I was really curious about the blood-bond thing. glad you let them do it.

I have a question though, if Ron is still himself when he sleepwalks and not possesed then how come he apparated into Black's coffin at all?
tanpopo no hana chapter 15 . 10/12/2007
Yeah, well, ok, I gotta admit that if he could use Regulus' wand to blast a hole in the coffin and away some of the dirt then it's probably possible for him to get out. You pulled your head out of the sling :o)

Although it's still hard to imagine that Ron was calm enough to look for a wand in there. But the poor guy really deserves to be lucky, so I won't complain!

His traumatization really only became clear to me in this chapter for some reason. Maybe it's weird, but only when Harry and Hermione went to the grave did the complete horror of it really sink in. Horrible. I don't think I'll be able to eat eggs for a while... urgh.
tanpopo no hana chapter 14 . 10/12/2007
Creepy! I didn't think that the coffin was under ground. How on earth did he managed to crawl out of there? The amount of earth over him would be far to heavy I think. And wouldn't he suffocate long before he reached the surface? And how did he get out of the coffin itself? Not like he could just lift the lid...

But anyways, that really gave me the creeps. Poor Ron with all those bugs on him.

It wasn't as bad as him being tortured though. I think after WTW you'd have to actually cut of his arm or something for me to be utterly shocked.

Don't get any ideas!
tanpopo no hana chapter 13 . 10/12/2007
Wow! What a revelation! I never thought we'd get to know this much so soon. Who on earth could be using him? I'm agreeing with *Molls* that it's not her brothers. Obviously it can't be Voldemort either, hum...

Jeez, I'm just not smart enough. Could really be somebody who's trying to help them, but I have this feeling of foreboding...

The part where Hermione and Harry promised not to use him should they die was so sad... I don't know if I had been able to turn down an opportunity like that. But then again, I'd end up in Hufflepuff for sure, so sue me.

So did he wake up in Regulus' coffin? Channeling J.K. again, are we?
tanpopo no hana chapter 12 . 10/12/2007
Aah, so we've finally caught up with the first chapter. Interesting to see it from two diferent perspectives!

And the scene between Ron and Hermione was just too cute. *g*
tanpopo no hana chapter 11 . 10/12/2007
I wonder that the twins let them out of their sight at all. They're not the type you get rid of easily, are they?

The idea with those blood-bind hancuffs is really intriguing! I somehow hope they'll use them later on...
tanpopo no hana chapter 10 . 10/12/2007
Oh thank god he didn't kill them... I was fully prepared to believe he did. After all the blodd that was on him. Poor Ron! But at least it was only the Imperius Curse.

I love it when the twin sget all protective of Ron great job!
tanpopo no hana chapter 9 . 10/12/2007
I don't think he heard Harry and Hermione at all, did he? Somehow it did seem like wishfull thinking on their side.

But even with killing a goblin it seems sort of impossible to just break into Gringotts alone. Hope we'll learn what exactly happened later on.
tanpopo no hana chapter 8 . 10/12/2007

I'm really glad you accept "fawning worship"... I'd have been rather screwed otherwise... ;o)

Great chapter, very funny indeed. I love them when they're joking around. So thanks for the light moments in between!

Long live the English for coming up with black humour. You deserve a medal for it!
tanpopo no hana chapter 7 . 10/12/2007
You definitely have some connection with Rowling... the cup in Gringotts? A break-in? That seems familiar :o)

So does Voldemort want Ron to retrieve the cup for him? But why would he want that...?
tanpopo no hana chapter 6 . 10/12/2007
Hm, how come I didn't leave a review before? I don't know... but I already read the first five chapters some time last week. Well, since reading your follow-up one shot I'm certainly not as confused anymore about where it's heading, but I greatly enjoy reading it nonetheless.

I love the little interludes of Ron and Hermione. Poor Harry
JaceDamian23 chapter 14 . 9/16/2007
A/N I can't believe how many of you thought Ron was phoneing from INSIDE the coffin! Hermione asked him where he had woken up...past tense! I hope this chapter confused you all less.

lmfao I thought he was also...cuz at first ron was breathing deeply and seemed scared lol
Em chapter 32 . 8/27/2007
bloomin' brilliant!

better than J.K's last book (and i'm not lying!) i'd have much rather read this one!

awesome story - can't wait to read the companion piece!
x-writingfreak-x chapter 32 . 8/15/2007
hey really really good story buh how could you leave me hanging like that! omg plz make a sequel plz and i begg you can u plz put more obvious ron and hermionie plz

thanx xoxoxoxo tcz
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