Reviews for The Mummy 3 Lost and Found
SheWolfMedjai chapter 8 . 3/14/2014
Aw that was cute!
Captain Matey chapter 8 . 7/31/2007
I've always wanted to read your stories but never gotten around to it. Now I'm hating myself for not reading this one sooner because it was freaking awesome. xD.

I'll go and read your other stories later. :P
brennan chapter 8 . 4/15/2007

you've got my vote, too.
Sienna Katherine Mitchell chapter 8 . 5/8/2006
That was so sweet. I hope you make a sequel. This one really broke my heart when Samantha died taking the plunge of the dagger. You got my vote.
NeonMcQueen chapter 8 . 3/3/2006
that was a good story!
matj chapter 3 . 2/19/2006
hi adele wow im finaly readin ur story after i had to get a friend to find it they founf it in like a second because they sed the ve read it i was like omg u read before me lol im on the 2nd chapter wats the mummya about anyway im gettin t a bit is it about mummys like creepy tiolet paper mummies or moms like mom that gave to birth to kids lol

mat xx
Lady Galriee chapter 8 . 2/15/2006
Great job. i really enjoyed this story all the way through. i can't wait til your next story.
Cookie044 chapter 8 . 2/14/2006
Great ending, I really liked it. You go girl!
jonnycarnahan chapter 8 . 2/14/2006
Well done! I'm so impressed! I can tell you worked very hard on this one! Updating as fast as you did made the story that much more exciting! Yay! Sam is alive and Jonathan is alive and they are all living together happy and ... One question. Is Sam just as clumsy as her father? Or as accident prone? She trained with Ardeth and didn't end up killing herself or anyone else, so she must not be accident prone!

Thank you so much for a great adventure! I love Jonathan hurt/comfort fics!

- Sheri
Cookie044 chapter 5 . 2/12/2006
Nice story, I enjoyed it.
deeply-spaced chapter 5 . 2/10/2006
Yay! Looks like Jon will get into trouble! Kidnapped and then a prisoner of Imhotep until Imhotep decides to kill him in front of his family!

But please don't let Jon really die... if he does, let Sam read from the book and bring him back...maybe Alex can help?

This is getting SO exciting! Can't wait for more!

jonnycarnahan chapter 4 . 2/9/2006
Another great chapter! You're writing is improving and the story is getting much more exciting! I love Rick's reaction after Jonathan told him the real story. Usually Rick treats Jonathan like do-do, which I hate, so seeing Rick look like an idiot was cool.

Sam is sweet and kind and I can't wait to see her and her father getting into adventures together!

Please write a story about Jon and Sheba and Sam to age 10. I'd read it!

I agree with you about John Hannah... he's my favorite actor and I've seen all but 2 or 3 of his movies. Keep up the good work!


Sheri aka Lucky Fannah aka jonnycarnahan
jonnycarnahan chapter 3 . 1/30/2006
Alright for your first story! Here's hoping Jonathan gets injured trying to help Sam... and comes out the hero? I like when Jonathan is in peril and when he gets hurt... he's really brave when it comes down to the wire! Keep up the good work... the story is getting better each chapter!
Kaeruiin chapter 3 . 1/28/2006
Kaeruiin chapter 1 . 1/28/2006
awsome!i like fire...its cool i like the story...i can think in listing to music...ok bye
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