Reviews for Luke and Lorelai, meant to be?
altavistarules chapter 3 . 7/26/2010
If she has not yet answered his proposal why is Lorelai referring to the crap shack as 'home' to Max as if it's his home too. Also why is he there when she gets home. It's not his home so why are you writing them treating it as his home.
xogilmoregirlsox10 chapter 8 . 5/19/2007
wow! woah wow! greatly and amazing story! you so have to continue! o i love it! update please!

-Moe :)
BB-Caskett chapter 8 . 3/25/2007
Please continue soon! I really enjoyed reading it. It was too cute for words.
BurningxRedxCaskett chapter 8 . 3/1/2007
loved this chapter...update soon!
gilmoregroupie chapter 8 . 1/30/2007
great chapter! aww luke is so sweet! lorelai has 2 say yes! cant wait 4 the next chapter!
lukenlorelai4life chapter 8 . 1/30/2007
Update ASAP, IMMEDIATELY! it was really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really GREAT! i LOVE it A LOT!
LukeNLorelai637 chapter 7 . 8/20/2006


Sammy Ruthe chapter 7 . 8/18/2006
to bad you stopped now you are a really good writer this is a really good story i would be helpful and tell you what to do next but it seems that you got it under control keep up the good work ;)
amy chapter 7 . 6/16/2006
I am loving your stories!

I have a suggestion about what happens next:

what about if either chris or max or jason come back and try to win her back. that ends up lorelai and luke broke up(not that i want them to) but lorelai no's shes made a bad mistake.

good huh?
LukeNLorelaifanatic chapter 7 . 6/14/2006
I'm lovin this story like I love pie! lol Ok, as for ideas, if you are ready to move on to new fics, that wasn't a pretty bad ending for a fic. But, if you don't, then you can skip ahead a few months and put in Luke and Lorelai's thoughts on their relationship and how they worked it out through the good and bad. Maybe you can even throw in a flashback to a fight they've had and how they got past it. And it could end up with him or her proposing or just them talking about marriage in the future. Or, you can just stop at the flashback lol.
lukenlorelai4life chapter 7 . 6/12/2006
continue IMMEDIATELY, ASAP! it was really really GREAT!

you could make them have a serious relationship and then he moves in, they get married, and have a family! You could make it like the runaway bride, they have everything for the wedding and instead of canceling it she could get married to luke! Think about it.
cooleyo chapter 7 . 6/11/2006
I personally think that i like 2 read a love story with a few fights but they get over it. I had a idea for you, what about maxs comes back to try and win lorelai and ends in a fight with luke and luke ends up in hospital and lorelai is really upset to see if he lives.
dorja chapter 6 . 5/22/2006
great story. update soon
trombonechick chapter 6 . 4/22/2006
ah drama drama drama! i like the whole "hello magazine" thing. lol
supergirl chapter 6 . 4/22/2006
*screams with joy* Oh my God i love it! *screams again*
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